Find A Daygame Wing


Looking for a daygame wing to get you out there approaching in your city? In the comments section below leave your details (name, location, age, experience and an email address) or reply to someone else who’s near you.

Make sure to have a trial session with a potential wing first, or at least chat over a coffee. Are they active (and not just a keyboard PUA)? Do they have a positive vibe? How does their personality and schedule match yours? It’s all about adding value to each other’s daygame, not leeching state.

Control tower,  prepare for launch. We are good to go 😉

951 thoughts on “Find A Daygame Wing”

      1. Hi I am Pav looking for a Daygame wing for the south London area or Watford, Coventry . I have been daygaming since 2005 – but not consistently. Spent the last few years doing only nightgame but want to focus on Daygame now.

        Thanks Tom for the opportunity to connect with other daygamers.


        1. Hello man, I am Leonardo 21, I am looking for a wing as well, do you still want to go out for daygame? I live in East London but i can go to west London sometime.

          1. Hi, Leonardo my name is Damon I am 21 as well. I have some experience with daygaming. I have been doing it for 6 months now. If your interested my name is 07448608234.

      2. Hi, I am 40 years old. My name is Joshkun, originally from Istanbul. I am quite new in daygame or decent approach. I am looking for a wingman based in London. My friends are not interested in daygame and they dont have enough confidence to approach women. If you are interested, contact me straightaway. We can have a talk and start the game.

    1. Hi, to all you handsome b*stards out there……been daygaming on/off sporadically for around 6 months, but recently moved to Sheffield. Need a wing to have a laugh & have some fun with the girls in & around Sheffield i.e. Leeds included. I’m 37 & need your help lads……let me know. Cheers from Rana.

      1. Hi Rana.

        I’m Chris, 32, enthusiastic beginner. I live around the Sheffield area. Lets meet and get some approaches in! Thanks

        1. Hey mate I’m in Sheffield too. Done about 120 approaches. Still beginner. I want a wing as only ever done solo daygame. I’m 27 done daygame on and off for around 9 months. Whatts app my on 07570803695

      2. Hey rana this is Shehab from leeds…I would really like to game with you…….
        This is my number
        WhatsApp me when you wanna go out
        +44 7885 619015

      3. Hey mate I’m in Sheffield too. Done about 120 approaches. Still beginner. I want a wing as only ever done solo daygame. I’m 27 done daygame in and off for around 9 months. Email me on

    2. Day (maybe night even) gamers in London? 33.

      Just discovered this stuff, wanting to jump in, meet like individuals and enjoy the ride.

  1. Hi, Alex, 24 here. I think it may be hard to find a wing in northern Italy through this post but I’m still trying.

      1. 45 from Los Angeles , looking for a wing anywhere in the world since i can travel for a weekend getaway , london is great i the girl bull eye , my lays usually are in first date ,i am calm and have a good seducing stratigy ,e mail me if you’r game ,cheers.

      1. Early thirties, day gaming for about 9 months, took a one on one coaching with Tom the last time he was in Sydney, normally day game on my own but would be good to have a wing from time to time

  2. Hi, I’m 32 and looking for a wing in chicago. I do Daygame mostly in downtown Chicago. And, I do Daygame on and off.

      1. Hey guys I also daygame in chicago. Consinder myself to be intermediate level, 35 years old. I can approach and get girls on dates regularly– and have laid a couple. My problem is consistency. I want to use summer 2016 to break through barriers and get in the habit of approaching regularly.

        Hit me up if you’re interested.

    1. Hey man. I’m looking to learn from someone. I’m only 20 years old, but I’m really passionate about this. My game is mostly low energy, not really a hype so I wouldn’t be a burden.
      You can shoot me an email here

    2. Hello, I’m 49 and just started a couple months ago. I have done over a hundred approaches and when, surprisingly, things go my way I freakout lose my frame and run. Anyone interested in playing with me let me know.

    1. Heya Michael, I currently shuttle between Sydney and Melbourne. Have a couple of wings in Melbourne, but am in need of a Sydney based guy. Was quite involved in the game back in 04/05 but have been out of it for about 10 years now. Would be keen to meet you when I’m up in Sydney next. Cheers! Yuri

      1. Hey lads, used to do a tonne of daygame back in 2012-2013. Been out of it for a while but keen to resume. I’m based in Melbourne and I’m 24 – skill is probably intermediate. Have gotten a lot of good numbers and subsequent dates in the past but never had an instant date or pull in the day before.

        Leaving my name as anon for now, but hmu at and we can discuss further there. Cheers!

  3. Hi, I’m Dean, 34 years of age, looking for a wing in London, been daygaming sporadically on/off for about 3 years now, but still consider myself to be in the beginner/intermediate phase due to small town logistics, I can travel into London on some weekends to meet with some wings, train into London for me is about 50mins.

  4. Very good initiative Tom ! I started to approach meeting some wings like that and i think i wouldnt have succeeded in approaching without a wing.
    Now i mostly do daygame alone in Paris but sometimes i do it with my main wing who’s now one of my best friends.
    Because yes, with game you’ll meet incredible women but also really cool guys, like Neil Strauss said “nothing brings closer than gaming women with someone”

    1. Im going to paris next week, in a trip heading to east europe
      26 years old, 0 experience in daygame but intermidiate game in general.

  5. Hi am am Toby 39 years of age and of very minimal daygame experience.
    I have been red pill aware for about the last year or so and recently separated from my wife.
    I am looking to join forces with a daygame wing to generate good Sexual options as I rebuild my life. I live in EXETER UK.

    1. Yo I’ve just started I gave my first try today didn’t go that well as expected Haha. I’m willing to give it all. I’m from Exeter too. Here is my email Drop me a message. I’m trying to build my Confidence up which had been lacking for 2 years now.

      Anyone else from the Exeter, UK Area?

    1. Hey guys, cant find a pick up community around Joburg, looking for a wing how’d you guys manage, still doing cold approaches, been in game for over a year and half reached a point where i want wings or lair meetups

      age: 25
      area: Johannesburg

    1. Hi, I am 27 years old. I recently moved to Philly and living in University City. Started day gaming in center city. I am also looking for wings, I am at beginner level.

  6. Hey guy my names Richard I live in a small town outside of Manchester currently at 400 approaches and age 29 looking for a cool wing as mine has moved to London the bastard 😉

    1. Hey mate, I’m Joe, 34 years old but look about 25. Based near Manchester too, been daygaming sporadically on/off for about 3 years as well, still consider myself beginner/intermediate phase due to living in small town and bad logistics. Let me know if you want meet over coffee sometime. Thanks

    2. Hey mate, I’m Joe, 34 years old (but look about 25) been daygaming on/off for about 3 years now, but still consider myself a beginner due to small town and bad logistics. I’m based near Manchester so if you want to meet up over coffee let me know. Thanks

      1. Hi Joe
        I’m Dave, living in Manchester.
        I’m out day gaming right now.
        I’m enthusiastic, but could do a wing to push me out of my comfort zone.
        If your still in the market for a Manchester wing hit me up.

    3. If this offer hasn’t expired , I’m looking for a wing man who wants to improve in day and night game ,hit me up George ,07535884279.

  7. Rei, 20y/o, Philippines, Manila area only, beginner to intermediate. I would kill to get a wing (any level) because no one does it here. Reply here if interested, don’t be shy, i don’t bite 😉

  8. Hey I’m 20 years old with intermidate experience, over 1000+ approaches and I live in Albuquerque,USA looking for a daygame wing

    1. I live in albuquerque too, and I am 27. Not much experience with approaches, but I am very motivated. Are you still interested for a wing?

  9. Ted, 22 years old
    NCR, Philippines
    been doing this for couple of months, struggling with AA
    so i really need a wing. I’m dedicated and reliable
    I’ll only ask for you to do the same

    for those who are interested just drop me an email

  10. I’m a 19 year old living in Amsterdam. I’m at a beginner / intermediate level. Would love to have a cool wing to do daygame with. If you’re also in Amsterdam, or closeby, I’d definitely be up for a skype call to see if we get along + to get to know each other. Let me know if interested! 🙂

    1. Hey Duane,

      I’m a 18 (almost 19) year old also living in Amsterdam. I’m a beginner and I would also like to have an wing. Het zou fijn zijn als je me een mailtje zou kunnen sturen naar: zodat we andere contact gegevens zouden kunnen delen.

      Hoop snel van je te horen.


    2. Hi, I’m 28, I’m at begginer/intermediate leel too. I’m traveling through Europe and I’m in Amsterdam for 2 weeks. I’ve been in daygame for about a month and a half and had 2 wings before in London. My skype is jonathan.melnik

    3. Hi Tufa,

      That sounds great, I’ll actually be traveling quite a bit to Cologne / Dusseldorf starting in September. Do you have an email I can contact you at?

  11. Hi my name is Alex i’m from Moldova, Chisinau, looking for a wing here in the capital, i’m 21, begginer.
    P.S. I doubt that someone else actually from Moldova is a daygamer here at Tom Torero.

    1. Hey Moe

      3.5 Daygame experiences. Going out daily. Downtown Toronto. Text me if you’re serious about meeting up. 613-878-5874.

    2. Hey Moe are you still in day game if yes then reply me. I also lives in Toronto and I’m 39 years old. I’m separated and zero experience in field. My name is Sohail

  12. Hola,
    My name is Eli, i’m 28. Currently in Amsterdam until the end of September and then going back to Italy (Parma). Approaching is definetly my biggest obstecle. I have been improving my game for the last 1.5 years acting only on random bursts of courage.
    I would say i’m somewhere between a begginer and an intermediate when it comes to the various skillet of game.
    Would love to give and get insparation from a fellow day-gamer. Or in other words: i promise to kick you up the ass to approach, if you promise to kick mine!

    1. Hi Eli, my name is Jonathan, I’m 28, I’m at begginer/intermediate level too. I’m traveling through Europe and I’m in Amsterdam for 2 weeks. I’ve been in daygame for about a month and a half and had 2 wings before in London. Please contact me. My email is

    2. Hey Eli,

      I’m 19, from America, but I live in Amsterdam as well. Do you have an email I can contact you at?

  13. Kia Ora. I’m Joshua and 20 year olds. I have been living in Auckland, New Zealand my whole life. I have been learning seduction for around about five months and still in beginners hell. I have done mostly daygame throughout the summer, as well as several stints of nightgame and a few instances of gaming strippers (a form of game I have recently dubbed as ‘mission impossible’). I recently began to stagnate in progress due to occupation with studies and some social circle commitments, but I have recently made some effort to set my wheels back on track.

  14. Hi, my name is sam from Egypt 29 years living in london
    I do have good experience with hustling in london but sometimes I give up while focusing on my work .iam looking for a wing to go out with in london.Thanks Tom

  15. Hello all,

    My name is Donavon, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I have been practicing daygame for about 2 years. I have gotten better over the years compared to where I started off, but I’m nowhere near the Casanova I want to be. I’m looking for someone I can push to get better and who will do the same for me.


