Stealth Seduction Editing Update

Please bear with me loyal hustlers. I’m working my way through 50+ hours of infield video/audio to deliver “Stealth Seduction” by Christmas. It’s the subtitling and annotations that are taking the most time, as well as working on a handbook to go with the daygame infields.

6 thoughts on “Stealth Seduction Editing Update”

  1. It will be great for the 10% theory before my 30 approaches per week. Just a question, will it be a direct release or like a monthly suscribement with a video per week ?


  2. Great stuff Tom, Can you take some measures to ensure it can’t be pirated?
    RSD and Alex social social encrypted (formerly RSD) – took some measures which seem to have worked.


  3. I regard your book pretty much the be-all and end-all in direct daygame. Looking forward to see how this product will augment the book. Thumb sup.


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