Podcast 62: STDs & Oneitis


Back from daygame in New York City, I’m in Wales discussing STDs and the player lifestyle in frank detail. Plus I explain how to get over the needy feelings associated with “Oneitis” when falling hard for one girl.

One thought on “Podcast 62: STDs & Oneitis”

  1. Hey Tom, great stuff as usual. Wanted to get your take on NYC. Just spent a month there myself and found daygame to be tougher there than other cities. Out of about 100 approaches got 20-30 #s and virtually all flaked, which is worse than usual (at the same time I would pull SNLs from night game). A lot of girls seemed genuinly busy and rushing somewhere so often it was hard to keep the conversation going for more than few minutes. Any thoughts on how daygame is different in NYC would be insightful.

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