Indirect-Direct Game


NB: This podcast isn’t advocating trying “indirect-direct” daygame until you’ve done a year or so of consistent direct game, in order to stop this becoming an excuse to hide your intent. 

This week’s daygame podcast is about the Holy Grail of pickup – the “indirect-direct” form of stealth seduction where intent is non-verbal and covert to all around except you and her. Full membership of the Secret Society means you understand what it is and how to use it infield.

One thought on “Indirect-Direct Game”

  1. Tom,
    I’ve spent the last year internalizing the material you’ve published along with your suggested readings and Blackdragon. My life was painfully introverted just 16 months ago. Individuals, such as yourself, have opened my senses to the point of no return. I have begun to attempt this style of direct-indirect, push-pull mantra. I can attest to the effectiveness in club game. The level of attraction this style produces is of the likes Disney would dream. Getting older, 32, has me looking to explore day game in the States for the first time. I would appreciate any feedback, insight, and/or time you have to chat.

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