Dating Dilemmas

In today’s video I go through the five main dating dilemmas guys face. Some would call them “Shit Tests” but I see them as “Frame Tests” as she’s subconsciously checking to see if you’re a man or a mouse.

To learn my full dating model, escalation sequence and how to handle the full spectrum of dating scenarios, check out my book Street Hustle.

2 thoughts on “Dating Dilemmas”

  1. I’ve loved your material since 2012 when I got “Date Against The Machine” and “The Girlfriend Sequence.” You are not only a world class seducer but a world class teacher. Thanks Tom for all this gold!

  2. What happens if you are on a date with a hot girl and she turns out to be a Cyborg killing machine sent back from the year 2042 to eradicate you from history?

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