Deflowering (Lay Report)

In the early hours of this morning I took the virginity of a leggy late-teens Polish girl who I met five days ago. Here’s a brief lay report of what happened:


I’d finished a week of intensive daygame “number farming” and told myself not to do any more sets to prevent burn out. On Monday afternoon I walked to the local shopping centre to top up my mobile data. I was tired, low energy from the previous week’s hustling and in no mood for approaching.

There in front of me at the crossing in front of the mall was a long pair of skinny legs in tight jeans. Immediately I went into hunter mode. Flowing brown hair, a catwalk model-like figure. Just my type. I let her cross and then ran in front to stop her, telling her I thought she was attractive and that her legs were like a flamingo.

Immediately there was the Anime eyes – a flash of sexual recognition. She was shy and monosyllabic, but I could see she was totally into the approach. It was just starting to rain again so the bounce to a nearby cafe for an instant date was straightforward.

She was 17 years old, out shopping for a present for her friend’s birthday. A few verbal spikes and light kino showed me she was interested in what I had to offer, but that there was a “kind of boyfriend” she was seeing which was “complicated.”

She told me that after buying the present (a Swiss Army knife) she was free for the rest of the day, so I decided to run the train and go for the Same Day Lay. After the coffee we spent five minutes scanning shops for the knife she was after, but luckily the shopping centre didn’t have it so we gave up and I walked her outside.

I’d seeded watching a movie, playing the guitar, showing her my travel videos etc and she came up to my apartment with very little token resistance. However, once inside she became a lot more closed, sitting on the sofa watching the film with her arms crossed. I went for the kiss a few times but she was adamant that she wouldn’t kiss me because of her boyfriend.

Rather than burning the interaction by over-escalating, I took a step back and built comfort. She told me that she’d only had one boyfriend (the guy she was seeing) and that he was her age. She’d only ever kissed him, and she’d never had sex. Right now she was in the process of breaking up with him because he was immature.

After the movie and a bit of light hugging, I walked her to the metro and let her go.

This was the first text thread that evening:


You can see how I’m using callback references to the set (about the knife present) and that I’m keeping things sexual by talking about her legs. I didn’t reply to that final message about “zero nudity” from her because I was out with friends. She took it to mean I was upset so sent me another one which showed her cards:


So the right frame was established, Man-To-Woman but not overdoing the escalation over text. I didn’t want to burn things by being too overt, and I mixed in the spikes with comfort.

The following day I kept the ball rolling by inviting her out for a park adventure:


Notice how despite turning down the initial offer, with my silence (vacuum) she re-engaged and suggested an evening date herself. I suggested a park near my apartment:


That second date was an hour in the park lying on the grass, hugging and building trust. We were holding each other tight and almost kissing, so I took her back to my apartment where we spent the rest of the evening listening to music on the sofa and then lightly kissing and dry-humping. Things were progressing nicely.

The last message about me being her BFF is callback to the suggestion I made that she tell her mother that she’d met a gay British guy who could be her Best Friend Forever and that we could have sleep overs without her mother worrying.

The next morning was more pinging and another request from her to meet up. I knew that keeping the momentum going was everything:


That evening it was back in my apartment again, with heavy make-outs on the sofa and lots of dry humping. Her hands explored all over my jeans and my hands went under her dress. She’d be really into it one minute, then snap out of it and tell me about how she needed to break up with her boyfriend first as she felt bad.

That evening when she was home I got this message from her about the mental dilemma:


My reply was pragmatic and gentle, rather than being cocky funny or flippant. She needed the ok to break up with him, and that’s exactly what she did the next morning.


Thursday was a river walk, some drinks together and then back to mine for fooling around on the bed. Her hands were down my trousers and my fingers were inside her underwear. I knew she’d made the decision to lose her virginity to me, but it was a question of when.

I suggested she sleep over on Friday night for our “pyjama party” and she agreed, telling her mum she was staying over at her best friend’s house.

Yesterday’s texts were just preparing for last night. Notice the running role-play themes of me being her “Lion King” and her being my “Pocahontas”:


And that was that. We met at 17:00, she’d come in a tight black dress and matching underwear so I knew it was on. I’d asked her to bring ice-cream which she did, and we lay on the sofa watching Casino Royale. It was too early to pull the trigger, so after that we went out for some drinks nearby, enjoyed the Friday evening vibes and then it was back to mine around midnight.

She sat on the windowsill, her dress hitched up and her long legs wrapped around me. I undid my belt and jeans buttons, and pulled aside her underwear. She was understandably nervous so I carried her over to the sofa and took things slow, letting her guide me inside her. From there we moved to the bedroom and spent the rest of last night and this morning deep inside the pleasures of summer loving.

Do I normally take girls on five dates to sleep with them? No, two or three is my usual maximum, but for a late-teens virgin it was a different game plan involving grounding, pacing, momentum and calibrated escalation. To learn how to seduce hot girls from the street yourself (including daygame, texting and dating) check out my textbook Street Hustle for the full Torero toolkit.


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  1. Tom,

    I’m sure you gave this girl an experience she will remember forever!

    I wonder if you normally let these girls just “fizzle and float” away, or do these girls insist on seeing you again. In other words, what usually happens next?

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