Helsinki Daygame Lay Report

Helsinki Daygame Lay Report

A Helsinki hustler sent me an email saying how he’d lost his daygame v-plates. It’s a great lay report about pushing through lethargic negative mindsets and trusting the process of pickup. 

“I finished work at 3 pm. Got home, did some yoga, had a snack and went out. I went to Kallio, an area in Helsinki. Nothing ever works there. But that’s just a statistical anomaly. So I’ll fucking make it work.

First chick I approached was an Estonian insurance salesperson. I saw her from afar, meeting me on an empty, sunny, quiet street. Blonde, red lipstick. So I was turned on. Game was ok, I took her number and it seemed positive.

After this, a blur of women with boyfriends… all of them. Really hot girls. Gotta give that to Kallio.

All except approach number three or four. A skinny, decadent looking chick with big, red hair. Hot!

“Hey. Don’t worry, I’m not drunk or crazy or anything… but I saw you on the zebra crossing. I thought you looked good, so I decided to come and say hi .”

She was on some trip that was part of her studies. We talked about dogs and dialects.

I asked her how long she is staying in Helsinki. Just tonight. Ok, we should go for a beer then! Yeeeeah, maybeee… she likes to go with the flow, she doesn’t like being too systematic. I tell her I’m a systematic bastard, but I regularly remind myself to jump into the flow.

I took her number, walked off and kept training.

A very dry session from there on. After nine approaches, I decided to turn back and do the last one on the way home. During the session I had approached a couple of girls that upon closer inspection were not so hot, and as I had one approach left, I decided to look for a really hot girl.

Of course there’s no limit to how much one can approach. But I’ve found that for me, sticking to the routine is sustainable, whereas approaching endlessly, or outside of my training sessions, is not.

Suddenly she stood before me. Round sunglasses, leggings and some kind of skirt with nice patters. Leather jacket, hot body. Symmetrical, wholesome face and… red lipstick . Classics are classics because they work. Only problem was, she was standing by a crossing, waiting for the green light. Oh well, she’s too hot to skip. I have to do it!

I chatted her up. We crossed the street together. Perhaps not optimal to follow her, but there was no realistic option. She missed her bus. We sat down at the bus stop and waited for the next one. I had trouble keeping the conversation going, but we exchanged numbers and the vibe was remarkably positive.

After I got home, I considered texting Redhead. I didn’t feel like it. Maybe I’ll just watch some crap, go to sleep and start all over again tomorrow.

Then my neighbours started having sex. Maybe I’m weird, but I find it super arousing to listen to… especially since the guy doesn’t make any noise. The girl was being smashed properly today, I even heard the slapping of hips and occasionally the furniture scraping against the floor.

I got damn horny and texted Redhead. She happened to be staying in a hostel nearby. We agreed to meet.

My mind raced to the future, to the moment when I can say, I have gotten laid from daygame. I did what I could to calm myself down and take on the attitude, “this is just practice. I’ll go on the date and practice setting a sexual mood!” There are still gaping holes in my Game, so I don’t get many dates, as you can see from my stats. So I programmed myself in this way.

I knew from previous dates, that sometimes when I try to lead the girl, I do it in a way where it sounds like I’m begging and hoping for her to grant me some favor. So as I walked down to the meeting spot, my brain was already arranging how to ask for each thing (let’s go for a walk. Let’s go for a beer. Hey, let’s go to my place and X). Learning is a pretty cool process.

This girl was completely compliant to everything: We took a walk. Then went to a bar near my place (she knew we were going closer to mine all the time). I asked her about her guilty pleasures (thank you, Tom Torero). I dug deeper and found out she watches too much porn and horror movies for her own good.


“Hey, do you wanna go to my place to watch some horror?”


We got to mine. Sat on the couch. I put on Ash vs Evil Dead. Within ten minutes I started kissing her. She did not let go. The situation escalated almost without interruption.

At one point she told me, she hasn’t been with many men lately. She’s been more with girls.

