Stealth Seduction Review


08/01/2017 by Tom Torero


Find out what it’s all about and buy your copy here.

Some of the first Stealth Seduction reviews coming in…







4 thoughts on “Stealth Seduction Review

  1. Onder says:

    Just wanted to give a review of my own. Having been in the seduction community since 2008 and been through various products and content. I can confidently say that this is (hands down) the best infield product I’ve ever gone through.

    Not only does Tom walk you through the daygame model, but he goes one step further by breaking down the process step-by-step in his live infield approaches as they’re happening. This is gold!

    If you’ve ever got stuck in your own approaches and wondering where you went wrong and how each step of the process works, then you will know how valuable this is.

    I just wish this was available sooner. It would have shaved years off my daygame journey.

    If you’re just starting out, you have no idea how lucky you have it. It will be the best investment you’ll ever made if you want to improve this area of your life.

    Do not hesitate and go buy it. You have nothing to lose.


  2. BeedleJ says:

    Watched 3/4 of the product and oh my fcuking god! Its crazy good. The weird thing is that I was in Topshop the day you pulled the English girl by the shoes and I cant believe shes the one in the product! Amazing work Tom. She was HOT.

    If people have doubts if Torero is the real deal then the product proves it once and for all. So much gold infield on so many girls with the texts and dates and lays.

    Best pick up thing Ive ever got. Youre a legend Tom!


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