    1. Hi Mate
      This is Josh 35. Intermediate daygamer. Native spanish and fluent english. With experience in South america and now touring Europe. Low energy game. Looking for a wing/mate in Warsaw. I will be there from 26 May to 24 June. If you are still around please let me know.

  16. Hi. Olof 35y. Stockholm, Sweden but travelling around Nordics quite a bit atm. Intermediate, 2 years around 650 sets.

    1. Hi Olof my name is Toni and I live in Stockholm, Sweden but travelling around Europe during weekends. I have been doing on and off for 6 months around 100 sets, but I would like to put everything in now.

  17. Hi. Timothy 27 y. Limerick, Ireland. Leaving for a year in Europe in September. I’m inexperienced. Have only 7 sets under my belt but pulled on my very first attempt. Would love to find someone else that’s into this to take the edge off of feeling like a sexual predator! There is no better feeling when it goes well and no worse feeling when it doesn’t. If you’re anywhere in Ireland, and keen to give this a go, do get in touch while it’s still summer, I’ll be good for your vibe 😉

    (Sincere thanks to Tom for creating this opportunity)

  18. Hi I’m 17 from Albania but going in italy next month. Started daygame before 4 months and i need some wing to work with on beginner level

  19. yo guys anyone want to do pickup like 100 sets or more this summer… we push each other, we video, analyse sets and work on improvements … hit me up Columbus, Cincinnati, Florida(maybe) .. (beginner, 25)

  20. I’m Chris, 23. Living in Minneapolis, MN. I’ve been doing daygame for a little bit but still consider myself a beginner.

    1. OI Chris, I have a handful of approaches on me. Wanna meet up? My name is Trevor but friends call me Bubble, shoot me an email at I live in Rochester just south of you and do most of my gaming there. I would love to swing up sometime for a cup of coffee and see if we click.

  21. Hey, any one out there in Boston? I’m 29 and in the beginner-intermediate range, where I get roughly 1 number for every 3 approaches. Send me an email at and let’s talk. Cheers -Hugh.

    1. Hey man I’m from boston as well..I’ve always been looking for a wing in beantown..I’m also 29 been on & off daygame but would like to see if I get back into it for more practice this summer my email is

    1. Hey there!
      I’m staying in Seoul until the beginning of October. Write be an E-Mail if you’re still searching for a wing. 😉

    2. Hey Bill! I’ll be staying in Seoul 2nd half of May. I’ve Daygamed for the past 1.5 years, mostly Asian girls. Add me on Facebook – Josef Vostry and let’s catch up. Cheers 😉

  22. My name is Kevin Longs, I am based in Moscow. Drop me a line if you want meet for some exchange or just practicing some sets as team.

  23. Alright lads my name is Shaun im 18 years old with very little experience with cold approach game but have a great deal of social experience that I can use as a bass. I’d rather a wing with my experience level so we can learn and grow from the beginning.

    1. Hey man im in Prague for a few more days if you are up for some Daygame! Still under 200 approaches so beginner level but have had 6 Daygame doing good man! Call me 420608167636

  24. Yo! Frank, 39, intermediate. Washington, DC. Have been coached by Tom. Get numbers easily. Need to work on getting more dates. Have had two daygame lays this year. my email is
    Will be in Rome and Sicily and Montenegro for one month, end of June to end of July.

    1. I’ve done a session with a wing by this site. It was great fun. Bit short, but it once again confirmed: If you want to do daygame in the Netherlands Amsterdam is the place!
      Just email me, a saturday is always great for me. And, for you.

  25. Hello there, I’m Philipp, 32, and from the capital of Austria, Vienna. My background is clubgame and I would say that I am more of a daygame beginner. If you are keen just hit reply and we’ll talk!

  26. Long shot: Anyone in San Sebastian, Spain this June/July?

    I’m from London but here for a month, 29, intermediate.

  27. Hey, everyone. 31 y old, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Beginner but a quick learner. Would be a pleasure to meet someone with the same views of the game.
    Cheers and good luck to all of you.

  28. 28yo in San Francisco here. Been having lots of fun hitting the streets off and on for the last year or so. You can shoot me an email at benjamin.pacific at gmail Cheers!

  29. Hi guys, I am looking for a wing to day game with in shopping malls in Toronto.

    I am 26 years old and I am very new to the game but have done years of reading. I willing to put myself out there and motivate each other to reach our goals.

    Please contact me at or text me at 647-779-6828

  30. Mark, 43, Melbourne. Been day gaming 3 years.. had some good success but need to do more more more. I’m in the best city in the world and have a great situation to do game. AA get the better of me usually.. but all up for challenging my own beliefs and getting out there.

    1. Hi Mark , I’m recently moved in Melbourne from Italy. Been in day gamin more than 2 year. I practiced every day since i started , opening different set and different situation ,pushing bounderies everytime. I’m looking for someone to share my experience and learn from another guy. In Team there’s more chance to learn fast , in my opinion .If that sounds great for you contact me pleaser at

  31. Yo! Houssam,21, from Casablanca/Morocco. Biginner with more than 350 sets . Starting out since 2 years ago .

    I would like to find a wing with same experience to share and practice more .

    I will be in El jadida this summer, so e-mail me !
    Email :
    Whatsapp : +212615606513

  32. I am very happy you and the daygame world has distanced yourself from Nick ‘Crack Pot’ Krauser. He is a self proclaimed white supremacist and a holocaust denier. Very abrasive, angry, pompous and negative. Gives pickup a very bad name.

  33. Zayn, 25yrs old. I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland and have been in the game for 8yrs now. Started in 2008. So I have alot of experience and have been through many period of full out daygame to having a gf and now I’m getting back into Daygame. Hit me up if you want to catch up, have a drink and practice some time.

    1. Hi Zayn,
      Still hitting thr streets?

      Johnny, 39
      Been DG for over a year now, and loving it.
      Edinburgh or Glasgow.

  34. Rob, 30yo, based in central London. Beginner level, <100 sets, Looking to game evenings and weekends.

    Also I am in Belgrade and Zagreb during July – please let me know if you will be too.

    1. Hi Rob, are you available on Saturday? I am 28 years old at beginner level. Looking forward to do daygame and to improve.
      Generally I can do it just on the weekends in London or Nottingham. If someone would like to join send me a message.

  35. Hi guys,
    My name is Razvan, 21. I am going on a eastern european tour this year.
    I will be in :
    Prague : august 17-21.
    Vienna : 21 -24
    Budapest : 24 – 28.
    If there are any daygamers, nightgamers in those cities, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  36. Hi guys, Kev here, beginner (about 20 approaches) age 45 looking for a wing in London. Got AA so looking for a wing so we can gee each other up to approach. Weekdays in London are good for me, my email is

      1. @ me if you still wanna do some daygame 🙂
        I live nearby oxford too. Im 20 years old and still a beginner – intermediate level xD

        1. Country : UK
          Day gaming location: Central London
          Day Game experience: Average experience level

          Hi, I am a student at uni age 21 looking for a wingman in central London. I have been day gaming for 6 months I have been rejected many times (more than 20 times). . In day I would approach 10+ girls in the span of 1 hour and 30 minutes in central London. Then I would try to push myself further and ask from asking for directions to making complimenting. I need a wingman who is serious about day gaming. So that we can support each other. I am willing to daygame twice a week. Please contact me.

  37. Up in Newcastle/Gateshead here. Did my first direct approach today, think I’m hooked. Anyone in the area give me a shout, not.fiji at

    1. Hey man just sent you an email. I’m commenting just incase you miss the email. I’m 25 live in central Ncl and I’m a beginner.

    1. Hey Jonathan, I’m Ekobi and I live in Vancouver area. If you’re still in town let me know! Shoot me a text 778-322-4770. Cheers.

  38. Hey Dan here from sunny Vancouver Canada. Just kidding, its rainy here, thats why I’m looking for a driven, dedicated wing. New? No worries, i can whoop your ass. Remember, you can’t be half a gangsta.

    1. Hey Dan, I’m in Vancouver.
      I’m 28, beginner-intermediate. I’ve been daygaming in other countries and I’m new to this city.
      Send me a message to 929 342 9025

    2. Hey Dan, I’m Ekobi and I live in Vancouver area. I’m new to daygame and so far have only done a handful of approaches. If you’re still looking for a wing to go out and do this with let me know! Really want to start improving with this area a focus. Shoot me a text 778-322-4770. Cheers.

    3. Hi Dan, your post is a bit old now so I might have missed the boat – if not, I’m a total beginner at day game but quite motivated to get started. If you (or anyone else who sees this in Vancouver) is looking for a wing, fire me an email –

  39. I’m brazilian, looking for a wingman in Rio de Janeiro to do daygame and overcome AA. I speak fluent english, french, spanish and portuguese

    1. I’m keen dude. My names Tom, Im 20 and from Pakuranga. Let me know if ur still down and we’ll arrange a day. been doing solo daygame for almost a year now btw

  40. What’s happening guys?

    I’m 29, in Leicester, around 300-400 sets. Looking for a good quality wing.

    By good quality I’m not super bothered about experience (though 100+ sets is preferable) – but positivity and the ability to chill and have a laugh is a must.

    Email me on if you’re up for chasing tail in good ol’ Lesta.

    Hello, my name is Reza 21, and I live in London at the moment but will move to Düsseldorf on December 2016, so beforehand it would be nice to get to know some Daygamers there and meet up when I arrive, Just drop me an email 😉

    1. hey man shoot me a text (224) 432-7340. I’m in San Diego almost weekly, live in LA though. I’m 21. We could go out whenever I’m there, if that’s cool with you

  42. Hi guys!

    Looking for a wing near The Hague, Holland. I speak english, dutch,french and german.
    18 years old. (Little experience)
    Hit me up!

    1. Hi There
      I’m living in the Netherlands ( Rotterdam ) and I’m looking for a wing man. It has to be somebody in Rotterdam or other big city like A’dam. The Hague , Utrecht etc as long as it is in the area of the Randstad
      I’m a beginner in daygame so somebody at intermediate or advanced level would be nice but not necessary

      Please email me at

  43. Looking for a wing in Cologne, Antwerpen, Eindhoven or Düsseldorf

    Bert, 34 yrs old. I am based in Maastricht, Netherlands and have been practising nightgame for a few years. I do speak Dutch and German. I don’t have alot of experience in Daygame. I’ve had two bootcamps, one of which was very good, but still struggle with approaching. I found Tom’s site and bought the book Street Hustle. I’m looking for a wing who loves/wants to approach. I’ve been practising with guys from RSD inner circle Amsterdam but the thing is, even though I love to travel, a drive for 2 hours isn’t practical.
    I’m free on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

  44. Hello there, looking for a wing in Sydney to daygame on the streets, shopping malls, parks, along the beaches and even to do a bit of gutter game

    I did a one on one coaching session with Tom the last time he was in Sydney, had been getting quite good at daygame, getting numbers, instant date and even the odd SDL, l actually started seeing someone for a while and l stopped approaching, now I’m trying to get back into it but sometimes the Approach Anxsity gets the better of me, looking for a wing ideally roughtly of the age of 30 so that l can get that extra kick up the arse and to start approaching on a regular basis again


  45. Hi chaps

    Looking for a wing in London.

