Daygame Documentary Premiere

CH_Theatre_with_external_1000x667.jpgNo naughty behaviour on the back rows please

With the editing in its final stages thanks to a winter hibernation in Wales I’m happy to announce that we’ve got a date and a cinema for the daygame documentary London premiere of Hustle On

The 75 minute movie explores the stories of nine different daygamers around the world, from London, New York and Los Angeles to Sydney, Singapore and Munich. There’s lots of infield footage amongst the interviews and a wider look at what drives hustlers to hustle.

After the screening there’ll be a Q&A and a chance to meet many of those involved in the bar afterwards over a beer.

51558_13122121550017950127.jpg1 minute from Oxford Circus

WHAT: “Hustle On” daygame documentary film premiere and post movie Q&A

WHEN: Wednesday 3rd January 2018, 7-9pm

WHERE: Courthouse Hotel Cinema, 19-21 Great Marlborough Street

HOW MUCH: £5, advance tickets only (100 seat capacity)


'Hustle On' film premiere, 3rd January, 7-9pm




Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Been too needy over texts? Back off and leave it 48 hours before sending another ping.

Investing too much on the date? Lean back and stop talking. Let her be the one to re-engage.

Seeming too keen in the bedroom? Roll off and give it some breathing space.

Getting jealous in a relationship and losing the frame? Take a few days away from her with no contact.

Attraction is created in the push. Scarcity increases value. These are fundamental principles for all human interactions. So if in doubt, press the reset button by backing off from a text, a conversation or escalation with her.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to win.

How Can I Help You?

What content have I missed that could help you? Do you prefer podcasts, articles or videos? Is the beginner or advanced material more applicable to you?

Let me know the gaps in your knowledge, any big questions or topics you have for me and how I can improve both your pickup and your unplugging from the matrix.

Good vs Great


The main difference between a guy who gets good at daygame and someone who gets great at it is how he deals with his state control. Progress in pickup happens in spurts and then plateaus rather than being linear. It’s during these plateau periods when many hustlers get despondent.

Why aren’t bigger wins coming sooner? Why is he still finding “no” girls? How come he still has to approach as much as last year? Why can’t girls just ‘play fair’?

Emotions like entitlement, jealousy and bitterness rear their ugly heads as an intermediate feels like he’s standing still or backsliding. He begins to blame the plateaus on the girls, rather than recognising they’re an entirely normal part of the learning process.

Negative vibes can snowball as a daygamer spends too much time online and not enough time interacting with girls infield. He goes from being proactive and philosophical to whining and feeling like the victim.

How can you break through this? First of all recognise that the plateaus are normal. Take some time off to hibernate and rejuvenate (I usually take a month off in the summer and the winter). Write down all the year’s victories, not only the notches. How many sets did you do? How many numbers did you get? How many dates did you go on? How many of the girls came back to yours?

“Great pickup artists have short memories” as the saying goes when it comes to the ‘rejections.’ Don’t play the victim and dwell on blowouts, flakes or near misses. There’s so many more girls out there to approach, so many more positive experiences to be had.