Sh!t Test Quiz


23/03/2016 by Tom Torero

Get your pen and paper ready. My “Frame Test” quiz is about to commence. No cheating. Answers at the end of the video 😉

3 thoughts on “Sh!t Test Quiz

  1. I’ve gotta go = ok but before you leave
    I’ve kinda seing someone = Wow you are very arrogant
    what do you want = some change
    do you do this all the time = Only when i’m bored


  2. Jesse says:

    I’ve gotta go = Cool. Me too. But I think you’re attractive, and I want to see you again. So what’s your number (as I’m pulling out my phone).
    I’ve got a boyfriend/seeing someone = That’s cool. I just figured out who you remind me of…
    Sorry, what is this? = You’re adorable. I wanted to meet you.
    You do this all the time = I wish that were true (smirk). Seriously, life’s too short.


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