Ground Control To Major Tom…


Contrary to popular belief, I’m not dead. I’ve not become a Mormon or been detained in the Former Soviet Union. Sadly no sex cult in Mexico has kidnapped me. But thank you to the many of you who sent me messages of concern.

In actual fact I’ve been back in the UK since the middle of July topping up my tan in the heatwave whilst spending time with family and friends. It’s been the first proper long break I’ve had from creating content in many years. Very sedate yet strangely satisfying. But enough is enough.

I’ll be reigniting things soon but for now just to subtly remind you that I’m still doing lots of online coaching calls. If you’d like to book one then drop me an email (tom at tomtorero dot com) and we’ll set up a date…without the escalating ūüėČ

Podcast 200 Special


Big man love to you, dear listeners of the podcast, for all the support over the last five years it has been on the air. With over 700,000 plays on Youtube and 1.7 million downloads on iTunes, I’ve been blown away by your support for my half a decade of randy ramblings.

May you be blessed with happiness, healthiness & horniness.

To the good life, TT

Daygame Mail

Hello Tom,

The¬†wind¬†of¬†the¬†heart¬†takes us in all directions. We do our best to steer to where we want to be. I find myself¬†a¬†lover,¬†aprovider,¬†a¬†boyfriend ,¬†a¬†husband, and¬†a¬†father. I started watching, listening, and reading your life less than¬†a¬†year ago at¬†theyoung age at 62. I have been¬†a¬†late bloomer all my life and¬†the¬†mischievous kid still alive in me. I am what some call¬†¬†a¬†silver fox,¬†a¬†charmer and I get lots of IOI’s from much younger hotter women,¬† I am learning and APPLYING how to convey confidence,¬† HOLD¬†THE¬†FRAME, speek slooowwly and deeeeply, tease, challenge, escalate, and best of all DHYD & GYDO. :)))

Thank you Tom from the bottom of my heart.



“Hi Tom,

I’m not sure where to start this, so I’ll jump right to the end.¬† Last weekend I got my first daygame lay!¬† It was a beautiful experience for everyone involved (me and her), and we all owe a massive thanks to you (she wouldn’t have had her some great sex if I never approached, and I never would have approached had you not taught me how to stack and lead).

I first found your channel in 2015 when I discovered the Daygame Blueprint.¬† Since then, between long-term relationships and AA, I’ve done a grand total of 52 approaches, 20 if which came in the last 5 weeks.¬† Despite my limited approaching, the theory junky in me (I’m trained as a scientist) listened to a 100 or so of your podcasts and read all your books.¬† One of your greatest qualities is positivity.¬† Even when you’re critical, you do so with a positive attitude.¬† I’ve taken that idea and am learning to apply it to the general rejection of daygame.¬† My favorite response to a rejection is to simply smile and say “Well it was nice to meet you, have a nice day”.¬† Sometimes she returns a thankful smile and my vibe is boosted, if not…oh well, not all girls are into hairy men with big noses :-).

Anyway, Tom, you’ve been an inspiration to me.¬† Everything from your teachings on daygame to minimalism to depression (daygame as therapy).¬† I wanted to be a rich, well-known, successful man in the general sense for a very long time.¬† Once I peeled back the onion, I realized it’s because I want to get laid.¬† I’m 100 times closer to truly learning what I actually want in life.¬† I’m not there yet, but I know that the trail ahead is heading towards a happy journey of self-discovery.



Belt, Bag, Boots

As a male model and fashion icon I often get questions about how to look more like a Torero. Aside from plastic surgery I usually recommend three key items that will take you from hopeless to heroic with girls and beyond…


  • Boots. I’ve been wearing Dr Martens AirWair Chelsea boots (brown) since I started daygaming a decade ago. Each pair lasts at least 12 months and a thousand approaches. ¬£110


  • Bag. I got this canvas shoulder bag, bank robber style, in TopShop over five years ago and it’s still going strong, three world tours later. Easy to scrunch under the seat on a plane, avoids the tourist look of a backpack. ¬£30


  • Belt. Leather cowboy-style belt acquired in a vintage clothing store in London in late 2009. I wrote a whole book about it. The shop owner gave it to me to make up the difference on a returned jacket. Said it was a vintage item from Texas.

Street Hustle Review

Cheers to Mr L from the Netherlands for his short but sweet review of my A-to-Z daygame textbook Street Hustle.

314 pages of my complete work covering all my past seminars and videos from 2012 onwards in hardback form, with custom drawn comic book artwork.

The models for daytime approaching, texting and dating are all covered in detail…

Plus the underlying biology of your Male Sexual Market Value and relationship strategies

Street Hustle prints and ships worldwide via the publisher Lulu. Right now they’re running 10% off all their books using the code LULU10 at the checkout (code expires 4th July).

