Munich Daygame Bootcamp

Daygame Bootcamp In Munich With Tom Torero (August 11th, Sat 12-5pm)

A one-off daygame bootcamp (and my final live teaching this year) hustling on the sunny streets of merry Munich, complete with Bavarian boobs and beer. Saturday 11th August, 12-5pm, 100% infield, x4 students maximum. £600 per person. 

It’s a special event because I’ll be teaching it with an underground daygame legend: my wing from 2010-2012 Antony who appears heavily in my first book Daygame. He’s always kept himself out of the public eye because of his ‘normal life’ so this is a very rare chance to train with the guy who levelled up my Game the most.

First cum, first served. Email me (tom at tomtorero dot com) to book. Lederhosens optional 😉

Torero Black Sheep Award: Report II

The second Black Sheep Award for Spring 2018 was given to 34 year old Nigel from Ireland who has a young daughter from a previous relationship and needed to get away for a bit to find his mojo. This is what happened: 

With Tom’s Black Sheep Award, I decided to go on a trip to Warsaw, Poland. I wasn’t expecting much as I’m still very much a beginner but just wanted to get some volume of approaches in.

I arrived on a hot Tuesday afternoon. Fresh off the plane when I got into Warsaw I had no idea how to get to my place where I had an Airbnb. I decided to jump straight in with an indirect just asking for directions. I approached a hot brunette and was pleasantly surprised how friendly she was in helping me. Good start.

I got to my place and decided to text some of the guys that had said they would be around to wing.

Mr C was an Aussie guy who was there for the week so we met up that evening and he showed me the areas and did some daygame. Later on we met with another local guy there who was living in Warsaw.

I approached 4 or 5 that evening and even though none went anywhere, it was good to get feedback from the guys.

I wasn’t giving the girl enough space, and didn’t have a Stack in my head after the initial compliment.

On Wednesday we went to a shopping mall and I did some of my first mall approaches which was pretty nerve wracking for me.

I did a couple more approaches outside that day then we went to the river later on that evening for some gutter game. Met up with Mr A and some of the other guys there.

Thursday was my last day there so I wanted to hit it hard.

I went out by myself for a bit and did 4 approaches. One was a really cute Russian who I number closed. Unforunately, she wasn’t around later to come out.

That night I met up with Mr V and Mr C and we did some sniper approaches whilst sitting outside a coffee shop. I got a Facebook from a cute Austrian girl and was starting to get some positive momentum.

The lads both had to leave and go on dates so I was on my own then.

I was getting hustled a lot by the girls pitching strip clubs but refused to go in. It was pretty quiet along the daygame streets and I was ready to call it a night but something told me to stay out!

I went to a local bar for a beer and a break then came back out. At 12.30am I saw this cute girl with bag on her back so I approached immediately.

She was looking for a place to stay and had had an argument with her boyfriend. The daygame gods were shining on me!

I suggested we go for a drink nearby and she agreed. We had one drink there while chatting and the bar was closing.

I was flirting a little but wasn’t sure if it was on. I suggested she come back for a drink to my place and said I had to be up early anyway for a train to Krakow. It helped that she hadn’t anywhere booked to stay yet.

We walked back to my place which was about 15 minutes, bantering on the way while I carried one of her bags.

I had gotten wine earlier only to realise there was no bottle opener in the apartment. Fuck! Luckily I had a can of Tuborg in the fridge so poured her most of it and added some water to mine!

She then decided to have a shower. She came back in with all her clothes on so wasn’t sure it was on. I said let’s go to bed. I hadn’t really escalated much up to this point (a sticking point).

When we hit the bed though I started kissing her and she got into it. Clothes proceeded to come off and there wasn’t any last minute resistance.

I got my first gutter game SDL 😀

All in all it was a great trip and experience. I did about 20 approaches, 1 number, 1 FB, 1 lay.

Thanks to Tom and James for the award. Going to continue this journey and hopefully get back to Warsaw again soon.

No More Mr Nice Guy Lay Report

No More Mr Nice Guy Lay ReportA skilfully written Long Game lay report today from Mr J who emailed me this detailed account of how he closed a ten year open loop by ditching the Mr Nice Guy strategy in favour of working hard for access to the Secret Society. Take note of his age and marital status, which makes his hustling all the more impressive… 😉

“I’m 54, married and I fuck women who I’m not married to. I do do daygame I’m not that great at it and most of my women come from social circle game. I typically go for 30+ women. The oldest I’ve fucked recently is 50, youngest 32. 6 nights a week I’m in the gym, my shit is generally in order too, well now it is, it wasn’t before I discovered Game.

