Daygame Travel AMA

Blow this tube to inflate ūüėČ


For the next couple of weeks I’ll be answering any questions you leave below this post specifically on daygame travel. That means topics about meeting girls during the day in different countries and cities around the world. Included in this can be questions on travel logistics, minimalism, the nomadic lifestyle etc.¬†I’ll maybe put the most interesting questions in my new book on Black Sheep Bandit living which I’m working on right now.

NB: No questions about Tinder, online dating, night game (bars & clubs) or Pay-For-Play. Just daygame. 

Pimp Up Small Talk


If you’ve been doing daygame pickup for a while you’ll cringe like me at everyday smalltalk. It will feel more and more unnatural to swim in the stagnant pool of comfort chit-chat with shop assistants, waitresses and so on.

Service staff smalltalk is robotic and monotonous. Think of the barber who cuts your hair and asks about your day, your job and chats about the weather or football scores.

Comfort quicksand is the death of attraction. A player should use these moments of drudgery to practice spiking things up with some playful banter. Notice how happily shocked the person is when you reply to their predictably dry question with a witty answer. It’s that rare that you’ll even get free coffees, flight upgrades and discounts from shop staff just by waking them up from their robotic script.

Below are some examples I often use when faced with smalltalk. I use them to keep my vibe up and my banter skills sharp when not out daygaming. Note that your delivery needs to be on point. There needs to be that sparkle about you so they know you’re being playful, not uncalibrated.


How are you? / How’s your day going?

Got the body, got the blonde…living the dream¬†

Just got out of prison 

Trying to behave 


What would you like?

A bottle of vodka 

I’m looking for love¬†


How was the meal?



Do you want any cakes or pastries with that?

I’m on a diet….getting my bikini body ready for the summer


The weather is so cold/hot today huh…

As cold as my ex-girlfriend

As hot as a British accent 


What’s your name?

Tom….like Tom & Jerry

Tom…like Tom Cruise, just taller


What’s your job?

Bodybuilder, isn’t it obvious?!

Spy….oops, now I’m going to have to kill you

International Sex Symbol. No photos sorry. 

Professional hot tub installer 


Where are you from?

You’re not going to follow me home are you?!

Heaven ūüėČ

*  *  *  *  *

For over 200 more lines to spark attraction and escape comfort then get my book How To Flirt With Girls (Amazon Kindle)

Lay Report: Oppa Gangnam Style

While coaching daygame in Singapore recently for a few days I got an unexpected notch with a 27 year old Korean virgin from a throwaway open in a mall. It’s a lay report worth writing down because of the unusual changes of direction involved.

Singapore daygame is concentrated in the giant shopping malls of Orchard Road. I was staying with the client in a hotel connected to one of the malls which meant we barely stepped outside of the air-conditioned bubble.

As an international hub the range of girls in Singapore is nicely mixed: flight attendants, tourists, business women and lay-over girls from Russia, Europe, the Middle East and across Asia.

As the student and I headed for a food break after a morning of approaching we walked past a sales booth in the mall lobby where a petite pretty girl was handing out flyers for holidays. She flashed me a smile as we headed for the door so I turned around and approached her with a grin. Her English was limited and she kept glancing around to see if her boss was coming back but the vibe was flirty. She was from South Korea and in Singapore to work.

Rather than exchanging details overtly (which is a no-no for these kind of ‘hired gun’ approaches) I asked her what time her lunch was. She said she had a half hour coffee break mid afternoon, so I told her to meet me in a nearby cafe.

I went back to the student and debriefed him over food about this different style of daygame that is good to throw in to the usual walking / front stop / direct cold approach routine. Opening off an Indicator Of Interest (IOI), not being super direct, being socially aware and closing covertly. All key skills.

The delayed instant date with the Korean was cryptic. She was late and quietly but constantly trying to snatch the reins. Wouldn’t sit next to me, complained about the cafe snack choices, said she was more interested in work than dating guys (she was 27 and apparently single for 2 years), made it hard to set up a proper first date. I chalked it up as a loss so finished my coffee quickly and sent her back to her job.

The following afternoon she made the first move of messaging me to say she was finishing early and asking if I wanted food. Another time-waster red flag I thought. The student was on a date with a Polish backpacker so I told the Korean I’d meet her in a bar near my hotel for a drink, no eating.