Oh, that’s cool.

Back to kissing and touching… and it happened.

We had briefly talked about rough sex earlier in the bar. I pulled her hair and choked her. I choked her for quite a long while, and apparently she came four times during that.

Sweet, decadent, pessimistic girl. There’s a specific reason I’m happy with this lay… it was a pure daygame lay. We do not have any friends in common, nor any other connection. Two complete strangers. That’s pure daygame. Standard issue for many more skilled guys. A first for me.

Now I gotta update my leads spreadsheet so I don’t forget to text the sunglass hippy chick.”

Stats, 7.5.2018:

Approaches: 118
Instant dates: 3
Contact info: 25
Dates: 2
Lays: 1


“Good Girl” Lay Report

 Lay Report 2018

Mr O, a London daygamer in his mid twenties, sent met this naughty Secret Society lay report from a trip he took to the Middle East. As the saying goes, “good girls are just bad girls who haven’t been caught.”

“I was in Abu Dhabi for a 36 hour layover (pun intended) and staying in an average Hilton Hotel. I went out to daygame while seeing the sights but quickly realised that no one walks the streets really. Stopped a young, blonde, slim off-duty stewardess who I had seen in the gym earlier and opened her but she was planning on seeing her dad who lives there and was flying out that night so I didn’t push for a number.

Went to a few places: malls, hotels and bars to look around but didn’t open anyone because I did not see anyone who interested me (though I did open one and got blown out by her, a gorgeous girl (easily a 9) who looked like she was waiting for her billionaire boyfriend in a 7 star hotel. Also, I did pussy out on a good looking girl who was walking with her friend. I regret that).

Back at the hotel at around 10pm, I just walked into their club where a salsa class had just finished and it was turning into a party, though still very empty. I talked to the first girl I see who is sitting with a friend. I ask her to dance and she laughs and politely declines because her fiancee is getting drinks but tells me that her friend wants to dance. So I go over to her, ask her, take her hand and lead her to the dance floor. She’s quite small for me, wearing a tight dress and heels and make up. Definitely Eastern European with dark hair, nice tits and a friendly face. Only a 6 in my books though but what the hell.

The dancing is pretty crap. I suck at salsa and make a fool of myself but just accept it and don’t let it phase me. We sit back down and talk/shout a little in the loud club which is still very empty. I’m exhausted by this point and don’t really want to put anymore effort into this girl even though she responded very well to everything I was doing and saying.

I say my goodbyes, thinking I won’t see her again but sit down in the lobby, just in case she does come by and I can have a proper, calm conversation in private without her friends nearby. I answer work emails and suddenly she comes out. It takes me a while to remember her name but then I call out ‘Kseniya’ and tell her to have a seat.

She was just leaving to get a cab home but I convince her to stay and have a chat. We speak and I escalate very quickly implying that she should come back to my hotel room. She’s shy or at least that’s what she says but her body language says something different. She stays, we talk about something else and about the craziest things we have done in our lives (she’s not done much) and then I mention it again. She’s warming to the idea and eventually I can take her into the lift under the pretence of having a coffee in my room.

She says she’s never done this before and I can tell she is nervous but I have no idea how nervous she really is. I tell her she can leave whenever she wants to and keep my distance, leading but not forcing her or holding her hand.

In the lift she starts shaking and I realise that this girl is genuinely nervous and actually shitting herself with a mix of nerves and excitement at how naughty she is being. There’s a proper internal battle going on in her head! I guide her to my room, always talking some bullshit to keep it friendly and not make it weird and quiet and keep her (relatively) comfortable.

She slowly comes through my door and I immediately go to the coffee machine, putting a lot of distance between us and start making the coffee with my back turned and talking, seeming very blasé about the situation but inside feeling very excited with the knowledge that I’m going to bang that chick at some point soon.

