Second Date Hustle

From hot and stormy Moldova I explain my second date hustle trick for bouncing a girl home to your apartment smoothly.


3 thoughts on “Second Date Hustle”

  1. Sorry but I didn’t understand this technique. What do I say to bounce her at home ?

    If I understand, I go to the date with this bag. I meet the girl for example at a metro station. I go with her to a park. We seat on a bench and discuss. I show her the content of the bag (subtly). And I say :”oh I need to put this in my fridge, Let’s go to my apartment.” And normally she follows ?ο»Ώ


    1. That’s for day2. It’s for advanced gamers.
      Basically any excuse to go round your place. Of course that’s will lead to a full close only if you know what your are Doing and where are you in the interaction.

      An advanced guy will know when the girl is ready for a lay. All he has to them is take her home.

      Let’s say this stuff Tom if sharing is called, Non verbal indirect lead.


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