She arrived (late again) but to my surprise she ordered a vodka (she’d told me on the instant date she wasn’t drinking right now). Sitting next to me listening to the live music in the bar, the vibe was much better. I was spiking things up with flirty questions and she was initiating touching asking about my tattoos and bracelets.

Suddenly her phone rang. It was her ‘cousin’ who wanted to join us in the bar. A big red flag. I told her to meet her later after a couple of hours. Now the clock was ticking so rather than bounce to another venue or order another drink I paid the bill and said we’d “get ice-cream.” She asked where. I pointed to a Haagen Dazs shop near the elevator.

Two take-away cups of ice-cream. A 30 second ride in the elevator up to my floor (just like Las Vegas logistics from casino to bedroom). In my apartment, sitting on the sofa, eating the ice-cream.

“Let me taste yours…” – an easy excuse to initiate a make out. From the sofa we moved to my bedroom where the laptop was on the bed. Green lights all the way and her following the usual Asian pattern I’ve found of shy in public but bold in private. She kissed like an eager puppy slobbering all over my face. When I put her hand on my crotch she admitted to not knowing what to do. She told me she was a Christian who’d only ever kissed her boyfriends.

The next hour was a Torero biology lesson. She’d never touched (or even seen) a dick before. She’d not been fingered. She’d never seen a condom. We played around but she was way too tight to do much more. “You make me crazy” she kept saying again and again. “I want but not today.”¬†She was visibly enjoying the cat-and-mouse dance.

I dropped her off down in the lobby and she went off to meet her cousin while I found the student for his post-date debriefing. He wanted to hear about the Korean adventure so I recounted what had happened but said I thought I’d run out of time as there was only one evening left.

The next day the Korean was pretty much silent. Just one word replies to my pings and long gaps. A dead end I presumed. Early evening I was getting ready for a swim when she messaged that she was down in the lobby and free for a few hours. Clothes on. Teeth brushed. Aftershave splashed. Down in the elevator to meet her.

There’s a weird energy that I’ve experienced before with girls who’ve decided to lose their virginity on a precise day. Korean girl had it. Nervously excited but practical. I suggested a drink but she wanted to go straight up to my room. Green flag. I opened a couple of beers on the sofa but she wasn’t interested. She’d come for one reason only.

Make outs on the sofa. Leading her by the hand to the bedroom. Her eagerly grabbing my dick like it was a video game joystick and me wriggling her out of her jeans. “Lick my pussy, lick my pussy” she said over and over as I pulled off her panties and went down on her (despite the unshaved jungle).

Condom on. Slowly inside her. “You make me crazy, you make me crazy” she screamed on a loop. It was perhaps the worst sex of the year but the hottest experience seeing her wide eyes and the thrill of her Secret Society introduction.

I’m still left with the question who had gamed who.

A Thousand Lives


“I have lived a thousand lives and I’ve loved a thousand loves”

George R.R. Martin


I’m often told that pickup lacks soul or meaning. Casual sex must be like endless fast food binges. Empty, unfulfilling and cheap. Shallow hedonism that’s damaging and depressing.

My last decade as a pickup artist has felt the complete opposite. It was always my aim to experience as many facets of life as possible before I kick the bucket. To “suck out all the marrow of life…and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived” as Thoreau wisely said.

In the last ten years I’ve pushed things to the limit with girls and travel for this very reason. From aged 29 to 39 I’ve capitalised on my prime bachelor years to squeeze every drop I can from the thousands of experiences you get when seducing girls on the road.

Sex is the aim, sex is the summit goal, but along the way the expeditions give you a thousand polaroid photographs in your mind that you can close your eyes and remember when you’re no longer chasing tail.

I’ve accumulated more varied experiences than a Roman Emperor, an Egyptian Pharaoh or a Viking King, thanks to modern technology, travel possibilities and Game knowledge. Anyone who spends all day moaning online about how life sucks needs to appreciate how unbelievably lucky we are to live in these times.

On a recent long flight from Finland to Singapore I scribbled down some of those mind’s eye mental photographs that I’ve experienced in the last decade. I see them as paintings hanging in a gallery, with me strolling amongst the halls of memory stopping by each one and recollecting.

* * * * *

I am riding a bicycle though poppy fields in the north of France. It is Spring and a French girl has taken me on an adventure a train ride away from Paris to go camping in the forest. We get the tent up just in time before a rainstorm that evening. Sleepy sex under the soaking canopy in a dark forest. 

