Tom Torero Date Infield


30/06/2016 by Tom Torero

Here are a few clips of me on a first date with a rather icy Moldovan girl. We’re in the first venue and I’m warming things up, verbally and physically*

Watch out for many of the Street Hustle techniques: spiking, kino, fractionation, qualification, plus set routines that have been tried-and-tested many times.

To see the whole infield, from when I daygamed her to when I sealed the deal with her, check out my infield video product “Stealth Seduction“, released this Autumn.

* On the full infield there are subtitles

One thought on “Tom Torero Date Infield

  1. BeedleJ says:

    Brilliant! Very clear real examples of the street hustle things you write about. Thanks!


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