DHYD (Tom Torero Mantra)

dont hide your dick

Don’t Hide Your Dick. DHYD 


Go and tattoo that onto your forearm. Write it on your mirror. Drill it into your brain. That’s the essence to everything I teach. Own the fact that you’re a man who desires beautiful girls. Don’t. Hide. Your. Dick.

  • Be direct when you open. Tell her what you really want. Don’t hide behind an excuse
  • Keep the interaction man-to-woman. She has to know your intentions
  • Be unapologetic in finding her attractive and getting details to see her again
  • Don’t be her text buddy. Invite her out so you can seduce her
  • Avoid the trap of beta comfort on the date. Spike things up verbally and physically
  • Go for the kiss. Even if you fail it’s still better than not having tried
  • Invite her back to yours. She knows what “film and wine” means 
  • Escalate. Let her know that she turns you on. Show her. 
  • Make sure she knows you’re the lover not the provider, in everything you do


Of course it means doing it in a calibrated way. I’m not talking literally (although getting your dick out when she’s on your bed is a classic final move). DHYD is a life philosophy about not being ashamed of the tiger inside you.

Nice Guys repress their desires which causes collateral damage further down the line. White Knights are the epitome of this when they hide their intentions and enter the Friend Zone as a strategy to “win her over.”

A player can communicate the DHYD message almost totally non-verbally. Tiger eyes, a knowing smirk. Silences. Touches. Leading. Body language. That’s the aim of the game. However a new pickup artist should get out of his comfort zone by learning to be verbally direct first. It’s massively liberating.

Stop apologising for being born a man. Own your sexuality. Hold the frame when she tests you. Shrug and smirk when society tries to make you feel guilty.

Not only will girls thank you for it, you’ll find that everything becomes so much simpler when you no longer hide your intentions behind “helping her with her homework” or “teaching her salsa.”

DHYD. Start today. Never again feel guilty, shameful or frightened about your biological imperative.


To learn my complete daygame, texting, dating and frame toolkit, check out my textbook “Street Hustle” which has DHYD as its central message.

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