She sits down on a chair and doesn’t want to take off her heels. I give her the coffee and sit on the other side of the room. We talk again. Eventually, she takes off her shoes and says she wants a shower and after talking more I tell her to go into the bathroom and have a shower and give her a towel and my t-shirt and boxer shorts to wear afterwards.

She has a shower and takes her time. I answer work emails. When she’s out, she sits on the bed and I join her. I suggest a foot massage. Everytime I touch her even gently she flinches and is really nervous and pulls back, surprised at her own reaction and apologetic. She is still very excited about being in a strange guy’s hotel room. I give her a quick hand massage and try to kiss her but she’s not ready yet so I just continue with the massage and then try agin. We kiss and she starts shaking with nerves. Her whole body. She apologises that she is so nervous and I tell her it’s ok and start stroking her hair.

I kiss her again and this time it’s more intense and she is starting to ease up and stops shaking. I touch her body and tits and she likes it and doesn’t stop me/herself anymore, starts to relax and give in to her feelings. When I get down to the boxers she’s wearing they are soaking wet! I’m so surprised. The situation was making her so horny I had no idea what an amazing experience I was giving her. Then quite quickly she relaxes completely with me and starts to moan, ride her crotch over mine and has her first orgasm with clothes still on.

After that, it’s easy. I take our clothes off and she gives amazing head and really enjoys going deep. I’m so surprised at her sudden vigour and enthusiasm. I fuck her against the window with a view over the corniche and her tits against the cold glass. She loves it and has an orgasm which almost makes her fall to the ground. I have to half carry her back to the bed because she can’t walk properly. Her legs are shaking and she can’t believe it herself. We fuck a few more times and she completely loses it and just screams repeatedly ‘I like it. I like it!’, over and over again with her back arched and eyes rolling to the back of her head.

Afterwards she takes a while to calm down and asks me for my real name because I never told her. She’d been calling me Mr Grey the whole time we were in my room, a name she gave me inspired by the 50 Shades of Grey film/book.

I was so proud of myself after she left the room at 4am, having met her only 6 hours previously. Especially the fact that she seemed like a totally shy girl who wanted to run away from me and I was able to stay calm, act cool like I don’t give a fuck, lead and take this girl from nervous wreck to releasing her inner slut (I use that word with a positive connotation, not with the negative stigma that most people associate with promiscuous girls).

A couple of days later she sent me this text (below), which confirmed to me that I gave her the ride of her life and that she will never forget me.

Thanks Uncle Tom for teaching me some of these tools!”

Lay Report 2018 Texting

Mystery – Beckster – Torero PUA Podcast


This week’s Tom Torero Podcast comes from Mother Russia where Mystery, Beckster and myself have been teaching bootcamps and bringing fine young ladies together into a whirlwind-like Funnel Of Love.

The podcast covers:
* the Seven Hour rule from meet to sex
* Beckster’s micro-comfort and the art of the roll off
* getting your logistics sorted
* the Five Levels Of Game
* merging sets using compliance and qualification
* a Beckster routine for kiss closing
* why outer game action beats inner game procrastination
* Instagram as a new tool to time bridge

Mystery, Beckster, Tom Torero In Podcast

Wing Wanted For Warsaw

daygame wing

The second Black Sheep Award for Spring 2018 was given to a splendid Irish fella called Nigel who’ll be going to Warsaw Poland for some daygame delights.

He’ll be there from 29th to the 31st of May and is looking for a wing in the city (local or visiting). If you’re up for three days of happy hustling and hedonism with him then leave your email below.

[Thanks again to James Holt for making the second award possible]

Daygame As Therapy For Depression

Daygame As Therapy For Depression

A really encouraging email I received today from Mr A in Australia who’s been using daygame as therapy for bouts of the black dog. Hope it inspires readers of the blog who are still procrastinating about trying some Street Hustling. Great stuff Mr A, stay horny my friend 😉 

Dear Tom,

I hope you can spare a few minutes to hear my story. I came across your videos on Youtube about 9 months ago. Over the last 3 years I have gone in and out of cycles of clinical depression due to a long term relationship ending, lossing my job, lossing close friends and family through terminal illnesses and my general extremely poor form with the opposite sex in recent years. As well as reason I can’t even explain, the black dog just gets ya sometimes from nowhere. I fell into a dark hole and felt like there was no way out. Bed ridden for long periods of time with no drive to even go outside.