Being married does not work for me; by the time I worked this out I’d signed the contract and I was already cornered. I tried to fuck around, using the only technique I knew – Nice Guy. I got nowhere. At work circa 2007, there was a Moroccan girl: petite, slim, elegant, beautiful – 3 years younger than me. I became full on besotted with her and as a result over a four year period I was a ruined a shadow of a man. My work suffered, my mates lost patience with me, I spent thousands on counselling and all the time I kept trying to win her over ­– using the Nice Guy method. You’ve heard all this before.

Bookmark her for a moment, in 2011 we went our own ways – which was a good thing. The Oneitus lingered on though.

Coincidentally I’ve just had a very similar experience to you and the gym instructor from Stalemate Seduction. I was able to reset the pieces on the chessboard and by applying game techniques get a completely different end game outcome.

I stumbled into Game when a mate told me to read The Rational Male. Rollo’s book resonated exactly with the last decade of my life. I got busy and found your work online while you were at and followed your work since then.

I absorbed the learnings you put out and started doing daygame in my late 40’s. Remember I’m married so this is seriously under the radar. I used and adapted your methods so I could approach and attract the women I wanted. If I was single and had freedom to manoeuver I’d be better at daygame. In 2017 I fucked 3 women using daygame out of perhaps 100 approaches – all of them were married and they knew full well I was too.

Most of my liaisons come via social circle and that’s where I got my first breakthroughs and learnt that there is a secret society. Girls talk too and a recommendation in the society goes a long way.

Whether it’s daygame or social circle game and even though the women are that bit older, Game principles still work, I learnt a lot along the way. However, as I can’t just go out there and attract lots of women the same way a single guy can, I keep, if they are up for it, some of my successes as regulars – I’ve been seeing one off and on for six years, but she’s a bit of an exception, most of them stick around for a while though.

I mostly forgot about the Moroccan girl I mentioned earlier once my Oneitus was cured. We’d stayed in touch loosely over FB and the few times I arranged to meet her she showed up with a bunch of mutual ex-colleagues and had a reunion party – FFS!

At Xmas 2017/2018 she sent me a HNY message and we make vague promises to meet up in 2018 the same as we did every year. No way I was going to one of her reunion parties, so I took no action, until last month.

I ping her over FB messenger. “Do you still work in London?” I know full well she does.

She replies within 30 minutes saying yes and where she works. I know all this anyway.

I give it 24 hours then write back that I’m in London the following week and it would be good to meet up. Intentionally not giving her any date or time to go on – so she can’t organise a reunion.

No response. Of course she doesn’t respond. However I go silent running too.

2 days later she writes back saying she’d like to meet but hopefully not on Wednesday as she goes running.

I say nothing.

Fast-forward 10 days, it’s Thursday and I still haven’t contacted her. I’m in London for a business meeting and know I’ll be done 3pm. I write at about 1pm, “Are you running today?” I see she’s active on Messenger as soon as I send it then she goes silent running.

At 4pm I’m in a cafe about 10 minutes walk from where she works; I’ve still heard nothing from her. I resist the temptation to ping her again and resolve to go home if she doesn’t make the next move. 4:45 I’m full of Americano and heading home via Paddington, my iPhone lights up, it’s her: she writes, “Are you in London?”

I reply, “Yes, want to have a coffee after work?”

“Yes, where and when?”

Then we message back and forth negotiating time and location, I relax the frame a bit and agree 5:35 at a crappy Starbucks near her work. I walk over but hang back from the venue to see her before she sees me. She’s on time; I spot her in the crowd walking fast looking left and right scanning the area. She clocks me, waves and walks over. We kiss continental style and head off to a bar nearby that she knows. She looks cute as in 9 / 10 cute. I notice the make up and perfume recently touched up.

The date goes ok, we talk, I lean back, challenge her, ridicule her and she responds well. I touch her from time to time, the vibe is strong, but I reckon comfort lurks just around the corner and with it the Friend Zone. I intentionally terminate the date suddenly and get up to go. She’s disappointed its over and makes sure to walk with me back to the station. Continental kisses and she’s gone. I don’t look back. Needy guys look back.