* * * * *

With an Italian girl I am in a yellow taxi winding its way through the neon night streets of New York City. We are canoodling in the back as the driver looks in his mirror. On a rooftop bar near Times Square we watch the Empire State Building glitter with lights as evening fades to night. 

* * * * *

I’m on a night sleeper train from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. It is midwinter. Heavy snow outside as the carriages rattle onwards in the frosty darkness. Next to me lies a girl in a green dress, her long hair down to her waist. We’ve got a sleeper compartment to ourselves. She’s singing an old Russian folk song about a sailor lost at sea.¬†

* * * * *

In the middle of the Bosphorus I’m on a ferry with a Turkish girl I’ve been dating for half a year. The minarets of Istanbul tower on each side. Seagulls are catching the bits of pretzel we throw overboard. The light is dappled and dream-like. Pulling into¬†√úsk√ľdar a dolphin rises next to the boat and disappears into the blue.¬†

* * * * *

On a Dickensian rooftop in Marble Arch, central London, I’m leaning against a chimney with an Irish girl. We’ve snuck up onto the roof to smoke cigarettes and kiss under the cloudy night sky, hugging for warmth against the evening chill. We climb back through my window and curl up on the bed. She’s chosen this moment to lose her virginity.¬†

* * * * *

I’m in Osaka, Japan, strolling through the neon alleyways with a Japanese girl looking for a place to play pool. It’s like being in Blade Runner. We stop in a tiny bar with only five stools and a moustached barman who’s covered the venue wall to wall in vintage rock paraphernalia.¬†¬†She kisses me as “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones comes on.¬†

* * * * *

With a posh English girl I stumble out of a pub by Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. We’re hand in hand crossing Blackfriers Bridge, the city skyline illuminated around us. I pick her up and sit her on one of the alcove benches, her legs around me. She takes her film camera out of her bag and snaps a photo of us, giddy from the cider and the lust.¬†

* * * * *

I’m sitting on a sofa bed in a cosy Soviet-styled Moscow apartment wall to wall with books. A Russian girl is playing Tchaikovsky’s ‘Seasons’ on an upright piano squeezed into the tiny room. She’s wearing my t-shirt. The whole scene is both melancholic and erotic as she slides back into bed with me and we have morning sex without her mother hearing in the next room.¬†

* * * * *

In an empty art gallery in Bergen, Norway, I’m with a tall Ukrainian girl looking at the paintings of Edvard Munch. She’s stopped in front of ‘The Young Woman On The Beach’ and I’m watching her watching the lonely scene. Later that evening we’re sitting on our hotel room balcony under a gloaming navy blue sky, wrapped in kisses against the northern loneliness.¬†

* * * * *

With an old friend and wing Rami we’re riding quad bikes along mountain dirt trails in the Colombian foothills. Each of us has a girl’s arms around us. It’s a double date through the leafy jungle, the shades of green as intense as the emotions of the girls. Below us are coffee plantations and the air is rich with the smell of fertility.

* * * * *

I’m sitting on the mighty cliffs between Bondi and Bronte beaches outside of Sydney in Australia. An American girl is leaning on me, we’re kissing as the huge waves smash into the rocks below us. The white foam and aquamarine swells are immense. I’m flying on to Asia in a couple of days and we know that our adventure bubble will soon burst.¬†

* * * * *

Mick Jagger is strutting his stuff in the hot summer night of Hyde Park in London. I’m with a Ukrainian girl watching the Rolling Stones live. We’ve been drinking beers to keep cool since the early afternoon. Everything’s giddy and merry and ripe. She’s wrapped her arms around me and is copying Jagger’s moves as ‘Brown Sugar’ blasts out from the stage. The night is dripping with sex.¬†

* * * * *


I’m glad I’ve captured a lot of these moments on film so when I’m old and my memory is fading I’ll be able to look back at these videos and grin at the audacity of it all…





Music For Sweet Love Making

The boys want it fast (just like mum)

She’s back at your place, shoes off, mood lighting on. What are some tunes to put on as the jiggy jiggy gets going?

It’s partly a trick question because the first principle to remember is that you get her putting on her music, rather than imposing your Pink Floyd Extended Live collection on the moment. Give her the laptop, let her connect her phone to the bluetooth speaker and bite your tongue as she plays her Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars. It’s comfortable and familiar for her.

