Today I talk about the benefits and downsides to having a harem of girls for casual sex in open relationships. Why could sex-on-tap be bad for a bachelor?


3 thoughts on “Harems”

  1. Tom, I bought Street Hustle yesterday and am excited to read it and take action. I’m a 26yo Brit living in America and have set myself a challenge: 1000 approaches in 100 days.

    Quick question… where possible, do you check for wedding rings before approaching? (And, if you see a wedding ring, do you abort the approach or carry on?)

    Atm I don’t approach married/engaged women… but you revealed in a recent podcast that, if she’s married, you’re statistically about twice as likely to sleep with her, so maybe I use rings as an avoidance weasel? (Btw, assuming it’s true, that ‘about twice as likely’ stat is mind-blowing!)

    I freelance, helping online businesses make money. One of my current clients is “David D”, the guy behind DYD… funny how life works sometimes.


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