I photo ping her two days later and then go silent.

She had told me she was going to be away the following week. I use this information. I’m in town again seeing some friends for dinner. I message her anyway even though I know she’s away. “Did you say you were out of the country?” She replies as expected that she’s in Morocco. I have dinner with my mates and make sure a group photo taken is with me seated between two girls (who I don’t even know) I don’t have to do anything, it’s posted on FB and on my news feed within the hour – good chance she’ll see it. I message her back, “Another time…”

+ 2 weeks, I’m back in town for work staying overnight Tuesday / Wednesday. I book a hotel room near Hyde Park that has worked for me in the past and is away from where I know my colleagues are going to be staying. Usual routine: 1pm I message her, “Are you in the UK?” No response – situation normal.

Work over, I avoid my colleagues and walk over to my hotel, and I’m there at 5pm. My phone lights up, it’s her. “I am at work ;)” My eyes aren’t what they used to be so I have to squint to see the winking emoticon – ok good start. I know she doesn’t knock off work before 5:30. So I delay my response until then.

I write, “Can you do supper this evening?”

“I am working, I cannot come.”

“Supper is at 8pm”

“Noooo, it’s too late”

I was pretty sure it was a shit test, I go in with a challenge.

“Then you will be responsible for me eating on my own, getting drunk, then killed by gangsters”

No response.

“100% your responsibility”

Pause, I see the little dots light up, she’s writing, “Ok, I will come”

My logistics are shit, I’ve not got a venue lined up, I spend half an hour sorting that out and go for a pub nearby. If the date goes tits up, I can have a good pint. Pubs work well for me on informal dates. She’s written asking where we meet. I give her the address and tell her to bring her machine gun. She says it’s too far. I write and say get a taxi. Google says it’s a 10 minutes walk from her office, I know she can walk it easy.

I’ve got a good room in the hotel, I get it ready just in case, Music player locked and loaded, porn buried in a sub folder on my hard drive, tidy the place up, have a shower and get ready.

I’m at the pub 7:45 ish, she’s not there, that’s ok. I get a pint of London Pride and sit myself on a bar stool open up Kindle on my iPad and read an Andy McNab novel. She’s slightly early and surprises me when she’s at my side. She’s pleased to see me and is looking cute. She hoists herself up (she’s maybe 5’ tall) to sit next to me.

We talk BS for a while, order some food and I get her a drink. The vibe comes back pretty easily. Experience reminds me that spikes are likely to backfire with this one and probably unnecessary anyway, I build intimacy instead. I ask her if she has a boyfriend. She says no, we chat, she opens up, she says she had one until recently, Russian, doesn’t say much more. I keep the emotion she’s feeling running through our very average supper. She’s an emotional mess, no more so than most other women, however she wants me to know.

I move her to a sofa. She says she’s knows a secret about me, girls talk (remember what Rollo says) an old mutual work friend, Tania and her had lunch. I don’t know what she knows so I play coy but with a grin. (Tania was my first social circle win) Escalation was easy, she was playing with her hair, had her arm over the back of the sofa towards me, I put my hand on her thigh, leave it there, buying eyes now. Legs together became legs slightly open. It’s busy now in the pub, I suggest coming to my hotel and she says ok.

It’s a short walk from pub to hotel but I needed a piss, so it became a 10 minute walk. I’ve lost dates during the walk to the hotel in the past, but not this time. No problem with the hotel reception who couldn’t care less as we walked past and I got her into the lift. My room was small but elegant – a great place to fuck. She was nervous and went to use the en-suite; I thought fuck the laptop, no need for music, I dimmed the lights. When she came out she was shaking with nerves, but no LMR. I undressed her, it had only taken me 10 years to game her so I savoured the moments – I wasn’t disappointed.

The sex was ok, without a condom due to an oversight on my behalf – not smart but these things happen. She stayed the night and was a pain the next morning complaining she had to wear her knickers from the day before. So I gave her a pair of my boxers and she left me to have breakfast alone.

She’s still a princess and the chess match is replaced with snakes and ladders. When you get to square 97 out of 100 you step on a snake and go back to square 5 and have to climb back up again. I’ve seen her once more since that evening, staying over at her place after a game of snakes and ladders. I’m not sure if I’ll see her much more and anything that happens now is just icing on the cake, the real mission is already over.