    I’m a green horn in need of a wing, I’ve done 5 approaches this week which were pretty much the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I guess AA is a bigger monster than I thought. I’m 27 & moving to London soon but I currently commute to London 3x a week & weekends.

  46. Hey LMK if you’re up for wining me in Shoreditch area weekday lunch times. I’ve done 700 approaches so far. Need someone experienced and up beat please.

  47. Hello gamers
    I’m looking for a positive ambitious wing who’s not a total beginner, either Brighton or London. After a year I’m approaching intermediate level.
    Cheers Al

    1. I am daygaming most weekends in London. Intermediate level. Send me a mail if you’re around and we can have some fun with the chickas 🙂

  48. Hi guys, daygame first-timer here! I’m in Birmingham (UK) and looking for a wing to help me get started, of any skill/experience level really. I’d be willing to help motivate any fellow rookies so that we’d bounce off each other but would be equally cool with a more experienced wing.

    Hit me up if you’re interested! 🙂 Name’s Chris.

  49. Hi searching for a wingman in Nuremberg Germany for daygame and clubgame. Hi suche wingman in Nürnberg. Wer Interesse hat kann sich melden Pallutt.valentin@gmx de

  50. Ron
    Moscow (Canadian living in Russia)
    upper intermediate (have approached easily over 2000 sets)

    Reason why i wanna daygame with someone is for an inspiration spark after having been in relationships. even though daygaming alone is the best

  51. Hey,

    Montrealer here, 32, pretty hard to approach girls in this city all alone. Not sure if anyone from Montreal,Canada here but if there are hit me up can help each other out. I am still a beginner due to circumstances despite that I have watched and read up online a lot on pua game and advices.


  52. Hi guys,

    I’m currently living in Dublin Ireland and looking for wings to run day game with. If anyone is interested then drop me a message

  53. What’s up peeps!
    I’m from Sacramento, CA. I’ve just gotten started and am looking for someone to hold each other accountable and learn more, even if its just over email.
    Also looking for connections to meet daygamers in other locations.
    Feel free to send me an email!

  54. Hey, im from Toronto Ontario Canada, i just got started in daygame. would like to find a wing near me. let me know. feel free to send me an email.

  55. Hey great to know there are so many Daygamers Ângelo from Portugal i am 23 If you look a Wong In Lisbon email me i am a begniner/ intermidiate looking to meet New peoople

    1. Hello Angelo

      This is about your post on Im interested in traveling and gaming at the same time. I’m planning to spend a month of non stop daytime and night game in any city, just looking for someone with something similar in mind. I’m a complete beginner if being drunk in nightclubs doesn’t count.

      1. Savvas im in a similar position as you just traveling with the purpose of gaming in any city with a large volume of women. Shoot me a txt if ur interested to crash and burn with daygame and finally nailing it! heres my mail

  56. Ali
    Will be in Sydney for the next few hrs
    Intermediatish ( between 600-700 approaches )
    Leave a comment if interested to help each other

    1. Morning Steve,
      I’m a novice, looking for a wing to get me going. Just discovered this thing and realise I’ve been making a monkey of myself for years. Also in London, but understand if you don’t want a novice cramping your style.


    2. Hi Steve. Sent you an email but got no reply. Anyway I go out every weekend and on Wednesdays around Central London. If anyone like to join send me an email.

      1. Hi John / Alex. I’m Rob, 27 and I’ve just moved back to london, working near TCR. Just under 300 approaches, 4 lays. I’m looking to do weekday evenings after work and the occasional weekend as well. Drop me a message if you fancy a session to see how we get on:


      2. Hi all my name is Ade, I live in London and looking for a wingman for daygame too. I’ve had few months experience plus professional coaching. I just need some one to practice with. Here’s my email

    3. My name is H, 28, London – work in the City, I’m into nightgame over the years and had about 12 lays, but want to now start doing more daygame

      New to daygame so would be great to have a wing to help push each other, can do weekday evenings after work

      Please email me your no. at


      1. What’s up guys, I’m 25 and also in London. Completely new to this concept but keen to give it a try. I work in canary wharf but live in central London and I’m up for some daygame practice on weekends. Drop me a message at:

        Night game is also on the table if any of you fancy going on the prowl! 🙂

    1. Hey Caleb, I’m travelling through New Zealand and taking a flight out of Christchurch at the end of Jan. Would be cool to do some daygame for a couple of days there, I’m a newbie also.

      25 From England

  57. Hi, my Name is Pete, 46, Newcastle, NSW, Australia. New to day game, interested to know if any day gamers in my neck of the woods?

    1. Hey Pete, have you tried Sydney? there’s quite a few active guys there which might be a better option due to size & quality problems of Newy.

  58. Hey everyone, I’m currently in Colombia backpacking and doing some daygame at the same time. I’m somewhere between beginner and intermediate (3 lays in first three months in Europe and then three months without approaching). AA has come back big time after taking a break from daygaming. I can push through it alone if I have to, but if there’s anyone in Colombia it would be cool to find a wing. Oh, and I’m fluent in Spanish. Cheers

  59. Hey Guys

    I just started daygame in the worst possible season. I currently live in Bulgaria Sofia and I have to game in the shopping malls cause its to cold outside. Problem is there is no volume in the mall either so I have about 5/10 approaches each day which is nothing.

    So I thought about traveling outside 1-2 times each month during weekends to


    Now what I wonder is if there any daygamers in Malta?

    1. Hey ron I’m from albania and I’ll go later this year in malta and in bulgaria in summer. Do you have an email we can get in contact

      1. Hey guys,
        I’m in NYC and am also looking for awesome people to wing with. (no experience in daygame though and 23 yrs old)

  60. Hello Daygamers,

    I am 19 years old and from Amsterdam (the Netherlands), if you are looking for a wing in Amsterdam please contact me.

    Cheers 😉

  61. Hay guys beginner day gamer 20 yrs old anyone in Dublin Ireland if so ready for an awesome wing to share the day game adventure.

  62. Hey Guys,

    I’m looking to game with a wing in Wollongong, NSW, Australia.

    I don’t count my sets but I’ve easily done over 500 and possibly 1000+.

    I’m 23 yrs old and experience is preferable but I’m not particularly bothered.

    I look forward to meeting you. Get in touch with me at:

    I also occasionally game in Sydney.

  63. California – Los Angeles. Looking for someone who is self-motivated, and willing to go out at least 2 – 3 times a week, mostly to do daygame. I’m 21 years old, polish. Been in Cali for about 4 weeks now, really need to get my life going, and I think daygame is an essential part to this. I like to be more natural, and just let things flow, don’t like hardcore pickup, but willing to incorporate the structures, and learn with leggit guys. Hit me up, my email is

  64. Hey all, my name’s Enzo and I’m in Albuquerque, New Mexico (NM). I’m 26.

    I’ve been studying game for around 4 years now. Recently found more success in the last year through following London day game models (paired with my other sources of knowledge in regards to game and seduction) than I had previously in my life.

    My e-mail is

    Reach out and connect brothers!

  65. Manel, Lisbon – Portugal, 29, beginner with +-100 cold aproaches and 1 lay. LF active wing to daygame in Lisbon city center. Contact mlrcbousa(at)

  66. Hi daygamers,

    Looking for a wingman in Boston, USA. 32 years old. Have done many approaches but feeling a bit rusty now. Most of my gaming has been solo, so gaming with someone would be a luxury. Look forward to hearing from you and having a good time challenging each other. Looking to go game on weekends,

    1. I’m 21, living just outside of Boston (Scituate). I’ve done a few approaches but I definitely require someone to force me to daygame. It would be rewarding to learn from someone more experienced than me, which would in turn help you to brush up on your own skills.
      My weekends are fairly open.


    1. Hey man, I’ll be moving to Edinburgh from South Africa.
      I’ll be keen to meet with local wings.
      Email me!!!
      Intermediate – 25

  67. Hi All,

    I am Varnit from India….I m 27 yrs old….had a GF for 2 yrs….n forgetting her took 3 more yrs :P….being motivated by English Daygamers I did my first open (though i fucked up….but i had no approach anxiety) ….she looked 20-25 n was 8-8.5 on scale of 10….m from delhi….here is the conversation….

    first i saw her pass me by….she also saw me….played with her hair….I noticed….I followed her….n started walking beside her….for 15-20 seconds….

    Me (looked at her): Excuse me…I think u r really cute….
    She: May be….
    Me: no u r….
    She: no answer….
    Me: Happy New Year….
    She: Get Lost

    n i got lost….


    1. Hey mate,

      that’s funny – obviously stressful in the moment, but funny the way you tell it.
      I think you’ve just got to laugh it off and enjoy the mayhem.
      Chin up. Good that you’re out there.

    2. Hello varnit. I’m from india too.
      What city do you live in? I live in Assam. I moving south very soon.
      If im ever visiting your city we could meet up.

  68. Hey guys.

    I’m from Baku,Azerbaijan.I go out 4-5 times a week for daygame.if you want to connect with me you can text me on instagram. @nezer_zeynalov

  69. Hey guys
    My name Corey live in Sheffield, England. I am a novice and would like somebody to go out and daygame with to help push each other into approachs.

  70. Hi! So im extremely new to this thought i would give it a chance, Liam 21 United Kingdom, Essex, Thurrock, novice looking to do day game only,

  71. Hi, I’m looking for a daygame wing in London (central ideally). Just getting past the beginner stage, 150-200 sets under my belt. Approximately 2 hours after work twice a week and then another 2 hours during the weekend for about ~30-40 approaches weekly total. Email me if interested at

    1. I live in Krakow, doesnt matter.If you are interested write me, i can even move to Wroclaw someday.

      23yo – Krakow-Poland – beginner

  72. Hey guys

    Any daygamers in Greece/Athens whos up for gaming from fri-sunday? Ill be traveling to greece quite alot and was wondering if someone is interested.

    1. Hey man I’m Patson from Bristol, still a beginner at this point, looking to grow. We can catch up and do some daygame. Bristol got potential!

    1. Country : UK
      Day gaming location: Central London
      Day Game experience: Hardcase Noobie

      Hi, I am a student at uni age 21 looking for a wingman in central London. I have been day gaming for 2 months I have been rejected many times (more than 20 times). No successes. I started off by approaching 6/10 and 7/10 girls even 9/10 girls ( over 5ft 9) asking for directions. In day I would approach 10+ girls in the span of 1 hour and 30 minutes in central London. Then I would try to push myself further and ask from asking for directions to making complimenting e.g I like your hair/ eyes. However, making compliments I am able to approach 2 girls in the span of 1 hour and 30 minutes. I need a wingman who is serious about day gaming. So that we can support each other. I am willing to daygame twice a week. Please contact me.


