One thought on “Tom Torero Has A Big…”

  1. Hey Tom, i never done the challenge and don’t plan on doing cold approaching just yet. i am somewhat more confident mentally through listening to your wisdom, and have some of my old swagger back
    I’ve been initiatiating small talk and smiling, and getting involved in the strangely intense back and forth eye contact in closed spaces like a coffee shop or train[i know that’s usually a signal to be able to start talking but i’m still not quite adapted to being sober and my head gets the better of me at times].

    Ignoring the hotter girls that expect to be ogled seem to make them figgity and try to get my attention by brushing the hair or reapplying make up and angling the mirror/phone so that they can see if i’m looking or am I just imagining this.. WTF?
    i’ve notived girls with boyfriends who, even if it’s sub concious are looking to upgrade or just get validation knowing that another man is eyeing them up

    [ and to think they get bitchy when our eyes are turned by an ass in tight jeans or a bigger pair of tits popping out of a small top on a hot summers day, especially in U.K when we’re covered up for 10 months…projection? guilty concience? i think they just adore the drama.]

    The tinterwebs are full of bullshitters and proper arseholes, you’re one of the few that seems to be legit and still has hold of some moral compass[ that is meant to be a compliment.As you can see, I won’t be winning any pulitzers for my linguistical rambles.

    Tom, have a good trip.
    When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I’ve never been so i don’t have a clue- politics, scooters and orgy’s according to films.

    DaViE DiSKoMcDee

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