I encourage chaps out there in a similar position to have a go with old flames and see where you get to after you’ve reset the chessboard in your favour.

Cheers Tom, keep up the good work”

Worst Daygame Pickup Advice


Today’s daygame podcast reviews the Top 10 most damaging pieces of pickup advice that will reduce your results infield:

  • Just be yourself
  • Just be “high value”
  • Just be like me
  • Go super direct
  • Only approach girls who give you an IOI first
  • Have freedom from outcome
  • Work on inner game before outer game
  • Only daygame with a good vibe
  • Don’t do daygame sessions, just do it as-and-when
  • Only approach a certain type of girl

Daygame Testimonial

Daygame Testimonial


Dear Tom,

This is a quick note of thanks for the value provided by your Youtube channel from a daygamer based in Sydney.

I stumbled across your video “Beginners Guide To Daygame” over a year ago after breaking up with my girlfriend. Being dissatisfied with using Tinder at the time, I decided to give daygame a go by applying the theory in your videos.

Sometimes with the help of a wing, I started to try daygame and made my first approach at Darling Harbour late last year. After initially getting a taste of the “flow” state to daygame I was hooked and going out every weekend around all of the common day game locations in Sydney – Pitt Street Mall, Hyde Park, the Opera House etc.

I got my first number on my second week of daygame in the Royal Botanical Gardens with an extremely attractive Czech girl, which unfortunately ended up flaking after a few texts – as she was only in Sydney for one more day. Things gradually progressed month by month to first date, first girl home and first lay.

I had my first daygame lay with an attractive girl I met through talking on one of the benches at Hyde Park and I am now regularly dating new attractive girls every week through going out 1-2 times and talking to girls.

Daygame has made me change everything about myself for the better and by learning through experience and failure. It has given me a much greater enjoyment of life and I feel much more connected to the city of Sydney and people around me.

I encouraged my wing to learn your material and he saw a massive improvement in results after doing so.

My transition from knowing very little about being attractive to women to where I am now is all thanks to your material. You really are a genius and I hope you continue to do what you are doing. My next project is to build up my business here to the extent that I can also become a digital nomad.

Thanks again


Mr D

Daygame Downloaded (Tom Torero Seminar)


Here’s part of an intimate after-hours seminar I gave in Moscow on the essentials of daygame pickup and how the London Daygame Model relates to the Mystery Method (M3 Model).

If you’re new to daygame and need to review the basic model and material, start here.

For those who need to go over the fundamentals of pickup theory, here’s an overview of the Mystery Method components, but I’d encourage you to read the full book to understand where PUA structure and methodology came from.

the Mystery Method (M3 Model)

Helsinki Daygame Lay Report

Helsinki Daygame Lay Report

A Helsinki hustler sent me an email saying how he’d lost his daygame v-plates. It’s a great lay report about pushing through lethargic negative mindsets and trusting the process of pickup. 

“I finished work at 3 pm. Got home, did some yoga, had a snack and went out. I went to Kallio, an area in Helsinki. Nothing ever works there. But that’s just a statistical anomaly. So I’ll fucking make it work.

First chick I approached was an Estonian insurance salesperson. I saw her from afar, meeting me on an empty, sunny, quiet street. Blonde, red lipstick. So I was turned on. Game was ok, I took her number and it seemed positive.

After this, a blur of women with boyfriends… all of them. Really hot girls. Gotta give that to Kallio.

All except approach number three or four. A skinny, decadent looking chick with big, red hair. Hot!

“Hey. Don’t worry, I’m not drunk or crazy or anything… but I saw you on the zebra crossing. I thought you looked good, so I decided to come and say hi .”

She was on some trip that was part of her studies. We talked about dogs and dialects.

I asked her how long she is staying in Helsinki. Just tonight. Ok, we should go for a beer then! Yeeeeah, maybeee… she likes to go with the flow, she doesn’t like being too systematic. I tell her I’m a systematic bastard, but I regularly remind myself to jump into the flow.

I took her number, walked off and kept training.

A very dry session from there on. After nine approaches, I decided to turn back and do the last one on the way home. During the session I had approached a couple of girls that upon closer inspection were not so hot, and as I had one approach left, I decided to look for a really hot girl.

