Find A Daygame Wing

Looking for a daygame wing to get you out there approaching in your city? In the comments section below leave your details (name, location, age, experience and an email address) or reply to someone else who’s near you.

Make sure to have a trial session with a potential wing first, or at least chat over a coffee. Are they active (and not just a keyboard PUA)? Do they have a positive vibe? How does their personality and schedule match yours? It’s all about adding value to each other’s daygame, not leeching state.

Control tower,  prepare for launch. We are good to go 😉

654 thoughts on “Find A Daygame Wing”

  1. Location: Sydney
    Age: 26
    Level: Beginner/Intermediate

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been daygaming pretty solid for a year and a half, based of the LDM, with results.
    A like minded wing would be inspirational and would give my game a kick in the arse.

    Hit me up, cheers!

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  2. Hi guys,

    My wing has recently moved abroad (to daygame) so I’m looking for a new central / west London Wing.

    As a wing man I like to think I bring a lot to the table. Im a reliable and positive individual. I’m 39 so have a pretty good and well rounded life outside of daygame and looking for someone similar to hit the streets with.

    I’ve had about 6 day game lays but always keen to be pushed and improve.

    Drop me an email at



      1. HI, I am from Germany and will stay in London next Weekend. It would great to meet fellow gamers next Saturday 🙂


  3. Location: Portsmouth, UK
    Age: 20
    Level: Beginner/Intermediate

    Hey guys,

    I’m fairly new to daygame but, I’m a bit of a natural with great confidence and results prior to learning about game, here to take my game to the next level and learn how to control my opportunities.

    Hit me up, cheers!


  4. Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Age: 19
    Level: Beginner

    Hello everyone,
    Newbie daygamer here with an intense desire to get more experience and do some more approaches. Been approaching here and there over the past few yeara but still consider myself a beginner.

    Would love to get in contact with a nearby like-minded wing and make some real progress!

    Drop me an email and I’ll respond asap =)


  5. Steve , Essex, 30. Brand new to day game. Went out in shopping mall got the spot light effect, asshole fell out went home. Someone help


  6. Hi guys

    I’m looking for a wing in central London (mainly for weekends). I’m 28 and have literally just started daygaming, having recently done a 2 day bootcamp. Besides the bootcamp I’ve done about 20 solo approaches.

    I’m not bothered about how much experience my wing has, the main thing is that you’re committed to improving your daygame, action orientated and positive.

    My email’s:


  7. Looking for someone that have been doing pick up for while no need to be a expert on it, the fact that u are pushing yourself harder to be the best version of yourself already counts.
    I’m living in Grasse, a city in South of France,looking to be doing approaches in Cannes or Nice !
    If you’re around it let me know.


  8. Hey

    Nick here from Leeds. Wanna do a serious week of daygame. Mainly around Yorkshire but I’m not adverse to other areas too. Anyone interested in something similar? Looking at early March.



  9. Location: Clapham junction/south west London
    Experience: new to day game, 25 solo approaches and 2 number close

    Highly motivated and committed to daygame. Love to team up with someone for daygaming also hangout and have a beer. I have 9-5 job so available after work on weekdays and available all day on weekends. Please contact me in


  10. Location: Luton/Dunstable
    Age: 21
    Experience: Begginer, 20 approaches, 1 number close.
    I ve always wanted to get good at this and I would really like to team up with a nice positive, maybe a lil bit rude when needed guy because I need that kick in the ass sometimes to do it.



    Started in 2014 done it sporadically to mixed success. But want to get good/exceptional now, left it and now picked it back up Monday 20 FEB after doing some refresher reading Sunday 19th. Mon-tues lots of AA to overcome but pushed through it.

    Wednesday closed 2 numbers finally.

    making fast progress, approach anxiety diminishing rapidly, stopping them becoming less of a problem, body language improving…just working on building attraction etc better. Convo can sometimes veer to vanilla.

    im early 30s.

    Anyone in London gaming mainly day but street early evening too… get in touch, looking to do it daily, want the power! combined energys and that to take it further, swap ideas etc. send me an email and we can meet in central.


  12. Location: Luton/Dunstable
    Age: 21
    Experience: Begginer, 20 approaches, 1 number close.
    I ve always wanted to get good at this and I would really like to team up with a nice positive, maybe a lil bit rude when needed guy because I need that kick in the ass sometimes to do it.
    Also if some of you wanna make part of a WhatsApp group with and about this just e-mail ur numbers to me.



  13. Location: Malaga, Spain
    Age: 35
    Experience: Begginer, 70 approaches, 5 numbers.
    I’m French, I have approached a little under another model in a small town in France
    on-and-off during the last 1.5 years, now I have moved to Spain, and mainly done online
    dating since getting here.
    I am really motivated to experiment with the London model here.



  14. Location: Tallinn, Estonia
    Age: 27
    Experience: Intermediate – 600 sets

    I’m a Brit living in Tallinn looking to meet some other daygamers. Speak basic Estonian and Russian too.

    Hit me up if you fancy a session!


  15. Lithuania, Vilnus.
    I’m going to Vilnius March 23rd to 26th.

    Originally I’m from Riga but I’m starting to travel both for my online business and daygame.

    I’m at around 300 opens since I’m counting. about 8 lays. About 70 opens and 2 lays before I started counting.

    I’m very positive and action oriented. I go out alone but this time I’m looking for a wing on 23rd or 24th.

    I would like to meet active daygamers in Vilnius who could show me the best spots and advice on time.

    I would love to head out for a session on 23th(Friday) during the day(when everyone has coffee breaks) or 24th around 14:00 when saturday crowds begin.
    We could arrange other times as well if you’re an active, action based daygamer like I am 🙂

    I would love to get any advice and comments. Especially on where to find the most beautiful girls(posh Russians for example)

    Obviously, if you want to come and try daygame in Riga, I can tell you much about that as well.

    Shoot me an email to and we can talk to figure out whether it’s worth for us to go out together.


  16. Zac – 23 female, nah just kidding, male!
    New Zealand – Christchurch (live close to empire night club)
    Wouldn’t mind having someone to daygame or nightgame with, to learn off each other!

    TXT on 02108515593


  17. 28 Years Old
    Bristol, UK

    Really looking to get involved with a wing in my local area to watch and give me feedback. Looking to go out this Saturday (10/03/2018) to start my daygame journey.

    If anyone would like to join please email:


  18. swedish guy living near gothenburg ,looking for pickups society for personal development,34 years old ,minimum approaches during lifetime want to learn more,


  19. location: sweden / near gothenburg
    exprience: not much

    searching for wingbuddys/or a community for daygaming , im very new to this experience, and i want to learn more,
    i consider myself outgiong and social, looking forward for personal growth and getting to know new people.



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