Cold Calling (FSU Daygame Book)

Former Soviet Union Daygame Book

“It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” Churchill

I’m halfway through my new book (paperback & Kindle) entitled “Cold Calling.” It’s a guide to daygaming in the Former Soviet Union, with 30 new lay reports plus practical advice and logistical information. My aim is to finish it by the end of the summer.

In the last five years I’ve lived and daygamed in almost all of the Former USSR countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Next month I’ll complete the list by visiting Moldova.

I’ve also daygamed in all of the former Iron Curtain countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and East Germany.

The new book will contain city maps for daygame areas, accommodation advice, safety briefings, costings etc, as well as profiles for the types of girls from each country.

I’m keen to get your input on what else you’d like in the book. What questions would you like answered about these countries and these girls? Leave your thoughts below, but please don’t ask about online dating, tinder or SugarDaddy game, which I’ve no experience of and which I’d heavily advice against in the FSU.

It’s quite ironic that I spend so much time in these countries when my father escaped from them in the late 1960s to find freedom in the West. He’d certainly agree with me though that Slavic girls are the hottest on the planet, despite being some of the hardest to pull.

13 thoughts on “Cold Calling (FSU Daygame Book)”

  1. Hi Tom ! Great news! But please, no hardcover. It’s to heavy, hard to carry on and…more expensive than paperback. I didn’t buy “Street hustle” for these reasons. Thank you !!

  2. Great news Tom. I am looking forward of this book and also stealth seduction.

    I’ve lived one year in Prague and I like to visit former Iron Curtain countries because girls are more feminine than in France.Recently, I’ve visited Poland (Warsaw). Girls are awesome!

    Just some questions for you: sometimes in these countries, girls are not really interested by me. They just come to the first date by curiosity or just to drink a coffee.
    How to spot these girls to not waste my time?

    Also, girls test more the guys. For example, recently, I proposed to a bielarus girl
    to go to my apartment to drink a glass of wine. But she says “we can go to this park instead”. But me I wanted to go to my apartment. So I loose the frame.
    And after the park, I asked her again but she says she has to go back in her home because she had a picnic.
    How to keep the frame with these girls? Should I say no, and go to my apartment and see if she follows me?

  3. How to game 10s, how to get the girls that evry guy drools over. The higher calibre of women that you meet. To make a blip in her radar of the sea of men that she has the pick off. Could also be a possible podcast topic.
    Cheers Tom

  4. Hey Tom its your dear student Intisar from London p.s I would love if you could also make an audiobook in audable as reading is difficult for me. it would be so lovely to get your emotion voice of this book. I hope your well and I keep saying this Tom you have changed my life from being shy to girls thanking me for approaching them thank you. when you come to London we will definitely catch up. I love your life of being free and travelling. Thank you Intisar shah.

    1. Good to hear from you Intisar 🙂 Yep, I’ll be making this new book into an audio book too so you can hear my voice narrating naughty stories haha. Hope all’s well mate

  5. Would be good to see, how to get models and 10s. The girls that have the pick of every guy, has a busy life, how to even make a blip on her radar.

  6. Some sort of a “quality of life” measuring stick would be interesting, and helpful. As in, would you actually be able to spend a month or so in these places if you weren’t really gaming, or had your foot off the gas a bit.

    Things like:

    – Quality and quantity of good restaurants, cafes, etc.
    – Overall friendliness towards Westerners
    – Level of English (not of the girls, but people in shops, etc.)
    – Speed of Internet in apartments/cafes
    – Activities/things to do apart from walking around and looking at old streets/buildings/churches/etc.

    Even if it was just a table with these kind of things listed, rated 1-5, and an overall score – it’d be a good insight and a ton of value (and hopefully not too much work).

  7. I’ll be sure to support the book Tom, sounds great.

    1) Perhaps in the book you could write a paragraph arguing the case for visiting the less populated Former Soviet/Russian cities – that is fewer than 400,000 people or in some cases fewer than 200,000? Drawbacks vs potential rewards?

    2) Plane tickets to the FSU/RU are essentially half-priced during the frozen winter months; this seems like a interesting talking point if there is or isn’t a diminished return on investment/opportunity vs visiting in warmer seasons.

    3) In smaller cities, non-peak traffic times (between lunch rush and the evening rush hours) seem to be every Daygamer’s nemesis, especially on weekdays. Shopping malls are not that crowded during these times as well. Any suggestions to find more populated indoor/outdoor daygame venues during that tricky time window?

    Kind regards,

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