Playing Fair?


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Does the gazelle ask the lion to “not use manipulation”? Does one football team ask the other to “be themselves” and not use tactics and strategies? Does life on Earth follow idealistic or realistic properties?

The comment left on one of my videos is common of the Nice Guy mindset who wants the world to “play fair.” By shaming pickup as “immoral,” “sneaky” and “manipulative” then such guys are misunderstanding the realities of the world and getting burnt because of it.

In the past I’ve explained this is why I disagree with the “radical honesty” doctrines in books like Mark Manson’s “Models.” It’s Purple (or even Blue) Pill dream world thinking in that it ignores the central tenants of biology. Play or get played. Hustle or be hustled.

As much as we all wish the world was based on equalism, harmony and love, biological realities wake us up. Girls have a sexual strategy just like guys. Girls tell as many (if not more) lies as you to try and win. The female manipulation toolkit is just as advanced as any top player – push up bras, makeup, airbrushed selfies, stealth plate spinning, Secret Society liaisons….the Nice Guy would be shocked to know what she’s up to.

The world is not fair. Life is a game. Either learn the rules and level up or forever be at the mercy of those who have.

Be Enigmatic With Girls

This week’s daygame podcast explores the importance of being enigmatic with girls to create attraction. Why does the Most Interesting Man In The World Game get her chasing? What techniques can you use to keep her coming back for more?

A summary of the points made in the podcast can be found in this article on leaving her guessing. Learn to spin the hamster wheel of her mind to make her addicted to you.

Cult Of Personality


In a forthcoming podcast I’m going to be looking at the biological principles behind real life powerful, charismatic males with magnetic influence, what’s known as a “cult of personality

“When an individual uses mass media, propaganda or other methods to create an idealised, heroic, and at times worshipful image”

Dark Triad traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy are turned up to the max meaning women (as well as men) are drawn to such personalities like moths to a flame.

From Escobar to Putin, O.J Simpson to Trump, we’ll go through the common elements that make such men idolised to the extreme and the pickup lessons we can learn from them.

As homework for next week’s podcast you can put your feet up with one or more of these documentaries that all explore men with cults of personality:


1.  The Source Family


2. Gringo: The Dangerous Life Of John McAfee


3. My Scientology Movie


If you really want to be a straight A student ready for the podcast, read a copy of Robert Greene’s “48 Laws Of Power” and see if you can join the dots between these documentaries.

Male Neediness


Neediness is the Number 1 attraction killer. So why do many men display needy patterns of behaviour both in their daygame and in their relationships?

The main answer is scarcity. He’s not got any other options so he’s overly focussed on one girl. He’s lost the frame with her, putting her on a pedestal and losing all his leverage. Oneitis is a tragic thing.

Neediness is really over-investment on the man’s part. He’s in chase mode, constantly trying to “win over” the girl. This intensity is repulsive for the girl because she senses his low Sexual Market Value due to his lack of options. The stench of desperation is nauseating.

So what’s the solution for male neediness? For 99.9% of guys it’s to banish the scarcity with dating more girls. Get abundance. Go out and daygame, gather more leads, go on more dates, have more casual sex, spin more plates. Immediately you’ll care about any particular girl less, and other girls will sense this.

For the 0.01% of the global male population who are experienced players and cads, the neediness they might be feeling even after hundreds of notches is most likely to do with affection addiction. They’re missing out on oxytocin from bonding. Listen to the podcast to find out more about this.

Along with getting abundance, the majority of guys need to get to grips with real world biological truths. Their idealistic Disney beliefs about women and relationships are adding to their needy behaviours by blinding them from the root causes. If you’re in need of some raw Red Pill truths, start here.

Want to see what a needy Tom Torero looks like? Well here you go…

Beta Bait


Today’s video is about a very subtle form of frame control that girls do to weed out weak men. You could call them a form of Shit Tests but they’re a lot more nuanced because usually they’re not questions but statements.

Beta Bait is like a honeytrap for needy guys to over-invest and kill attraction. Some examples I mention in the video include:

  • Liking / commenting positively on her social media photos
  • Helping her with her problems / being her Gay Best Friend 
  • White Knighting and telling her you’re “not like the bad guys”
  • Falling for her sex talk when she’s really just testing your thirst 


Want me to write more posts on advanced Game topics? Let me know below, and if you’ve got particular topics you’d like more details about. For now you can feast on all the Torero theory you want by reading my textbook Street Hustle.

Signs You’ve Lost The Frame


“If she’s in your frame then you’re an alpha. If you’re in her frame then you’re a beta”

Tom Torero


Warning Signs:

  • You’re investing more than she is (i.e. you’re chasing and being needy)
  • You put her on a pedestal / White Knight for her
  • You’re Mr Nice Guy – agreeable and egalitarian 
  • You’ve abandoned your male friends and hobbies
  • You have no other leads / options
  • You’ve stopped approaching other girls
  • You believe she’s “not like all the rest”
  • You’ve gone from sexual to comforting / nest-building
  • You ask her permission to do things and let her lead
  • You’re overly emotional and reactive

Intermittent Reinforcement


Following on from my last post on Leaving Her Guessing, a technique today that is like cocaine to humans (and most animals).

Intermittent Reinforcement is perhaps one of the most powerful motivators on the planet. It’s at the heart of push-pull and why “drama” works, defined by the behavioural theories of B.F. Skinner:

“A conditioning schedule in which a reward or punishment (reinforcement) is not administered every time the desired response is performed”

The opposite would be Continuous Reinforcement – the mouse pulls a lever and gets food delivered every time. In the case of Intermittent Reinforcement the mouse would only get the food some of the time (it is typically random and unpredictable). This triggers the behaviour (mouse pulling lever) to last longer than if it were continuous.

Why is this so vital to understand with daygame, pickup, girls and Game? Because it’s at the heart of how her brain is wired. In the same way that slot machines are so addictive because they’re based on Intermittent Reinforcement, so too are the bad boys who give random, unpredictable doses of affection and then door-slamming drama.

This mechanism of creating fear of losing a relationship is the explanation for all the millions of pining love letters, songs and poems. The dopamine hit and then withdrawal creates a literal addiction that keeps us in its grip.

A dark technique? Yes, but girls are using it instinctively on men all the time. Hot and cold, off and on. You know that feeling all too well – checking your phone every two minutes to see if she will or won’t text you back.

In this week’s podcast I’ll go in to applying the technique practically to get her chasing.