Band Of Brothers

On my Torero travels I’ve come across lots of daygame hobbyists but only a small number of ultra-dedicated guys who are getting impressive results through hard hustling.

These are the “1%ers,” the outlaws of daytime pickup who fully walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Some are already coaching new daygamers, others are only now thinking about it.

This is a list of compadres I’ve either taught, winged with, seen in action or heard about from a number of active daygamers who are the real deal. Sure, there might be more around the world who I’ve just not met, but I will be updating this list as and when.

  • Ian (British, nomadic daygamer, coaches in Europe):
  • Craig (British, currently gaming and coaching in the UK):
  • Xander (South African, coaching there and in California right now):
  • Rami (my original wing, London based, ideal for inner game):
  • Thomas (Polish daygamer and coach):
  • Daniel (British, living in Spain but coaching in Europe too):
  • Paul (Sydney-based coach):



4 thoughts on “Band Of Brothers”

  1. Objection! NY will be on on the map, after I put it there. I don’t have audio or video to prove it…..yet. But I’m committed and know its worth in my life. It’s an incredible, empowering practice. Keep up these podcasts! Love ’em.

  2. Do any of these coaches not drink? I’m looking some advice on how to handle the numerous questions girls ask on on my Day 2s about why I don’t drink, etc. Thanks for your help. I’m in Los Angeles.

    1. I go through this and other common dating questions in “Street Hustle.” Order yourself a ‘PUA cocktail’ (water, ice, lemon) or tell her you’re running a marathon in the morning 😉

  3. Travelling beginner day gamer looking for a wing/coach in Warsaw from August 8th to 12th and August 20th to 24th. Currently 90% theory and 10% infield 🙂 but goal for this trip to reach at least 50% infield.

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