Get your copy of Street Hustle here

Daygame Travel AMA

Blow this tube to inflate ūüėČ


For the next couple of weeks I’ll be answering any questions you leave below this post specifically on daygame travel. That means topics about meeting girls during the day in different countries and cities around the world. Included in this can be questions on travel logistics, minimalism, the nomadic lifestyle etc.¬†I’ll maybe put the most interesting questions in my new book on Black Sheep Bandit living which I’m working on right now.

NB: No questions about Tinder, online dating, night game (bars & clubs) or Pay-For-Play. Just daygame. 

Pimp Up Small Talk


If you’ve been doing daygame pickup for a while you’ll cringe like me at everyday smalltalk. It will feel more and more unnatural to swim in the stagnant pool of comfort chit-chat with shop assistants, waitresses and so on.

Service staff smalltalk is robotic and monotonous. Think of the barber who cuts your hair and asks about your day, your job and chats about the weather or football scores.

Comfort quicksand is the death of attraction. A player should use these moments of drudgery to practice spiking things up with some playful banter. Notice how happily shocked the person is when you reply to their predictably dry question with a witty answer. It’s that rare that you’ll even get free coffees, flight upgrades and discounts from shop staff just by waking them up from their robotic script.

Below are some examples I often use when faced with smalltalk. I use them to keep my vibe up and my banter skills sharp when not out daygaming. Note that your delivery needs to be on point. There needs to be that sparkle about you so they know you’re being playful, not uncalibrated.


How are you? / How’s your day going?

Got the body, got the blonde…living the dream¬†

Just got out of prison 

Trying to behave 


What would you like?

A bottle of vodka 

I’m looking for love¬†


How was the meal?



Do you want any cakes or pastries with that?

I’m on a diet….getting my bikini body ready for the summer


The weather is so cold/hot today huh…

As cold as my ex-girlfriend

As hot as a British accent 


What’s your name?

Tom….like Tom & Jerry

Tom…like Tom Cruise, just taller


What’s your job?

Bodybuilder, isn’t it obvious?!

Spy….oops, now I’m going to have to kill you

International Sex Symbol. No photos sorry. 

Professional hot tub installer 


Where are you from?

You’re not going to follow me home are you?!

Heaven ūüėČ

*  *  *  *  *

For over 200 more lines to spark attraction and escape comfort then get my book How To Flirt With Girls (Amazon Kindle)

Music For Sweet Love Making

The boys want it fast (just like mum)

She’s back at your place, shoes off, mood lighting on. What are some tunes to put on as the jiggy jiggy gets going?

It’s partly a trick question because the first principle to remember is that you get her putting on her music, rather than imposing your Pink Floyd Extended Live collection on the moment. Give her the laptop, let her connect her phone to the bluetooth speaker and bite your tongue as she plays her Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars. It’s comfortable and familiar for her.

That’s all well and good for sitting on the sofa, drinking wine and fooling around. But when it comes to moving to the bedroom it’s time to take back the laptop and put on some of your pre-prepared long ambient mixes which you’ll not need to change for the next hour or so.

If the YouTube versions have ad-breaks, make sure to download an mp3 version without any interruptions. Have them saved on your desktop so there’s no fumbling around or drops from a bad wifi connection.

For the last 8 years I’ve had these two classic mixes ready to go:



This one’s slightly darker but it’s the same SheepyMix vibes…


And a bonus track which I consider to be the best sex music in existence for the non sickly sweet romantic variety…

* * * * *

Further Torero information about setting up your bachelor pad logistics for smooth escalation can be found here and here.

Mini Victories


I wanted to share with you my mini victory today. 

I made it, finally.. cute girl walked past me, I turn around, start walking towards her, instead of focusing on the anxiety I focused my attention inwards inside my body (what I’m feeling) and just looking at her juicy ass. I¬†do a front stop, give enough space and stand right at 12 o’clock.. she stops. I look her in the eye and deliver a compliment and a geography stack without pausing, my body language wasn’t great so she didn’t hook but thanked me for the approach.¬†

Few minutes later I approach a standing girl, deliver compliment, geography stack and story about me living with a girl from Korea with a serious Tinder addiction¬†… ūüėȬ† She laughs and quickly hooked but after that I kind of went into questions and felt the energy go down.. nonetheless I pushed for the number and got it even though she was reluctant but I remembered to always be closing. This is my first number ever from daygame.¬†

Last approach was a girl sitting, delivered a compliment and then tried to freestyle but it was bumpy so I ejected but made her smile and she thanked me (importance of sticking with the structure).

What helped me the most today is I was directing all my focus inwards towards my body as I was walking in the streets, I tried to be present and feel the street and get in tune with its frequency (feel one with the street), I also tried to look at surroundings with a positive frame. Ive only been doing solo daygame so 

I have a lot of work to do but one truth is the girl is my mirror so I got a lot of feedback on things I should work on (voice, posture..etc). 

I know this is nothing relative to daygame success but it was an important day for me as it gave me a glimpse of what’s possible. I¬†just wanted to share with you and thank you¬†for what you taught me.

Mr S”