  73. Hey guys I’m interested in finding a wing in the Holborn, Farringdon and Clerkenwell area.
    I’ve done well over 800 cold approaches so I’m not interested in beginners. You must be upbeat and taking action. I plan to do lunchtimes and maybe the odd evening over the next few weeks depending on a work contract. Let’s meet for a coffee asap and see if we get on…

  74. Hey Guys,

    Inspired by Tom’s videos I’m joining the Daygame band of brothers and could do with a wing. The fertile territory I’m looking to deploy some game in is mainly central London, South west London so if you’re interested send me an email and we’ll look into hitting the streets for some hustle and good times ( hopefully ! )


    email :

  75. Hi guys.

    30 y/o Brisbane, Australia. Looking for a wing of similar age, to do approaches in and around Southbank, QUT and Queen st.

    I’m a beginner, looking for another rookie to help motivate each other.


  76. Hi Guys,

    Recently moved to London, specifically the Hammersmith area, and am looking to get back into daygame.

    I’ve previously had about a years experience with some great success but had to take time away to focus on other things.

    If anyone is of similar intermediate ability and is living in the Hammersmith, Fulham, Shepherds Bush area, etc, just hit me up on the e-mail below and we can grab a coffee and see if we can work well together as wings.



    1. Hi Tom

      Let’s organize a Skype session for Sunday morning.Im in Kiev now so round about 10 am suits you ?



      Sent from my iPhone


  77. Anyone daygaming in Istanbul?? I’ll be there for a week. Heard it’s hard but I’m up for the challenge.

  78. Hey! Guys! Daygamer from Portugal arriving Today in London for a week, going to meet Craig Tom Wing for a bootcamp, i would love to have some action with you, i am staying in West and Lane! To meet me there is my whatsapp +351966768805

  79. Hi guys, 17 and looking for a regular wing in Birmingham. Done around 60 cold approaches so starting to get the hang of it but need a kick up the ass every now and then to get me out my comfort zone. I’m cool with any age and experience level, email me if interested

  80. Hi! 24 based in Baltics, looking for someone to wing for 1-2 week trips in Central and Eastern Europe (Baltics, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Russia). I speak enough Russian to get by in these countries. Beginner-intermediate in daygame (20+ cold approaches), strong night game, looking to get better with stacking and 2+ sets.

    I don’t care about your experience level, what’s more important is someone who is very action-oriented and iterates quickly. No need to join for full trips, but if you’re planning on going to any of these countries some time in the next 6 months let me know and we can see if this will work out.

    Contact me at

  81. Greetings New England daygamers!

    Looking for a wing in Boston. I’ve got over 500 approaches with some success. Skill level doesn’t matter as long as you’re willing to go out regularly and take action. I game on weekends.

    The previous wing I found through this site and I braved the entire Boston winter from mid-Jan to March and it was fun. He’s moved away for school, so looking for a new wing.

    Look forward to hearing from you!


    1. Luke,

      Live in Boston area, interested in finding a wing- beginner level, have done maybe 100 approaches all time.


    2. snipefield,

      This post was in April of 2017 so I see I’m a bit late however, are you still looking for a wing? If so I game in Providence and Boston (prefer day but some nights). I’m intermediate at this point looking to become advanced. Replay to this message here and we can exchange contact info. Spring will be here sooner than we expect so best to get the skills sharp.


      1. Hi D-Feniche, my reply is a bit late, and like you said, spring and summer have come around sooner than we expected. If you’re still daygaming and are in Boston, reach out. I’m hitting the streets all summer. Look forward to hearing from you. Drop me a line at


  82. 23 yrs old intermediate daygamer in istanbul who wants a wing in here

    you can contact me on facebook if you want to join me

    mertcan ekmekci is my facebook

  83. hey guys,
    beginner level at daygame,21,student in Switzerland,plan on going to eastern europe to daygame in the summer,need a lot of practice and basic to intermediate vibe,if you are interested hit me up at

  84. My name is Mohammad Fuad.I am 20 years old.
    I am currently in Belgrade,Serbia until 02/May.
    I am a complete newbie but SUPER motivated!Looking for a WING……

    My e-mail address is

  85. Hi legends!
    My name is Jake from Wollongong, Australia (age 25)

    I only just started last week but have already had plenty of success but need the motivation of a wing to keep at it as much as possible.
    My email is and I’ve found daygaming in Sydney CBD to be great fun and very rewarding! Look forward to someone getting back to me! Yew! Ph: 0435506465

  86. Hey guys, I am in London and looking for a regular wing after work anywhere zone 1 – 2. I work in Picadilly so can also do lunchtimes. All I ask is that you are committed, reliable, positive and looking to improve.

    Email me –


  87. I’m 38 from London, I’m off to Ukraine Lvivi from the 29th May to 2nd June then Kiev until the 6th.
    Been on a few solo trips before but always nice to wing / have some company

    If anyone wants to meet-up and to wing give me at
    (I’m intermediate, day game as I’ve had a few lays)

  88. Hi guys,
    I am going for a jaunt to Krakow. I will be there from 27th May to 2nd June. I’m beginner, age 28. I usually do daygame in London. (about 100 approaches)
    If there are any daygamers, nightgamers in the city, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  89. Hi, I speak Finnish and live nearby Helsinki. I have done something like 100-150 approaches. I am 41 years old.

    I am looking for people, with whom to do daygame-practice together. I can approach on my own, but it can be more fun to do practice with a group.

    My email is:

  90. Hi fellow daygamers, I’m 26 and looking for a wing in Sydney CBD. I’ve done only a handful of approaches and am okay once in set but still let way too many hot girls walk past and regret it later – spotlight effect kills me! I’d like to wing with someone where we can build momentum off each other and get a good amount of volume in.

    Mostly day game on Sat and Sun, but I dont mind some night game in bars on a Friday if that’s something you’re interested in (my usual mates aren’t into game and too afraid to approach, so it’s always awkward if i’m the only one approaching xD).

    I am pretty friendly and laid back so just send me an email if you’re interested.


  91. Hi, my name’s Adam, I’m 32, and I’m looking to get back into daygame after a year’s hiatus. I live in Milton Keynes but spend weekends in London. Anyone looking for a wing in either location can email me at:


  92. Alright lads. Novice from Sheffield here, some prior experience but little success, hoping to get back on the horse.

    Looking for a wing, either new or experienced, for some help along the way.

    Send me an email on if you’re interested.

  93. NYC – looking for a wing for some weekend daygame

    In my early twenties, and I do daygame in Manhattan and Brooklyn. upper beginner / low intermediate level

    drop me a msg at or leave a reply here

      1. Great stuff Tim! I just sent you an email. Let me know if you dont receive it because I have been having trouble with my emails recently. Thanks

  94. I would like to start daygaming. 26 years old and live in Oslo. Looking for someone so we can give eachother courage and motivation to try it, learn and become good at it.

    1. Hey Chris, I live in Oslo and am lookin’ for a wing likewise for giving encouragement and helping with motivation. I’m 34, from UK originally

    2. Hey, moving back to oslo at the start of april. Keen to start my daygame journey as soon as the weather improved. Have spent the beginning of the year immersing myself in Tom‘s content.

      Hit me up on


  95. 16 from Kent south East England. I know I’m a lot younger than most and travel would be occasionally an issue. looking for someone to motivate and get wisdom off. done daygame about 5 times before. so am beginner

  96. Hello guys,I am from Dubai,U.A.E looking for a wing to game with.It doesn’t matter what skill level you are as long as you are motivated!

    Looking forward to know you.PM me if you are in Dubai or are planning to come to Dubai!

    My number is: 00971-56-3778322(Whatsapp or call)
    My e-mail address is:

  97. Hey,

    I’m an intermediate based in the London and Herts area. Racked up 200+ approaches looking for a wing for company and to motivate me to improve. Give me a message if interested/same location etc

    Nice one

    1. Hi I just saw your post I looking for a wing I’m based In London. Beginner level around 40 cold approach if you want we can exchange number .

      1. Hi guys,

        I’m an intermediate London daygamer looking for a wing to go out with. I’m easygoing and supportive. 27 years old. Let’s exchange details!

      2. Hey fellow daygamer . I’m a beginner, absorbed much of the theory and now to let rubber meet the road and execute what I’ve learned….. I’ve done a few approaches, mixed successes but looking for a wing to motivate and chat to during sets.

    2. Hi Joseph ! are you still looking Wing I usually doing nightgame but excited about daygame if still looking for a Wing let me know !

    1. Hey Dean,

      My name is Stephen. 20 yr old beginner from Sydney. I sent some info to your email. Even if you’ve found a wing already still check it out.


    1. Hello there

      If yr still interested in finding a new wing l may be able to help you out

      I did one on one training with Tom the last time he was over in Sydney, over the past few months l haven’t been daygaming as much as l would like to, l never have had a wing before but a kick up the arse from someone else could be good for me

      If yr interested than get in contact


  98. I’m 23 y/o, a bit of experience, looking for someone to vibe off with and learn together.

    Anyone from Tbilisi, Georgia?

    Finding a daygamer in my area seems like finding a needle in a haystack, but I don’t lose hope.

  99. Looking for a daygame wing in Nottingham, UK. Have been on bootcamp with Tom, I can help heavily with theory too as I’ve studied game extensively. Looking for someone highly motivated to do some approaches; this is a skill I will master, lets help each other get there!

  100. Started daygaming a couple of months ago abroad and now trying to use it in Switzerland (Zurich, Bern, Basel). Still a beginner but AA is almost gone. Sticking-point are stacking, vibing and the lack of volume of decent girls here. Anyone interested in hustling the streets together and exchange observations to learn? Email me on

  101. Name: Wilson
    Age: 18 y/o
    Location:Nashville, TN

    Experience, BEGINNER: I’ve done ~50 approaches so far and have begun dabbling in varied scenarios (shops, sitting, mall, groceries). I think I’m getting decent at being “in the moment” with improv and being a bit cheeky, but am having an atrocious percentage of number flakes (even in longer, grounded sets). Getting girls out on dates feels impossible, despite them agreeing to come out another time with each close.

    Preference: Ideally someone more experienced, but otherwise not really.


  102. New York City daygamer here, intermediate. Have lots of knowledge and willing to share with cooperative wing. Sticking point is going sexual and leaving Mr. Nice Guy behind.

  103. Hey guys,

    Relatively new to daygame but ready to grab life by the horny horns ; )

    I’m based in London and will look to daygame 1 – 2 times a week in central London, the usual spots like Trafalgar Square, Oxford street and of course ‘Pester’ square ; )) !