One day I said fuck it. Sold nearly all my stuff and decided I would travel the world as a minimalist. I’ve been into over 50 countries and did a 20 000 km trip around Australia. I thought forget relationships and women, I’m going traveling. That was until I got to the Czech Republic and fell in love with a Czech girl (she picked me up). Of course it was doomed with my neediness and Oneitis behaviour. After a few months of probably the best sex of my life and the only sex I had in over 18 months I was pretty shattered when it came to a end. Back into the depression cycle again.

It was around that time I came across your videos. At first I was skeptical and thought no way I could do that being a bit of a shy and introverted guy. I left it at that and continued on with my traveling. I remember two places where I lost it crying being surrounded by absolutely stunning women and with such bad approach anxiety and self worth that it was a challenge just to hold eye contact with such beautiful women.

So months went on with me reading all your books, watching all your videos and podcasts and me chickening out to approach a beautiful girl on the street. And there were many that passed me by. Then finally again I said fuck it and took the leap and opened a stunning 23 year old English girl from Bristol. To my surprise the interaction went well and I took her out on a date. Didn’t fuck her. But 3 approaches later on my 4th approach in daygame I instant dated a Russian 8. She was 7 years younger than me, I’m 33 by the way. I could not believe it. The kind of girl I thought I had no chance with. I had a mini 2 week relationship with her and it was probably the happiest I have felt in years.

So far I have been actively daygaming for 3 months: I have done 92 approaches, 17 number closes, 12 first dates. I only banged the one Russian girl. I made out with another Russian girl, got her to the door of the hotel where she freaked out and would not come inside.

It really is a form of therapy and has changed my life for the better. When I look back and think where I was and where I am now, jesus! I was for a long time resentful towards women. I’m getting better at dealing with that. After I got that first notch early in Game I was on fire. I felt like I could approach any girl and rejection wouldn’t phase me the slightest bit. Then after a run of 30 blowouts from cold Russians the self esteem started to drop a bit.

My sticking points would be: not sexually spiking enough on the dates, not sticking in there when she hasn’t hooked or has hooked but I just hit the eject button anyway cause the vibe feels strange, finding subjects to keep stacking with and the language barrier, and hitting the eject button during the Russian minute. About 95% of the girls I have been approaching are Russian. I love Russian women too. I love how you can hang in there with the ice queens and it doesn’t even phase you one bit, very zen badass buddha. Also the humour you put in some of your videos and podcast always give me a laugh.

One day I hope to be a daygame dynamo like yourself. I know I’ve got a lot of work to do. I don’t know if you realise the positive effect you are having on a lot of men’s lives. Both with the education and experience you’re providing and your honesty with the struggles you have had in your own life. Don’t know how to thank you enough mate for showing me the light. It’s really changed my life for the better and for the first time In a long time I feel optimistic for the future. I would love to get you a few beers sometime and exchange some war stories as well as some coaching from the master himself one day. I’m in Asia at the moment but heading to the Ukraine and Russia in 4 weeks for a summer of daygame. Hopefully I can get some more notches on my belt. I’m feeling confident. Feels good to be the chooser and not the chosen. 

I can’t thank you enough Tom. Keep up the great work mate.

Mr A from Australia

Daygame “Sin City” Stories


Sin City: An urban area that caters to various vices. E.g. Prague, Amsterdam, London Soho, Berlin, Miami, Las Vegas

In this week’s daygame podcast I’m joined in Prague by Craig Cassidy, Troy Francis and Frank for a buffet of bachelor bang stories. We discuss the world’s great “Sin Cities” and what makes them tick, along with the requirements for some gutter game antics.