That’s all well and good for sitting on the sofa, drinking wine and fooling around. But when it comes to moving to the bedroom it’s time to take back the laptop and put on some of your pre-prepared long ambient mixes which you’ll not need to change for the next hour or so.

If the YouTube versions have ad-breaks, make sure to download an mp3 version without any interruptions. Have them saved on your desktop so there’s no fumbling around or drops from a bad wifi connection.

For the last 8 years I’ve had these two classic mixes ready to go:



This one’s slightly darker but it’s the same SheepyMix vibes…


And a bonus track which I consider to be the best sex music in existence for the non sickly sweet romantic variety…

* * * * *

Further Torero information about setting up your bachelor pad logistics for smooth escalation can be found here and here.

Mini Victories


I wanted to share with you my mini victory today. 

I made it, finally.. cute girl walked past me, I turn around, start walking towards her, instead of focusing on the anxiety I focused my attention inwards inside my body (what I’m feeling) and just looking at her juicy ass. I¬†do a front stop, give enough space and stand right at 12 o’clock.. she stops. I look her in the eye and deliver a compliment and a geography stack without pausing, my body language wasn’t great so she didn’t hook but thanked me for the approach.¬†

Few minutes later I approach a standing girl, deliver compliment, geography stack and story about me living with a girl from Korea with a serious Tinder addiction¬†… ūüėȬ† She laughs and quickly hooked but after that I kind of went into questions and felt the energy go down.. nonetheless I pushed for the number and got it even though she was reluctant but I remembered to always be closing. This is my first number ever from daygame.¬†

Last approach was a girl sitting, delivered a compliment and then tried to freestyle but it was bumpy so I ejected but made her smile and she thanked me (importance of sticking with the structure).

What helped me the most today is I was directing all my focus inwards towards my body as I was walking in the streets, I tried to be present and feel the street and get in tune with its frequency (feel one with the street), I also tried to look at surroundings with a positive frame. Ive only been doing solo daygame so 

I have a lot of work to do but one truth is the girl is my mirror so I got a lot of feedback on things I should work on (voice, posture..etc). 

I know this is nothing relative to daygame success but it was an important day for me as it gave me a glimpse of what’s possible. I¬†just wanted to share with you and thank you¬†for what you taught me.

Mr S”

In Praise Of Pickup

Picking up girls using a strategic understanding of Game principles will never be embraced by society at large. By definition, if you’re rising to the top of the Sexual Market Place then others are floundering. There’s no draw in Darwinism.

PUAs have always been under fire from feminists with the predictably inaccurate slurs of “sexist,” “misogynist” and “creep.” It’s par for the course that if you want access to the Secret Society of anonymous casual sex then your frame is going to be challenged.

What’s growing, however, is the criticism that PUAs are getting from traditional conservative men. “Degenerate,” “sinner” and “lost soul” are all words hurled at guys picking up girls by men who are no longer in the Sexual Market Place in an attempt to shame them and tear down the Secret Society.

It’s ironic that the facts of evolutionary biology that formed the bedrock of PUA theory are now being smeared (or even denied) by both angry feminists and traditional White Knights. “If I’m not getting laid then nobody else can” is the new mantra against mating.¬†“We must regulate the Sexual Market Place to stop those at the top.”

What can a PUA do about such critics? Nothing. Treat them like a meta shit test. Smile and nod. Agree & Amplify. “Yes, I’m a very naughty boy.”¬†Yes, I think she needs to be spanked.”

Strip away the contamination of pickup pollutants like political and religious ideologies. Get back to basics. Remind yourself of biological truths by reading (or re-reading) Dawkins, Dennett, Buss and Pinker. I’ve put some key reading below.

But most importantly of all get back infield and talk to some pretty girls to realise that the real world outside of your social media accounts is doing just fine. Keep on keeping on. Biology always beats ideology in the end.

* * * * *


  • The Selfish Gene – Richard Dawkins
  • The Evolution Of Desire – David Buss
  • Darwin’s Dangerous Idea – Daniel Dennet
  • The Blank Slate – Steven Pinker

She’s Just Not That Into You

Beth cums, just not with you ūüėČ


At least a quarter of guys that I speak to on coaching calls ask the same question…. How do I get this one particular girl who’s not like all the rest?