    I’ve been out a few times on my own and several approaches, mixed success but looking for a wing to accompany me on these missions.

    Feel free to get in touch at

  104. Hey guys,

    Cal, 24, intermediate, London.

    Starting to go out in Central London 5-6 times a week as of next week from 5:30-7:00pm every weekday after work and a longer session on Sat.

    Hit me up if you want/need a wing.


  105. Anyone in Suffolk England? im based in ipswich, 19 and daygaming…
    love to meet someone who is also daygaming around this area!

    Get in touch!

  106. Hey, this is Ahmed.
    I am 23 and I live in Stockholm. I just started my daygame journey and I am extremely motivated to go all the way. Looking for a like-wise enthusiastic wing to have an awesome time in the streets of Stockholm on a regular basis 🙂

    1. Hi Ahmed, I’m Leonard and I’m also based in Stockholm. I’m intermediate at daygame but haven’t done it for a while so I’m a bit rusty. Would be interested in teaming up to get better at daygame. Email me at if you would like to arrange a meeting. Thanks.

      1. My name is Toni and I have been doing this for around 6 months, around 100 sets. I would like to find someone motivated to go out with me sometimes and you sound like the right person.

    2. My name is Toni and I have been doing this for around 6 months, around 100 sets. I would like to find someone motivated to go out with me sometimes and you sound like the right person.

  107. Hi guys,
    I’m looking for a wing to start daygame in Genoa, Italy. I’m 19 years old and I’m a beginner. If someone is interest let me know.

  108. Hi lads,

    I’m Chris, 25 and living in Tokyo.

    I had a big go at day game for one summer a couple years back in London, but due to several reasons (and excuses) haven’t consistently done it since. Now I’ve been living in Japan for almost a year and want to properly get stuck into it again. I know its a long shot being out here, but really looking for someone who can give me the kick up the arse i need and for someone who i can chill with, analyse with and enjoy the hunt with.

    Message me if you’re in a similar situation


    1. Hey Chris
      Just a fellow cuious daygmer, can I guess you’re having it easy there since you’re a westener in Asia? Easier than in your hometown? Enjoy your stay there

  109. Just got to Munich! I’m a newbie, I’ve only approached in nightclubs but this has to change! I’m highly motivated to practice daygame hardcore in the next months. I’m 23.

  110. 19 year old beginner travelling through Europe. Anybody up for a session let me know!
    Berlin 1-4 september
    Krakow 4-7 september

    1. Looking for people with mutual interests: daygame, travelling, underground electronic music (not EDM), remote working, etc…
      Looking to do a daygame euro trip, and would be great to meet some new friends along the way!

      Send email to:

      Fabio 😉

  111. Looking for people with mutual interests: daygame, travelling, underground electronic music (not EDM), remote working, etc…
    Looking to do a daygame euro trip, and would be great to meet some new friends along the way!

    Send email to:

    Fabio ?

  112. Hi my name is Tom, I live 1 year in London , used to do a bit of game but recently Taking this area of my life very seriously. I’m 34 years old and I’m looking for like minded men who want to do dg with me in the streets of London.

    1. Hi Tom my name is Aurelien French guy 28 years old based in London and I looking for a Wing like you who take DG seriously as I want to master this art if you still looking for a Wing let me know

  113. Hey Guys. I see there is quite a bit of people from london, I’m from london too, looking for a wingman. I’m 26yo beginner very motivated, little bit shy. Lets meet and help each other on this amazing journey of improving our lives. Daygame and night game 1 and 2 zone.
    my email

  114. Work in Picadilly London so can head out most weeknights after 5:30. Mid 30s, daygaming about 18 months after doing a boot camp, numbers, dates, no lays as yet but keen to get better.

    Usual wing is setting up his own business so has other priorities now.

    If you are committed and looking to improve what ever level I can support you.

  115. Location: NYC
    Level: beginner

    Hey y’all,
    Just started daygaming. I feel like it could be beneficial to have a wing especially in the begging like Tom says. So if you’re in NYC, let’s hit the streets. Hopefully we get great results together

  116. Location: Brisbane, Qld.
    Level: Intermediate.
    I’m looking for reliable day game wings who are familiar with Tom’s methodology and are willing to regularly put in the work. Please Email me, but if you’re just a keyboard jockey, please don’t waste my time, or yours.

  117. I’m 38 from London, I’m looking for new day game wings and also guys who knows how to go solo.

    I’d rather meet guys who are positive and don’t make excuses and are committed (no desktop jockeys).
    Also have other shit going on in your life.
    It would be good if you understand Tom’s method for day game (ie going direct).

    I’m intermediate, I’ve had lays and travelled a lot (some trips solo).
    Drop me a line at

  118. Beginner in Delray Beach, Florida.
    I get a little awkward on the approach but once I get talking I calm down quickly. I’ve had the best luck at the beach so far.

    1. Scott
      Location: Orlando
      If you are ever in the Central Fl area, hit me up! My email is
      99% of my approaches are done at my university. Done about 500 approaches since I started

  119. Location: Leeds.UK
    Level: Intermediate

    Hey all..
    I’ve been gaming about 6 months looking for a wingman.
    Daygame most weekends in Leeds/Manchester but open to travel.
    Getting better every time. Serious gamers only


    AGE: 35





  121. Any body in BOSTON/RI. Intermediate level I can get numbers(lots of flakes though) and instant dates every once and a while.
    HMU 4012858080 I do day and night game.

  122. Looking for wingman for north London area or any area you think that’s good(wood green is my main area), intermidiate level am 26, any level is welcome to wing with me as long your not a complete beginner ☺

  123. 22 years old living in Utrecht, Netherlands. Wanting to begin with daygame but feeling like I just can’t do it myself to get over approach anxiety. Hoping to find someone who can hold me accountable for approaching.

    email me at

    1. Hi Matt I am from Leiden. 20 years old. Tried to email you but did not work…
      Hi Matt,

      I am from Leiden. 19 years old. Beginner level. Around 100 approaches.
      Would be interested in daygaming with you, however I do not want to be the guy that you rely on to do it. You have to do it yourself too.
      I am leaving the country for a couple of months in three weeks but it never hurts to expand your wing circle.

      Drop me an email if you are interested.


  124. Location: London
    Level: Beginner
    Age: 23

    An outgoing dude with a busy and interesting life. I’m currently based in London and will be for the next 5 months until I leave for travel. This is an important area of my life that I need to get in check. Offering the right person someone who will hold you accountable for the bullshit excuses you make about approaching and I ask for the same in return. Hit me up on my email if you’re interested in getting this part of your life handled too, Cheers.


  125. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Friendly and social guy, 27 years old. Looking for a wing to begin the daygame journey. I’ve done a few approaches but I’ve found doing it solo can be hard. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

  126. Location: LEICESTER UK
    Level: Intermediate

    Hi my name is Nick, I live in Leicestershire for 2 years now , used to do a bit of game but recently I started taking this area of my life very seriously.
    Looking for like minded guys who want to hustle with me on the streets of good old Leicester.


  127. Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Level: Beginner
    Age: Late 20s

    I’m a friendly, good-looking guy but have always relied on social circle hookups. Currently living with the parents to save money and get my life together after waking up from a long-term relationship. Not an ideal situation, but am keen to start mastering the skills of day game. Looking for a reliable wing to hold me accountable and share the journey. Shoot me an email.

  128. Location: centralLondon

    Hi all,
    3 months ago ended my relationship and want to get back in the game, would love to find a motivated wing to push me into approaching.

    Any message is highly appreciated at

  129. Hi I’m Adam I’m 34 living in Cardiff I’m a beginner at day with 30 approaches. I’m looking for a wing in Cardiff who’s postive and wants to go out regularly.

      1. Hi mate, I’m keen on day game where ever and when ever so if you need a wing in Cardiff or sournding area give me a shout!
        I’m day gaming this Monday of you fancy it?

  130. I’m a semi-experienced daygamer (almost 500 approaches) and live in Austin, Texas. I’m 50 but look a good bit younger and have had wings in their mid-20’s. I have some wings scattered around the US but would like to find someone locally who was interested in meeting up 1-2 times a month to supplement the solo time. DG is definitely more fun with a good wing from time to time. Anyone interested in doing some daygame here hit me up at

  131. Someone in Athens – Greece doing daygame ?
    I’m a beginner, less than 50 approaches but I’m quite motivated and I’d like to have someone to daygame with 😉

  132. Anyone residing in Nicosia, Cyprus?
    It’s a very rare thing to find a true and helpful wingman in a small traditional society like that of Cyprus.

  133. Name is Tom
    I live in London, Clapham area currently
    I am 1 year and 3 months into the game properly, have had a total of 14 lays, 10 of those from cold approach. Have solo daygamed for the 1 year portion of this time. I moved here about 7 months ago and it has been 100% solo for me, have had alot of adventures, alot of adversity, alot of ups and down including sleeping in a tent for a few weeks.

    Looking for wings who have already taken action themselves and can game on their own. I have actually been quite anti-wing simply because most pick up guys:
    -are weird
    -don’t focus on it
    -don’t have other stuff going on
    -don’t realise that you shouldnt game other pick up guys
    -don’t get results
    -don’t chill and hang out every once in a while

    I am currently setting up a health and weight loss club so a lot of my time right now is on working on that but be good to make a first appearance with some of yous and when things are a bit less mental, be up for hanging out and predating the streets of London.

    Already mailed most of the guys from London anyways.

    My email is

    1. Hey Thomas. Also located in south / south west London just down the road from Clapham in Tooting, Looking to go into central around 1 or 2 times a week to daygame and also a spot of nightgame in and around Clapham as had a bit of success around that way : )


      Ed ( contact )

  134. Location: Moscow, Russia

    Intermediate, 33 yo, Moscow native but have spent most of my life in the US. Fluent Russian.

    Have done lots and lots of approaches and am into torero style direct and taking action. Have mostly daygames solo, just want to go with a wing to get the lay of the land. Really looking forward to Moscow winter game!

    Drop me a line if you’re into taking action. Will be in the city from December 25 to January 6.

  135. Location: Dublin
    Age: 21
    Level: beginner
    Love going out so looking for a wings to come with me !
    If you are free just let me know

    1. Age: 25
      Level: beguinner
      City: Dublin

      Hi, I’m a beginner looking for a wing to do some day approaches, let me know if you’re still interested

      1. Hey man are you still day gaming in Dublin? Txt me your email and I will join you if you like. My number 0838460699

  136. Location:San Marcos Tx (30 minutes south of Austin)
    Looking for someone better than me to daygame with. Willing to go out several days per week to practice and it would be nice to observe someone more experienced. I’m very familure with Toms work and like the style.

  137. Location: Stockholm
    Age: 25
    Level: Beginner/intermediate

    Looking for a wing in Stockholm or someone interested in traveling to Eastern Europe for 1-2 week jaunts when the weather improves. I don’t care about your experience level, what’s more important is someone who is very action-oriented and iterates quickly.

