New To Daygame?

“Daygame” means the art of picking up girls during the day – from the street, cafes, shops, parks etc. I call it “Street Hustling” because it’s a way of seducing hot girls without going to clubs, bars, social gatherings or using online dating / Tinder.

You’re not flashing your cash or relying on male model looks. It’s seduction that’s bold, cheeky and under-the-radar to most of society.

New to this whole thing? Start by watching this Beginner’s Guide To Daygame:


Once you can go out and collect phone numbers (or take girls on instant coffee dates) then you’ll need to sharpen up your texting skills to get her out on the date:


Many guys can get phone numbers and text girls to come out on a date, but what then? Dating is a whole different skill set which a daygamer must master if he wants to convert his numbers into sex / relationships:


Watch me “infield” showing you how daygame works for real to get an idea of what’s possible:


Here’s a compilation of me daygaming and dating around the world:


Ready to get outside and hit the streets? Use my Find A Daygame Wing post to meet like-minded guys in your city who are doing the same thing.




To learn my complete daygame hustling toolkit, check out my textbook “Street Hustle” which goes through all my daygame, texting and dating techniques for mastery. It’s everything I teach, all in one place.

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