Iron Man


Inspired by Dom Joly’s Trigger Happy TV show and the internet phenomenon of Extreme Ironing, myself, a crazy Norwegian from Oslo and a wing from Bristol hit the streets of London in late 2012 for an “Iron Man” challenge.

Yes, it’s more “social freedom” than real Street Hustling, and prank-ish rather than solid daygame, but I’m re-uploading it because it nicely shows how the Spotlight Effect is all in our heads. Nobody really cares what you get up to in a busy city, as long as you’re not on a killing spree.

Watch out for the Instant Date bounce at the end, which I remember leading to a fast pull back to the old Project Daygame house in Marble Arch. Because Ollie was putting the Tiger Eyes on that French girl, she didn’t spot the Torero ironing going on right behind him. Good proof of the “daygame bubble” effect.

Stop worrying what others think. Kill those excuses with action.

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