    Contact me at

    1. My name is Toni and I have been doing this for around 6 months, around 100 sets. I would like to find someone motivated to go out with me sometimes and you sound like the right person. I travel very often to approach girls in other locations

  138. Location: London and Kent
    Age: 32
    Level: Beginner
    Hi, I’m a beginner looking for a positive and committed wing. I’m running my own business so pretty busy but I’m allocating time to day game. Anyone serious and interested in getting better following Tom model please get in touch.


    1. Hey Gaby. Interested in meeting up as I want to get back into daygame after a mini break. I’m at beginner level but considerable theory and a reasonable success with approaches.
      Usually I can be found in Leicester Sqaure ( aka Pester square ; ) ) and nearby environs…

      My email is



  139. Location: Southern Poland / East Czech Republic
    Age: 40+
    Level: Beginner
    I have good understanding of theory, some nightgame but definitelly not daygame and still lots of AA. Anyone here 35+ old and on similar level (well….or of course better and willing to help).

  140. Ray (40+), Germany, currently in Heidelberg. I am a musician. You can also find me in Berlin or Hong Kong. Let’s hustle and meet for a chat about life and girls.

  141. Hi, I am not in Nord-Rhein Westphalia, but I am German too. If you want, we can keep contact and meet for a chat, when we are in each others town. Köln is not far actually. Greetings from Heidelberg, Ray

  142. This is a long shot, but here it goes. I’m wondering if there’s any daygamer in Krakow, Poland, who wants to meet up. I’m an upper-intermediate daygamer, 35 years old, with +1.000 approaches who is particularly interested in filming some infields. The goal is to find room for improvement and tweaks in one’s Game.


    1. Looking for a NYC wing. I’ve met up with wings through this post in Boston, London and Moscow and all experiences have been fun and worthwhile experiences! This weekend, I will be hitting the streets of New York and look forward to meeting up with fellow daygamers who like to take action.

      I’m 33 yo, got more than 1000 approaches under my belt. However, my sticking point is pretty much everything that comes after. I’m currently focusing on stacking and maintaining a frivolous vibe, as opposed to asking boring questions and just pushing for the number.

      I enjoy the daygame camaraderie and the potential to learn from others of all levels. As long as you take action, we’ll get along.

      1. Hi,
        I’m interested in meeting up…if you are still in NYC.
        I’m a beginner and I’ve done about 200 or so approaches. Most have been solo.

        I am 28 years old and I live in UWS in Manhattan. Sounds like I can learn a whole lot from you.Hope to hear back.

      2. I’m in NYC if you’re around. 28 year old intermediate daygamer. Strong points are keeping things light with teasing and flirting etc..

  143. I see Tom talk in previous videos/podcasts/posts that he moved into a PUA apartment, where they were all doing it. Is there anyone in this comment section that do the same thing in Central London? Or people just doing Daygame in London, be good to connect! 🙂

    Let me know via email.
    thanks in advance.

  144. Hi guys,

    from may to august this year I will be traveling to

    I am a chill, laidback guy that is into sports and poker. 20 years old.
    If you are up for doing daygaming together then let me know!

    Oh and if you are from the Netherlands, please send me an email. Looking for a wing there as well.


  145. Location: Sydney
    Age: 26
    Level: Beginner/Intermediate

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been daygaming pretty solid for a year and a half, based of the LDM, with results.
    A like minded wing would be inspirational and would give my game a kick in the arse.

    Hit me up, cheers!

  146. Hi guys,

    My wing has recently moved abroad (to daygame) so I’m looking for a new central / west London Wing.

    As a wing man I like to think I bring a lot to the table. Im a reliable and positive individual. I’m 39 so have a pretty good and well rounded life outside of daygame and looking for someone similar to hit the streets with.

    I’ve had about 6 day game lays but always keen to be pushed and improve.

    Drop me an email at


  147. Location: Portsmouth, UK
    Age: 20
    Level: Beginner/Intermediate

    Hey guys,

    I’m fairly new to daygame but, I’m a bit of a natural with great confidence and results prior to learning about game, here to take my game to the next level and learn how to control my opportunities.

    Hit me up, cheers!

  148. Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Age: 19
    Level: Beginner

    Hello everyone,
    Newbie daygamer here with an intense desire to get more experience and do some more approaches. Been approaching here and there over the past few yeara but still consider myself a beginner.

    Would love to get in contact with a nearby like-minded wing and make some real progress!

    Drop me an email and I’ll respond asap =)

  149. Steve , Essex, 30. Brand new to day game. Went out in shopping mall got the spot light effect, asshole fell out went home. Someone help

  150. Hi guys

    I’m looking for a wing in central London (mainly for weekends). I’m 28 and have literally just started daygaming, having recently done a 2 day bootcamp. Besides the bootcamp I’ve done about 20 solo approaches.

    I’m not bothered about how much experience my wing has, the main thing is that you’re committed to improving your daygame, action orientated and positive.

    My email’s:

  151. Looking for someone that have been doing pick up for while no need to be a expert on it, the fact that u are pushing yourself harder to be the best version of yourself already counts.
    I’m living in Grasse, a city in South of France,looking to be doing approaches in Cannes or Nice !
    If you’re around it let me know.

  152. Hey

    Nick here from Leeds. Wanna do a serious week of daygame. Mainly around Yorkshire but I’m not adverse to other areas too. Anyone interested in something similar? Looking at early March.


  153. Location: Clapham junction/south west London
    Experience: new to day game, 25 solo approaches and 2 number close

    Highly motivated and committed to daygame. Love to team up with someone for daygaming also hangout and have a beer. I have 9-5 job so available after work on weekdays and available all day on weekends. Please contact me in

  154. Location: Luton/Dunstable
    Age: 21
    Experience: Begginer, 20 approaches, 1 number close.
    I ve always wanted to get good at this and I would really like to team up with a nice positive, maybe a lil bit rude when needed guy because I need that kick in the ass sometimes to do it.


    Started in 2014 done it sporadically to mixed success. But want to get good/exceptional now, left it and now picked it back up Monday 20 FEB after doing some refresher reading Sunday 19th. Mon-tues lots of AA to overcome but pushed through it.

    Wednesday closed 2 numbers finally.

    making fast progress, approach anxiety diminishing rapidly, stopping them becoming less of a problem, body language improving…just working on building attraction etc better. Convo can sometimes veer to vanilla.

    im early 30s.

    Anyone in London gaming mainly day but street early evening too… get in touch, looking to do it daily, want the power! combined energys and that to take it further, swap ideas etc. send me an email and we can meet in central.

  156. Location: Luton/Dunstable
    Age: 21
    Experience: Begginer, 20 approaches, 1 number close.
    I ve always wanted to get good at this and I would really like to team up with a nice positive, maybe a lil bit rude when needed guy because I need that kick in the ass sometimes to do it.
    Also if some of you wanna make part of a WhatsApp group with and about this just e-mail ur numbers to me.


  157. Location: Malaga, Spain
    Age: 35
    Experience: Begginer, 70 approaches, 5 numbers.
    I’m French, I have approached a little under another model in a small town in France
    on-and-off during the last 1.5 years, now I have moved to Spain, and mainly done online
    dating since getting here.
    I am really motivated to experiment with the London model here.


  158. Lithuania, Vilnus.
    I’m going to Vilnius March 23rd to 26th.

    Originally I’m from Riga but I’m starting to travel both for my online business and daygame.

    I’m at around 300 opens since I’m counting. about 8 lays. About 70 opens and 2 lays before I started counting.

    I’m very positive and action oriented. I go out alone but this time I’m looking for a wing on 23rd or 24th.

    I would like to meet active daygamers in Vilnius who could show me the best spots and advice on time.

    I would love to head out for a session on 23th(Friday) during the day(when everyone has coffee breaks) or 24th around 14:00 when saturday crowds begin.
    We could arrange other times as well if you’re an active, action based daygamer like I am 🙂

    I would love to get any advice and comments. Especially on where to find the most beautiful girls(posh Russians for example)

    Obviously, if you want to come and try daygame in Riga, I can tell you much about that as well.

    Shoot me an email to and we can talk to figure out whether it’s worth for us to go out together.

  159. Zac – 23 female, nah just kidding, male!
    New Zealand – Christchurch (live close to empire night club)
    Wouldn’t mind having someone to daygame or nightgame with, to learn off each other!

    TXT on 02108515593

  160. 28 Years Old
    Bristol, UK

    Really looking to get involved with a wing in my local area to watch and give me feedback. Looking to go out this Saturday (10/03/2018) to start my daygame journey.

    If anyone would like to join please email:

  161. swedish guy living near gothenburg ,looking for pickups society for personal development,34 years old ,minimum approaches during lifetime want to learn more,

  162. location: sweden / near gothenburg
    exprience: not much

    searching for wingbuddys/or a community for daygaming , im very new to this experience, and i want to learn more,
    i consider myself outgiong and social, looking forward for personal growth and getting to know new people.


  163. Location: Stockholm
    Level: Beginner/Intermediate

    Looking for a wing in Stockholm or someone interested in traveling to Eastern Europe for 1-2 week jaunts when the weather improves. I don’t care about your experience level, what’s more important is someone who is very action-oriented, iterates quickly, and has a positive attitude.

    Contact me at

  164. Hi players,

    My name is Rosen and I am 24 years old, living in London.

    Looking for a wingman during weekends – West or Central London.

    I have been doing really good on social media and tinder, going on dates and got laid 4 times in a period of 2 months but I want to challenge myself with something new, something like daygame.

    Hit me up, email:

  165. Hello guys,I am from Dubai,U.A.E looking for a wing to game with.It doesn’t matter what skill level you are as long as you are motivated!

    Looking forward to know you.PM me if you are in Dubai or are planning to come to Dubai!

    My number is: 00971-56-3778322(Whatsapp or call)
    My e-mail address is:

  166. Hello guys,

    Location: Dubai,U.A.E
    Age: 21
    Skill level: Beginner

    Looking for a wing to game with.It doesn’t matter what skill level you are as long as you are motivated!

    I am looking forward to meeting you.PM me if you are in Dubai or are planning to come to Dubai!

    My number is: 00971-56-3778322(Whatsapp or call)
    My e-mail address is:

  167. Hey guys, I’m 25, I live in Newcastle (England) and I am looking for a wing. I’ve had about 80 approaches and approach anxiety still exists. I’m open to travel to other cities in the northeast as far up as Edinburgh so hit me up and we can set a date. (

  168. Hey Guys Portuguese Guy in Tallin for daygem from 3 April to 9 then For 3 days In Helsinki It me up +351966768805. intermediate

  169. Alright fellas. I’ve been on and off day gaming since 2009 in between 3 long term girl friends and other’s I met through game. I’m 41 now but luckily look 28 and looking to hit the streets. I’ll be out doing solo game but It’d be a crack to pair up with my Bluetooth mics aswell. Email me if your city is London. Cheers, Adam

  170. Name: Dav
    Location: Bristol, occasionally London
    Experience: Newbie
    Email address:

    Hey, I am primarily based in Bristol, so would prefer daygaming here. I am quite new to this, but would appreciate a wing for some banter, feedback and to make this “normal” for my brain.

