World’s Top Daygame Cities

In the past five years I’ve travelled to nearly 50 countries and over 70 cities for my daygame tomfoolery. What follows is a summary guide to the world’s top daygame cities based on a number of factors:

The hotness of the girls there (this is based on personal preference)

The results that myself and fellow daygamers have achieved (open to close)

The suitability of the city for daygame (population, pedestrianisation, students, tourists, westernisation, anonymity, climate)


Guides like this are, by their very nature, subjective, so your own experiences might well impact on the list. Let me know in the comments what other cities you’d add.

New York City, USA



Population: 8.5 million (+ 30,000 university students, 50 million annual tourists)

Hotness Of Girls: Top tier to be found but you have to sieve through a lot of average girls. Model quality around Broadway/Spring St showcase what’s possible. Many Latinos and Afro Americans.

Daygame Areas: Union Square, Washington Square, NYU, Soho, East Village, Williamsburg,  Columbus Circle

Seasonality: Spring (April, May) and Autumn (September, October).

Summary: A never-ending treasure trove of surprises in the world’s most transient, anonymous pedestrian city.


London, UK



Population: 8.7 million (+ 200,000 students, 30 million annual tourists)

Hotness Of Girls: Nuggets of gold to be found after sieving through a choppy sea of quality. Biggest mix of ethnicities in the world. Huge number of overseas students.

Daygame Areas: Oxford St, Regent St, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Soho, South Bank, Kings Road, Shoreditch.

Seasonality: Year round

Summary: An ideal pedestrian city to learn daygame in, with vast numbers of international girls and a huge area to explore.


Moscow, Russia



Population: 12 million (+80,000 students, 6 million annual tourists)

Hotness Of Girls: Outstanding. Top tier girls amongst a strong average.

Daygame Areas: Kamergersky, Old Arbat, Tverskaya, Aviapark Mall, Evropeisky Mall, Okhotny Ryad Mall

Seasonality: Late Spring, early Summer (May, June) and Autumn (September, October)

Summary: Visa needed. Beware provider / boyfriend game. Patience and a strong frame will yield results and raise your daygame skills. A lot of mall game.


Tokyo, Japan



Population: 13.5 million (+ 50,000 students, 10 million annual tourists)

Hotness Of Girls: Very cute (if you’re into Asian girls) with enough hot girls that stand out from the average crowd. Hot South Koreans too.

Daygame Areas: Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, any railway/metro station or major mall.

Seasonality: Spring (April, May) and Autumn (September-November)

Summary: Not as diverse as Singapore but much bigger, more pedestrian and a far better climate. Poor English, nervous girls on the street but open in the bedroom.


Prague, Czech Republic



Population: 1.3 million (+ 80,000 students, 28 million tourists)

Hotness Of Girls: Very high. Hub for Slavic girls (Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian) plus a lot of western tourist girls.

Daygame Areas: Na Příkopě, Palladium Mall, Wenceslas Square

Seasonality: Most of the year (but avoid January – March).

Summary: A small city but a crossroads for daygamers and tourists. Good gateway to what Eastern Europe has to offer.



If you’re tired of New York City, try Toronto. Instead of Moscow try Kiev. Give Singapore a go instead of Tokyo. Replace Prague with Munich.

Have a listen to my podcasts on top daygame cities and London’s secret daygame areas.

Check out my second book “Torero Travels” for daygame travel advise and lay reports from  25 countries.

7 thoughts on “World’s Top Daygame Cities”

  1. Hello Tom, I like all your content and you are the person who inspires me the most about picking-up girls but I don’t understand why you recommend London as a city for daygame.

    I am in London right now and for me it’s a good city for visiting or to spend your money but not for the daygame.
    It’s too fast, people are always in a hurry. They are not open to meet new people. They just want to consume.

    I really got a bad vibe and I think I don’t come back again. And I think it’s the same for all this big cities you recommend (New York, Moscow…).

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