Of course there’s no limit to how much one can approach. But I’ve found that for me, sticking to the routine is sustainable, whereas approaching endlessly, or outside of my training sessions, is not.

Suddenly she stood before me. Round sunglasses, leggings and some kind of skirt with nice patters. Leather jacket, hot body. Symmetrical, wholesome face and… red lipstick . Classics are classics because they work. Only problem was, she was standing by a crossing, waiting for the green light. Oh well, she’s too hot to skip. I have to do it!

I chatted her up. We crossed the street together. Perhaps not optimal to follow her, but there was no realistic option. She missed her bus. We sat down at the bus stop and waited for the next one. I had trouble keeping the conversation going, but we exchanged numbers and the vibe was remarkably positive.

After I got home, I considered texting Redhead. I didn’t feel like it. Maybe I’ll just watch some crap, go to sleep and start all over again tomorrow.

Then my neighbours started having sex. Maybe I’m weird, but I find it super arousing to listen to… especially since the guy doesn’t make any noise. The girl was being smashed properly today, I even heard the slapping of hips and occasionally the furniture scraping against the floor.

I got damn horny and texted Redhead. She happened to be staying in a hostel nearby. We agreed to meet.

My mind raced to the future, to the moment when I can say, I have gotten laid from daygame. I did what I could to calm myself down and take on the attitude, “this is just practice. I’ll go on the date and practice setting a sexual mood!” There are still gaping holes in my Game, so I don’t get many dates, as you can see from my stats. So I programmed myself in this way.

I knew from previous dates, that sometimes when I try to lead the girl, I do it in a way where it sounds like I’m begging and hoping for her to grant me some favor. So as I walked down to the meeting spot, my brain was already arranging how to ask for each thing (let’s go for a walk. Let’s go for a beer. Hey, let’s go to my place and X). Learning is a pretty cool process.

This girl was completely compliant to everything: We took a walk. Then went to a bar near my place (she knew we were going closer to mine all the time). I asked her about her guilty pleasures (thank you, Tom Torero). I dug deeper and found out she watches too much porn and horror movies for her own good.


“Hey, do you wanna go to my place to watch some horror?”


We got to mine. Sat on the couch. I put on Ash vs Evil Dead. Within ten minutes I started kissing her. She did not let go. The situation escalated almost without interruption.

At one point she told me, she hasn’t been with many men lately. She’s been more with girls.

Oh, that’s cool.

Back to kissing and touching… and it happened.

We had briefly talked about rough sex earlier in the bar. I pulled her hair and choked her. I choked her for quite a long while, and apparently she came four times during that.

Sweet, decadent, pessimistic girl. There’s a specific reason I’m happy with this lay… it was a pure daygame lay. We do not have any friends in common, nor any other connection. Two complete strangers. That’s pure daygame. Standard issue for many more skilled guys. A first for me.

Now I gotta update my leads spreadsheet so I don’t forget to text the sunglass hippy chick.”

Stats, 7.5.2018:

Approaches: 118
Instant dates: 3
Contact info: 25
Dates: 2
Lays: 1


“Good Girl” Lay Report

 Lay Report 2018

Mr O, a London daygamer in his mid twenties, sent met this naughty Secret Society lay report from a trip he took to the Middle East. As the saying goes, “good girls are just bad girls who haven’t been caught.”

“I was in Abu Dhabi for a 36 hour layover (pun intended) and staying in an average Hilton Hotel. I went out to daygame while seeing the sights but quickly realised that no one walks the streets really. Stopped a young, blonde, slim off-duty stewardess who I had seen in the gym earlier and opened her but she was planning on seeing her dad who lives there and was flying out that night so I didn’t push for a number.

Went to a few places: malls, hotels and bars to look around but didn’t open anyone because I did not see anyone who interested me (though I did open one and got blown out by her, a gorgeous girl (easily a 9) who looked like she was waiting for her billionaire boyfriend in a 7 star hotel. Also, I did pussy out on a good looking girl who was walking with her friend. I regret that).

Back at the hotel at around 10pm, I just walked into their club where a salsa class had just finished and it was turning into a party, though still very empty. I talked to the first girl I see who is sitting with a friend. I ask her to dance and she laughs and politely declines because her fiancee is getting drinks but tells me that her friend wants to dance. So I go over to her, ask her, take her hand and lead her to the dance floor. She’s quite small for me, wearing a tight dress and heels and make up. Definitely Eastern European with dark hair, nice tits and a friendly face. Only a 6 in my books though but what the hell.