  171. What up fellas.
    Location: Detroit MI USA
    Age: 38
    Experience: Intermediate. Hundreds of approaches. Trying to get to that next level

    Would appreciate a wingman on this journey. Doesn’t matter the skill level!

    Email me at

  172. First time ever getting into daygame, never had a GF, wanna start on Sat 21st + Sun 22nd. Need someone to motivate me and give me feedback. Based in London, wanna do 30-50 sets per day.
    Contact me on WhatsApp or shoot me a text: +447796109192.

  173. Whadup Torero fellas!
    Location: London
    Age: 21
    Experience: beginner

    Just began daygaming consistently throughout the week and weekends (see Tom’s Daygame Schedule).
    Join me on the streets: +447490204172

  174. Hey
    location: London
    age: 34
    I’m looking for a wing for daygame in London. I’ve done this for more than 6 months now and getting some good results. Now the hot weather is back, skin is showing and I want to push it to new levels. I’d like to meet like minded wings to exchange ideas and help each other progress.
    Shoot me a txt at 07535471435

  175. London. Live & work in central.
    Evening and weekend daygame / nightgame / social circle game.
    Late 30s. 2 years in the field.
    07806 556586 – whatsapp me

  176. Hey guys,
    Looking for a wing in Budapest, i’m 24, starting out, done maybe 20 daygame approaches, very beginner.
    Want to get good at this, need someone to push me to do this as i have a lot of anxiety.


  177. Hi guys,

    7th of May I will be in London, would be cool to meet some local daygamers.
    Then from 8-18th of June, me and my wing will go to Warsaw, if anybody wants to meet up for a beer and some hustling, let me know.
    We both take this seriously and have no AA anymore. We are in the middle between beginner and intermediate.
    I’m 20, he’s 24.

    contact me at

  178. WARSAW WING??

    Hi guys,

    8-18th of June, looking for daygamers in Warsaw.
    Me(2o) and my wing(24) will go there. Both taking this seriously and there is no AA anymore, would say we are between beginner and intermediate. If you want to have a chat and a beer, and do some game of course, then hit me up at


  179. Hi guys! I’m a beginner, 22 years old in Zurich. Happy to hit the streets with somebody to overcome approach anxiety. Just drop me a mail if you’re interested (

  180. Location: Kiev, Ukraine
    Daygamers wanted: May 30-June13 2018
    Level: 2…

    People always try to hire me for sales positions because I get along with people so well, I’m a great conversationist,, and can make anyone laugh, but not a jokester.
    And make it a point to not be full of shit…a Smooth professional, “in shape”, dresses well, (current designer business suits) plus casual. Home builder, swing dancer (if that comes up) lots of life experiences and 8 years of college but no stuffed shirt. Taekwondo expert, rock climber, designer, sports car enthusiast, etc.

    Keep in mind that the age dynamic of having a different aged wingman can benefit both of us and then we can cook up some story to Intrigue them. Or turn it all into a joke that makes them laugh and then we’re already halfway home. After all what’s a few hours here and there.

    The objective: To find real Ukraine women, rather than the players that are everywhere. The real ones that are maybe visiting the city, that don’t live in the corruption of Kiev, maybe… That means having a great day game, to approach the other visitors that are touring from other cities, or girls in the gathering places in Kiev. I’m bringing translation software abilities on several platforms and methods.

    So… attention all PUA’s and men looking for a wife in Ukraine…we need to work together to achieve our goals. I’m 55 and look like Gerald Mcrainy (of Simon and Simon) I’m in shape with a flat stomach 6’2″, 195 pounds. Let’s Network this thing.

    All we’re looking to do is get numbers to text and then take it from there our own ways is what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?


  181. I travel to Dublin on the weekends for daygame, 24 and beginner but I’ve had a street attraction bootcamp.

    Anyone interested in winging with me hit me up.

    1. Hey, I’m a 25 yrs old beginner at daygame and I am definitely interested on winging, let me know if you’re still up for it.

  182. Location: Stockholm
    Level: Beginner/Intermediate
    Age: 25

    Looking for a wing in Stockholm or someone interested in traveling to Eastern Europe for 1-2 week jaunts. I don’t care about your experience level, what’s more important is someone who isn’t afraid to take action, iterates quickly, and has a positive attitude.

    Contact me at

  183. Location: London
    Level: Beginner (~20 sets so far)
    Age: early 20’s

    Looking for a wing that wants to do after work on weekdays on Oxford Street once/twice a week for the next 3 months. So far I’m on under 20 sets but am very keen to get good at this. I’ve had a lot of nightgame lays and have a great attitude.

  184. From Kelowna, BC, Canada. Give me a shout if you’re in the Okanagan to daygame. Starting over again from the day of this posting.

  185. Daygamers in EDINBURGH

    My names Owen I’m 24 from Canada and just moved to Edinburgh. I have done well over 100+ approaches and would consider myself intermediate. If anyone is reading this from the capital of Scotland and does daygame hit me up – I’m lookin for a wing asap! No bullshit wastin time lets get out there and chat up girls.
    Send me a WhatsApp cheers & beers +44 07443159277


    Hey guys, moving to Kraków, Poland in June 2018. Will be looking to do daygame on a regular basis with someone who has there shit together and has other focuses other than just daygame. Want to create a social circle and have close friends that have cool passions and ambitious life goals.

    22 years
    Hit me up at

  187. Hi,
    I am currently i Bucharest, going to Varna next week.
    About me: 10+ yrs in game, lvl advanced.
    I can team up with anyone, your lvl is less important than your attitude.

    my real email is here: dariusz dot lebowski{an}gmail dot com

  188. 27 just moved into London to do Daygame, beginner about 100 approaches so far and keen to get better. Would be awesome to meet someone who’s keen to push themselves as well work together to fix each others issues such as posture, going over voice recordings and texting.


    Please Text name so its not just a random number on my phone cheers 🙂

  189. Hey Guys!

    27 year old based in Cork Ireland looking for a wing man for my day game! Still a beginner, only have 5 sets under my belt but getting there. Open to travel within Ireland to get my numbers up and improve my day game!

    Hit me up with a message

  190. Intermediate, 34 male, Russian but live abroad. Looking for daygame wing in St. Petersburg, Russia on June 20 or Moscow on June 20-24. Prefer Russian speaking so you aren’t relying on foreigner factor.

    Hundreds of approaches under my belt, but not so many actual results. I am fairly comfortable with approaching in U.S., but haven’t figured out an effective system in Russia.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  191. Looking for wingmen in the UK and traveling to america.
    I’m a beginner with little practical experience. Looking for similer to travel with and improve our game learning techniques.

  192. Hello Fellas in the BALCANS!

    My name is Matthew, I’m in my mid-twenties I’m going to travel SOLO for a couple of weeks in THE BALCANS (Sarajevo, Budva, Zagreb, Split, Banja Luka, Ljubljana). HIT ME UP IF YOU GONNA BE IN ONE OF THOSE CITIES OR NEARBY DURING JULY OR AUGUST! I managed to gather some experiences (as well as results) in DG over the years but I never managed to do this consistently during a long period of time, one of the reasons has been the lack of a consistent wing. Currently I am struggling with fear of rejection/approach anxiety. Nevertheless, there isn’t any other skill that I would love to develop more than DG
    mahet dot mh at gmail dot com

  193. Hi guys I’m new to day game I will appreciate the help of a wing to get me out there, I live close to new York I’m a beginner so experienced will be helpful thanks , tell 203 5594891 email

  194. Adolfo
    Hi guys I’m new to day game I will appreciate any help. I’m close to New York city tel, 203 559 4891

  195. Hi I’m looking for a wing to daygame with in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

    I’m fairly new with lots of knowledge and theory. Looking to get started approaching.

    Looking forward to meeting you!

  196. Hello,

    I am looking for any guy who could help me out doing my first approach. My mind is stuck in negative thoughts when it comes to approaching girls, need a push in the back to do my first.

    Location: Netherlands.

    You can contact me at:


  197. Hey All,
    My name is Eric. I am 54 and live in Portland Oregon. I am a beginner but a determined individual. I like to have a beer here and then, love music events and the bar atmosphere. Right now I would like a wingman to practice on walking approach. I’m pretty brave and love the comedy sexiness of meeting women.

  198. Hi, looking for a wingman in Netherlands, any of the 4 big citties (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague or Utrecht) will work for me. I 33 and still beginner at gaming but I am motivated to become better.

    Send me an e-mail at if you are interested.


  199. Looking for a daygame wing in Odessa (Ukraine). Just arrived here today from NYC (my home base). I am currently at intermediate level.

  200. My name is Jeff. 38yrs old. Located in Coachella Valley, SoCal. Done a few hundred sets, cpl dozen number closes.

    Looking for anyone else in the Southern California region. Los Angeles and San Diego are within a 2 hr drive for me.

    Weekends are best to meet up unless you live in this valley.

    Let’s make movez! Email me at

    1. Hey Jeff,

      I live in Riverside, CA and just trying Tom’s approaches to day-gaming for the first time. Excited to see where it gets me. Using an alias for this website. Hit me up at my gmail account and let’s see if we can wing together. Cheers!

  201. 25 years old, beginner (30 approaches), will be staying in London between 29/7 – 8/8 to receive daygame coaching. I’m visiting London just for this purpose, thus I am extremely motivated. I will be out approaching on my own on those days I don’t have coaching sessions, but it would be more fun to go out with a wing. Get in touch!

  202. I’m walking into Rome tmrw after a month long trip through Northern Italy. Have 7 days in Rome and planning a daygame experiment. Still describe myself as beginner level because have few actual approaches, but read a lot of theory, Have done about 30 approaches, and had 2 dates, on this trip. Would be interested to meet up with any Roman daygamers at least for a drink to compare notes.

    Home is Ireland, so would also be interested in gamers in Belfast or Dublin.
    Alasdair/ Allesandro
    +44 7895 385 982

    1. Interested in Belfast. Willing to travel, since help in NI seems t so scarce, but 100% down to do Belfast. Age 30. morrow.stuart@gmail

  203. 26 year old Englishman living in Berlin. I have very flexible time, so I can get out a lot if people are available.

    Drop me a WhatsApp – +447709765609

  204. Location: Düsseldorf/Köln
    Level: Beginner
    Age: 41

    Looking for a wing to practise approaching and pushing each other´s limits.


