Second Date Hustle


From hot and stormy Moldova I review my second date hustle trick for bouncing a girl home to your apartment smoothly.

3 thoughts on “Second Date Hustle”

  1. Sorry but I didn’t understand this technique. What do I say to bounce her at home ?

    If I understand, I go to the date with this bag. I meet the girl for example at a metro station. I go with her to a park. We seat on a bench and discuss. I show her the content of the bag (subtly). And I say :”oh I need to put this in my fridge, Let’s go to my apartment.” And normally she follows ?

    1. That’s for day2. It’s for advanced gamers.
      Basically any excuse to go round your place. Of course that’s will lead to a full close only if you know what your are Doing and where are you in the interaction.

      An advanced guy will know when the girl is ready for a lay. All he has to them is take her home.

      Let’s say this stuff Tom if sharing is called, Non verbal indirect lead.

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