From scarcity of options they’re displaying needy behaviour towards one particular girl they’ve been fixated on for a while. Usually she texted back and forth a few times after he got the number and then went cold.

What happened? What could I text her to get her out? What’s a special message to send her?¬†

If you lack an abundance of leads then this will inevitably happen. You’ve not internalised the fact that there are Yes, Maybe and No girls. Game is played on the Maybe girls but you’ve got to be able to recognise when a girl just isn’t in the mix to be seduced.

One of my favourite pickup quotes is from an OG of Game Jon Sinn: “Your job is to get her to a decision, not to a yes.”¬†You can’t close every sale, you can’t win every hand. Know when to take the opportunity and when to walk away from a dead-end prospect.

What does a No girl look like practically over texts? Zoom out and see which girls turn down your date requests. I’ll usually try twice (with the requests spaced out and pinging in between) and after that delete.

Her polite ways of telling you she’s just not that into you include…

“Awww, I’m working loads and I’ve got to study for exams”

“My sister’s sick so I’m staying home with her”

“I’ve got a bit of a fever and it’s raining outside sorry”

“I’d love to but I have to help my mum with chores”

When she uses phrases like “we’ll see” or “maybe” then they also mean “no.” Once again, zoom out. Look at her overall behaviour, not the specific words of her individual message. Too many guys take what she’s saying literally instead of seeing the motives behind it.

And why isn’t she into you? As I explain on coaching calls there are a million reasons why she’s not coming out. She’s already got a few guys she’s sleeping with. She’s just got engaged and is flooded with new love chemicals. Her dog just died. She’s moving to Timbuktu. More importantly none of these should concern you. Delete and move on.

It’s always better to collect new leads rather than chase old ones, as classic sales speak will tell you. For a daygamer this means hitting the streets, filling up your contacts again and letting the memory of that “one special girl” fade from your mind.

*  *  *  *  *

For more on why girls flake then watch this:

Cabin Life


The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
By William Butler Yeats

I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,
And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made;
Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey-bee,
And live alone in the bee-loud glade.

And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow,
Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket sings;
There midnight’s all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow,
And evening full of the linnet’s wings.

I will arise and go now, for always night and day
I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;
While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey,
I hear it in the deep heart’s core.


This year’s Black Sheep Bandit van adventures have been very different from the madness of last year’s escapades. The big change has been separating the daygame (in Russia) and the van living. I’ve found an idyllic spot on an island in Finland to park up when I’m not on my seduction missions across the border.

So far less driving or sleeping in city centre car parks. It’s blissful being in the cabin-like van next to the water with just the sound of seagulls and waves. Life slows down when I’m here – I walk through forests, collect firewood, read, watch the stars. It’s the perfect balance to the madness of daygame missions when I’m in Russia.

Island life costs me almost nothing. Very little fuel because I’m not driving much. Free electricity from my solar panels. Water from a nearby boat dock. I’ve only filled up my gas tank for the stove once this year. Food is the only expenditure but there’s a cheap supermarket not far.

As a spotty teenager in Wales I often read the W.B Yeats poem about lakeside life and daydreamed about it coming true. Well here I am, twenty something years later, in my cabin by the water with a deep feeling of contentment that has taken me by surprise.

Tom Torero Podcast Review

“Tom’s been great for a while now. I’ve been listening on and off since the early episodes, and they are as good now as they were then. Episode 190 is exceptionally good. Keep up the good work bro” – Ranks22


“Better information than paid content. Entertaining, humorous, instructive and addictive. This guy knows his stuff. How he has managed to keep me listening for all these years and still keep me interested is thanks to his content and delivery. What’s amazing is that his starting podcasts are still so good to listen to. Tom’s cheeky personality always comes through and it’s easy to see he followed what he preaches. Thank you sir” – Y0u5uf


“Best daygame podcast around and also great stuff about the nomadic lifestyle, travel, financial freedom. Thanks Uncle Tom!” – Mr Oscar S


“Such great content – informative and intelligent, advice and weekly wisdom from Uncle Tom. Such a good listen. If you’re new to this podcast, listen to them in order. They’re great to listen to while you’re walking or commuting to work” – Shopper


“Brilliant. Best pickup podcast and coach around, keep the good stuff up Tom” – Ahsucrnfufushx


*  *  *  *  *

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