  205. Hallo I am 29 old, total beginner, who is willing to learn and overcome approach anxiety. Looking for wing who want to learn/improve skills and exchange experience.
    Location: Bristol


  206. Location: Stockholm
    Level: Intermediate
    Age: 25

    Looking for a wing in Stockholm or someone interested in traveling to Eastern Europe for 1-2 week jaunts. I don’t care about your experience level, what’s more important is someone who isn’t afraid to take action, iterates quickly, and has a positive attitude.

    Contact me at

    1. My name is Toni and I have been doing this for around 6 months, around 100 sets. I would like to find someone motivated to go out with me sometimes, so we can help each others

  207. Hi Everyone,

    Name: Ben
    Location: Seattle
    Level: Advanced Beginner 😉
    Age: 23

    My name’s Ben and I’ve done about 140 cold approaches over 5 months. I’ve gotten laid from daygame, and am very excited for many more notches in the future! I’m looking for a wing so we can challenge each other to bring our game to the next level. I’m happy to kick it with anyone at any level of game.


    Shoot me an email and we can chat over coffee!


  208. Location: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
    Level: Beginner
    Age: 23

    I’m looking for someone to go out every week ( preferably two days a week) in 1 to 2 hour sessions to meet some birds. I’ve dabbled mostly in coffee shops, stores, and on college campuses.

    Contact me at

  209. Hey everyone,
    I am fairly new to this. Done around 50 approaches hoping to be better. Looking for a wing-man somewhere in southwestern Ontario. Possibly London, Ontario or Toronto, Ontario.

    1. Hey Sean, I’m in Toronto looking for a wing as well. Im 30 , and have done about 50 approaches. How old are you and what days are you available?

  210. Name: Sundance
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Level: Intermediate

    I’ve done 1,2000+ approaches. Multiple SDLs, and even banged a girl in the Macy’s Men’s dressing room sober during the day. I have shit logistics so it usually a dirty lay or I don’t see her again (sticking point).

    Looking for 2 kinds of wings:

    1) Someone who has done between 100 – 500 approaches and gotten laid. Ready to step the game up.

    2) Someone who has done >2500 approaches and gets laid at a better than 1/50 clip (approach defined as attempting a stop. None of this, “it only counts as an approach if she hooks” stuff). That should put your notch count at around 20 – 30 depending on what you came into the game with and how the first 1000 approaches went.

    I’m sacrificing all the cows and am coming at this from a scientific point of view. I have been running LDM but am opening it up. People in the game I draw inspiration from: LDM boys, Franco, Swinggcat, Derek Rake, David X, David Tian, Patrice O’Neal (RIP), Captain Jack, Gunwitch (dirty but effective), Zan and Chase Amante.

    The new project is optimizing every step of compliance: stop > hook > #close > text respond > show up for date > isolate to sex location > notch. That means Field and Date notes and data.

    Are you willing to test every assumption and then gather the data to back it up? If so hit me up at:


  211. Name: Robin
    Searching for a wing in Dortmund/Ruhrgebiet Deutschland Germany
    Age: 27

    I’ve basically no experience in daygame and little experience in nightgame and i need someone who can push me over the fu**ing approach anxiety or at least just be there supportive. I do approach regularly in nightgame, so i think its just a matter of starting. If you’re also a beginner, good, i can push you. Otherwise i’m very keen to learn new things, i’m positive and like to meet new people.

    Write me!


  212. Location: New York

    Total noob here. Been studying daygame and all game but still just a keyboard jockey. Have not done any real approaches/stops yet. Need real help being pushed! My schedule is pretty flexible. Any of you out there in NYC with real experience and results please help!

    1. Hi David,

      I’m in NYC as well. 23 y.o. and total beginner too. Have done a few openers, but that’s it. Lmk if you are interested in teaming up. I am available weekday evenings ~5:30-7:30PM.

    2. Hey anybody who needs a wing in NY area, I would love to be around with a wing so its not gonna be as awkward as it seems to be, although I have a fair share of knowledge but have not yet put into action.
      Any body who is looking for a wing in Brooklyn or NYC area please contact me –



  213. Hello guys,

    I have been daygaming for 2 years now – more seriously for last few months as i have just moved to London.

    According to Tom’s ratios, i would call myself Intermediate.

    I am out atleast 3 times a week in central London, and looking for a wing to join me some of the days. I go out in the evenings after my 9-5 work day.

    My phone # +44 759 8413 750

    Ay from LONDON

  214. Name: Ed, 36 y/o.
    Location: London (SW)
    Beginner looking to wing and be wing’d.

    Feel as though I am adept at the theory of this(Keyboard PU in Tom’s words), novice in practice. Done around 30 approaches, would like to try wing and be wing’d by someone a little more experienced than I am to get me off the training wheels. Weekends are ideal, 1-2 workday evenings can also work.


  215. 42 years old
    Flagstaff, AZ
    Some experience w/ game and I’m getting better all the time.
    I’m often in Phoenix and Las Vegas, NV running game and I’m willing to travel to Tucson if you’re worth it!

    1. Hey McFoo, we’re about the same age (I just turned 43 a few weeks ago) and I live in Phoenix. I occasionally make it up to Flagstaff when the weather is good (downtown is great for daygame during the summer), but mostly I go out in Phoenix. I finally started getting serious earlier this summer, so while I’m a relative newbie I’m also consistently going out (2-3 times/week) and working to get better. Let me know if you’re interested in getting together.


  216. 27 year old Australian guy in Hong Kong. Tall and good looking (cringey to write that but it’s try :P)

    Looking for a Daygame wing…

    Lawsonblake (-at) outlook (dot) com

  217. Hello Guys, Anyone in Rabat, Morocco, I’ve been daygaming for 2 months now (30-50 approach) still have anexiety sometimes, but working on it.
    +212 6 56 83 25 84

  218. based in kent, rochester area, don’t mind travelling to areas like dartford, tonbridge, maidstone.
    30 years young, well groomed.
    done over 100 daygame approaches, pretty good with pulling in nightclubs, happy to appoach groups not matter the size, a fun seeking guy.

  219. Just moved to central London for uni, been daygaming for a year or so in Birmingham at the weekends so have a few of the basics down by now. 18 years old although I’ve had wings 30+ before so I’m chill with whatever age people are. Wanna be going out 3-5 days a week so I’ll be around a lot to wing.

  220. Hi. I’m looking for wings in London. I am also looking to see if anyone can help with logistics. Or maybe both.

    Here is a message I sent to tom to hopefully do a full podcast going into this in great detail as lot so f people seem to have problems.


    Please do a podcast on this. I have all your books and you are great.


    Ok this is long and quite a few questions about this topic below So may need to read it through beforehand.

    Alot of people are still really struggling with this.

    Me and othes i hear still need lots of help with this. In your first book you said that you were losing lots of girls who didn’t want to go ALL the way back to your place in Wimledon. But Wimbledon isn’t that far from central. Better then being a hour away. Your game is obviously better now, so would you say you would lose less if you were back in wimbledon now? Can you talk a bit about that Please, about when you left in 2011? Were you nearer the main station or a underground etc?

    I live a hour away from london and although i do game nearer home and want to game in London alot more, but i don’t want to lose many girls at all because of logistics I have lost 3 already and others alot more i hear.. I can’t move closer, so i think i do need to find a wing or some-one who lives in london to use their place. But i’m having a hard time finding wings, even at your previous events. people don’t get back to me when i text etc. Do you have anyone you could put me in touch with in London ?

    Of course going back to a girls place is a option but obviously not always. You have spoke about that. Not sure about parks as they may not be open all night etc and i would prefer to sleep with a girl in a bed. Maybe use a pub toilet esp the pubs where there is one door that leads to a passageway so less change of being caught going in, but there are cctv. Any thoughts on that please? You have spoke about air bnb and hotels before. But even air bnb can be expensive and are you just meant to tell the girl you are renting it for a while if you use air bnb. But what happens if you enter a friends with benefits relationship and all a sudden the air bnb apartment is gone? I have done a hotel a few times and it has been fine. I think it depends on the hotel and will be better if it is a chain hotel such as a holiday inn because less change of them not letting you in. Could you talk more about hotels for every-one else and go through all the things about the hotel and the girl to increase your chances.


    Otherwise , lots of guys get into pick up and spend lots of money and make lots of effort and then find themselves losing lots of girls. It is a bit annoying when people just assume you live in a city centre and already have the logistics. But alot don’t and can’t move into a city because of money etc. You say in your first book logistics logistics logistics, I can’t stress them enough. But most of the time it costs a lot of money to have these logistics. your most recent book you say about the room in soho with the location unbeatable but steep rent. But you were able to pay that steep rent. Would you have been able to sleep with all the same girls you slept with if you lived a hour away from London and not in soho? Would you have slept with that 18 year old you meet at the Michael palin book signing for instance? No-one should or wants to lose any girls due to bad logistics. But it is not like a girl will lose attraction for you because of bad logistics.



    The section in your book street hustle about logistics was brief. So please can you go through all of this and talk in detail about it please Tom. And indeed any other clever tips on logistics or at least London specific?


    Many thanks

    Anyone please feel free to comment

  221. Daygame beginner here looking for a wing in Toronto for the weekend of October 5th to 8th. Travelling to the city from elsewhere in Canada to do a large number of training sets. If anyone happens to see this and wants to go out and get some practice contact me at

    1. Hello Patrick, i live in Montreal. Im looking for a wing doing daygame. I have some experience in nightgame but i want become i daygamer. So if you are in the area just let me know.

  222. Looking for a daygame wing in the North or Northwest of England, e.g. Lancester, Preston, Kendal, parts of the Lake District.

    I’m 44 with years of experience in club game and social circle game. Wishing to dive into daygame.

    Hit me up on

  223. Hey,

    Names Sean im 42 From Edinburgh. But will travel throughout Scotland.
    Day game beginner – Looking for wingman to push each other…..alrighttttt!


  224. Hey guys, my name is Razvan, I’m a 29 year old Romanian guy living in London for the past 8 years. For over a year now I’ve been doing daygame.
    I’m writing here because I’m looking for a more permanent wingman to game with in London. I say permanent because I want to associate with somebody for a longer period than just a couple of days or weeks.
    I’m looking for someone who is positive, has a zest for life is roughly my age (I think is better for both of us) and he is motivated to become really good at this. Someone who already decided that Game is a priority in his life and he takes consistent action.
    My approach towards Game is a technical one, I believe that game should be structured, following a plan and using techniques, lines and routines until you master the skill.
    If you live in London and you believe you are this type of a daygamer and this is what you are also looking for, let’s help each other and make it a win-win situation by gaming together
    You can contact me on my email and we can take it from there.
    Game on guys!

  225. Hi, I’m Johnny (33), and I live in Washington, DC. I’ve been daygaming on and off for about a decade with good results. I’m looking for wings to walk around with and do approaches while otherwise goofing off and having a good time. I find approaching much easier when I’m already having fun. Message me at if you’re interested in hitting the streets, a mall, or another venue around DC.