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08/06/2016 by Tom Torero

Looking for a daygame wing to get you out there approaching in your city? In the comments section below leave your details (name, location, age, experience and an email address) or reply to someone else who’s near you.

Make sure to have a trial session with a potential wing first, or at least chat over a coffee. Are they active (and not just a keyboard PUA)? Do they have a positive vibe? How does their personality and schedule match yours? It’s all about adding value to each other’s daygame, not leeching state.

Control tower,  prepare for launch. We are good to go 😉

487 thoughts on “Find A Daygame Wing

  1. Jason says:

    Who’s in the Boston/Rhode island area. I’m 20 and a beginner.
    Email me at


  2. Chris says:

    I would like to start daygaming. 26 years old and live in Oslo. Looking for someone so we can give eachother courage and motivation to try it, learn and become good at it.


    • Andy says:

      Hey Chris, I live in Oslo and am lookin’ for a wing likewise for giving encouragement and helping with motivation. I’m 34, from UK originally


  3. Raz says:

    This is Raz, 28, just started this, having trouble approaching.
    I’m looking for a wing roughly my age to go out with in central London.
    Message me at if you are interested.



  4. Sam Ross says:

    16 from Kent south East England. I know I’m a lot younger than most and travel would be occasionally an issue. looking for someone to motivate and get wisdom off. done daygame about 5 times before. so am beginner


  5. Fuad Aslam says:

    Hello guys,I am from Dubai,U.A.E looking for a wing to game with.It doesn’t matter what skill level you are as long as you are motivated!

    Looking forward to know you.PM me if you are in Dubai or are planning to come to Dubai!

    My number is: 00971-56-3778322(Whatsapp or call)
    My e-mail address is:


  6. Jack says:

    Hey,intermediate level daygame. 29 in the Seattle area. Drop me a line and we can do some daygamimg. Also just bounce idea’s off eash other. I don’t mind helps guys that are new.



  7. Joseph says:


    I’m an intermediate based in the London and Herts area. Racked up 200+ approaches looking for a wing for company and to motivate me to improve. Give me a message if interested/same location etc

    Nice one


    • Aurelien says:

      Hi I just saw your post I looking for a wing I’m based In London. Beginner level around 40 cold approach if you want we can exchange number .


      • James says:

        Hi guys,

        I’m an intermediate London daygamer looking for a wing to go out with. I’m easygoing and supportive. 27 years old. Let’s exchange details!


      • James says:

        Forgot to say: email is


      • Edward Sewell says:

        Hey fellow daygamer . I’m a beginner, absorbed much of the theory and now to let rubber meet the road and execute what I’ve learned….. I’ve done a few approaches, mixed successes but looking for a wing to motivate and chat to during sets.


  8. Ricky says:

    Longmont Colorado age 25 Ricky


  9. Dean says:

    Hey lads,

    23 year old beginner, looking for a wing in Sydney.
    Hit me up if interested at:


    • Stephen says:

      Hey Dean,

      My name is Stephen. 20 yr old beginner from Sydney. I sent some info to your email. Even if you’ve found a wing already still check it out.



  10. Michael PUA says:

    Looking for #daygame #wing in #sydney #australia Anyone? PM me.

    name: michael
    location: Sydney, Australia
    age: 32
    experience: I have been daygaming (on and off) since december 2013
    email address:


  11. jared says:


    Anyone in Vilnius?

    The talent is ridiculous here. If you’re keen to take some action hit me up



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