Mind Control?!



Look into my eyes…deep into my eyes…feels good, doesn’t it?! 

Today’s daygame vlog from Manhattan is all about persuasion and influence in order to get girls to qualify and invest. Is it hypnosis and “mind-hacking” or just basic psychology?

That’s right. You liked the video so much that you NOW want to BUY MY BOOK 😉

3 thoughts on “Mind Control?!”

  1. Can Overweight person that’s me can perform day-gaming activity. From my experience; I personally don’t hesitate and sweat horribly or shiver while talking to strangers.

  2. Hi tom, try getting the girls face in the camera their facial expressions make learning game quicker and easier, you did this to great effect in the English girl infield, the other in fields did not get the faces in enough which is a shame because you are putting out a great product and it would be great for it to be perfect. Also, in the final product can we see some two sets, some coffee shop game, college game and full dates with multiple venue bounces towards a bounce back, thank you. I know this is a lot to task, but it will give us what we want and give you the status of the one of the best day gamers out there, more so than what you have already in regards reputation. Thank you tom and I will be buying both the book and the infield product. Cheers, happy travelling and gaming

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