The Highest Form Of Game


In this week’s daygame podcast I reveal the “highest form of Game”  for pickup mastery when it comes to making things smooth and enjoyable when hustling and dating infield.

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  1. Hi uncle Tom, I’ve got a question and I think you might be the best person that can help me since you too were a teacher. So I teach English to adults and I’m pretty good at what I do because i’ve got a TEFL certificate. I see a lot of beautiful girls all the time in my classes and some of them ask me for my number, i’ve gone out with some and even had sex with some but it’s not consistent and it’s usually been their initiative. When I’m particularly interested in one and I try to make a move myself, I find it extremely difficult to get out of the Teacher-Student frame despite my best efforts to be direct, show my edgy side, etc. I’v come up with some strategies like not letting anybody in the class call me teacher but to call me by my first name instead, I’ve tried to establish a connection that #1 helps the class relax #2 works in my favor because it creates more of a horizontal relationship between teacher and student but all of that to no avail when it comes to escalating with the girls i want. I hate to have this massive social proof and not being able to consistently take advantage of it in the sexual/romantic department. What would you suggest?

    1. I think Tom will tell you that you’re living in scarcity when you should be living in abundance. You don’t have abundance because you’re limiting yourself to women you’re teaching rather then getting out and trying cold approach. Tom isn’t where he is because he gamed his primary school colleagues, he went out daily for two years and learned daygame.

      Personally, cold approach has increased my SMV enough that in most social situations I’m attracting women without explicitly escalating. In most social situations I’m pushing women away while playfully flirting and that indicates to them my SMV is high. I’m only giving you a piece of what I do in social situations because it will only work if you have the underlying high SMV.

      My advice would be to go out and try direct cold approach pick up. It will make you a man. And over time, you’ll change from living in scarcity to living in abundance. And this is something women will pick up on and be attracted to you.

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