The dancing is pretty crap. I suck at salsa and make a fool of myself but just accept it and don’t let it phase me. We sit back down and talk/shout a little in the loud club which is still very empty. I’m exhausted by this point and don’t really want to put anymore effort into this girl even though she responded very well to everything I was doing and saying.

I say my goodbyes, thinking I won’t see her again but sit down in the lobby, just in case she does come by and I can have a proper, calm conversation in private without her friends nearby. I answer work emails and suddenly she comes out. It takes me a while to remember her name but then I call out ‘Kseniya’ and tell her to have a seat.

She was just leaving to get a cab home but I convince her to stay and have a chat. We speak and I escalate very quickly implying that she should come back to my hotel room. She’s shy or at least that’s what she says but her body language says something different. She stays, we talk about something else and about the craziest things we have done in our lives (she’s not done much) and then I mention it again. She’s warming to the idea and eventually I can take her into the lift under the pretence of having a coffee in my room.

She says she’s never done this before and I can tell she is nervous but I have no idea how nervous she really is. I tell her she can leave whenever she wants to and keep my distance, leading but not forcing her or holding her hand.

In the lift she starts shaking and I realise that this girl is genuinely nervous and actually shitting herself with a mix of nerves and excitement at how naughty she is being. There’s a proper internal battle going on in her head! I guide her to my room, always talking some bullshit to keep it friendly and not make it weird and quiet and keep her (relatively) comfortable.

She slowly comes through my door and I immediately go to the coffee machine, putting a lot of distance between us and start making the coffee with my back turned and talking, seeming very blasé about the situation but inside feeling very excited with the knowledge that I’m going to bang that chick at some point soon.

She sits down on a chair and doesn’t want to take off her heels. I give her the coffee and sit on the other side of the room. We talk again. Eventually, she takes off her shoes and says she wants a shower and after talking more I tell her to go into the bathroom and have a shower and give her a towel and my t-shirt and boxer shorts to wear afterwards.

She has a shower and takes her time. I answer work emails. When she’s out, she sits on the bed and I join her. I suggest a foot massage. Everytime I touch her even gently she flinches and is really nervous and pulls back, surprised at her own reaction and apologetic. She is still very excited about being in a strange guy’s hotel room. I give her a quick hand massage and try to kiss her but she’s not ready yet so I just continue with the massage and then try agin. We kiss and she starts shaking with nerves. Her whole body. She apologises that she is so nervous and I tell her it’s ok and start stroking her hair.

I kiss her again and this time it’s more intense and she is starting to ease up and stops shaking. I touch her body and tits and she likes it and doesn’t stop me/herself anymore, starts to relax and give in to her feelings. When I get down to the boxers she’s wearing they are soaking wet! I’m so surprised. The situation was making her so horny I had no idea what an amazing experience I was giving her. Then quite quickly she relaxes completely with me and starts to moan, ride her crotch over mine and has her first orgasm with clothes still on.

After that, it’s easy. I take our clothes off and she gives amazing head and really enjoys going deep. I’m so surprised at her sudden vigour and enthusiasm. I fuck her against the window with a view over the corniche and her tits against the cold glass. She loves it and has an orgasm which almost makes her fall to the ground. I have to half carry her back to the bed because she can’t walk properly. Her legs are shaking and she can’t believe it herself. We fuck a few more times and she completely loses it and just screams repeatedly ‘I like it. I like it!’, over and over again with her back arched and eyes rolling to the back of her head.

Afterwards she takes a while to calm down and asks me for my real name because I never told her. She’d been calling me Mr Grey the whole time we were in my room, a name she gave me inspired by the 50 Shades of Grey film/book.

I was so proud of myself after she left the room at 4am, having met her only 6 hours previously. Especially the fact that she seemed like a totally shy girl who wanted to run away from me and I was able to stay calm, act cool like I don’t give a fuck, lead and take this girl from nervous wreck to releasing her inner slut (I use that word with a positive connotation, not with the negative stigma that most people associate with promiscuous girls).

A couple of days later she sent me this text (below), which confirmed to me that I gave her the ride of her life and that she will never forget me.

Thanks Uncle Tom for teaching me some of these tools!”

Lay Report 2018 Texting