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  1. Just wanted to give a review of my own. Having been in the seduction community since 2008 and been through various products and content. I can confidently say that this is (hands down) the best infield product I’ve ever gone through.

    Not only does Tom walk you through the daygame model, but he goes one step further by breaking down the process step-by-step in his live infield approaches as they’re happening. This is gold!

    If you’ve ever got stuck in your own approaches and wondering where you went wrong and how each step of the process works, then you will know how valuable this is.

    I just wish this was available sooner. It would have shaved years off my daygame journey.

    If you’re just starting out, you have no idea how lucky you have it. It will be the best investment you’ll ever made if you want to improve this area of your life.

    Do not hesitate and go buy it. You have nothing to lose.

  2. Watched 3/4 of the product and oh my fcuking god! Its crazy good. The weird thing is that I was in Topshop the day you pulled the English girl by the shoes and I cant believe shes the one in the product! Amazing work Tom. She was HOT.

    If people have doubts if Torero is the real deal then the product proves it once and for all. So much gold infield on so many girls with the texts and dates and lays.

    Best pick up thing Ive ever got. Youre a legend Tom!

  3. Hey Tom

    Stealth Seduction is definitely the best raw & uncut pickup footage that intermediates & advanced daygamers are waiting for! Stopping a beautiful girl on the streets, texting & getting her out on a date is the easy part.

    But the whole other section of street hustling is dating which is mostly untouched by the pickup community. And Tom is a living walking proof of a human test subject. And it clearly shows in his infield videos & annotated notes on which part of the model he is on the initial cold approach & on the date itself.

    The best part of stealth seduction is to actually listen in on his dates to see his vibe & energy. The spiking, the push & pull and especially when his voice goes deep when he is trying to seduce. A lot of the golden nuggets if u listen in carefully. It’s like as though you walked right next to him to listen in on his entire process of seduction.

    Seeing Tom coach me one on one in Singapore definitely blew me away with his experience & knowledge in the field. And I’m glad he finally made Stealth Seduction to further help other Men out there to transition from Social to Sexual. From Nice guy to the Lover. 😉

    – Zak

  4. The quality of this product is consistent with Tom’s excellent blog and YouTube videos. Admirers of his work will not be disappointed. Seeing the full-length infields in Stealth Seduction will benefit all levels of daygamers.

    For the beginner, it’s good simply to see the whole process, rather than the short clips widely available for free. Seeing the sequence of seductions from beginning to end (with explanations and annotations), including the relatively quiet interludes which happen in virtually all pulls, should give them an idea of what is required (in a large variety of different, real examples).

    For intermediates, there are just so many little things to pick up on. For me, perhaps the most interesting point is what Tom doesn’t say; avoiding/cutting unwanted topics, always being focussed on the goal and letting the girl talk appropriately.

    I’d think that even the most advanced daygamers will admire Tom’s ability to tailor his game so masterfully to the situation and girl. Each of the infields are impressive in isolation, but when you notice how Tom’s game changes in response to the demands of each situation, you can really appreciate the level his game has reached.

    In summary, a high quality product, with something for everyone, and an inspiration for all.

  5. This stuff works… I mean it really does. For me, I find reading a book is… okay, but far better is to see the process in action and then figure out for yourself how it’s working. Then what you can appropriate, and what you can’t. I’ve used some of Tom’s techniques, the one’s I feel suit my own personality, to positive effect. But the good thing about watching these vids is you can go ‘okay, how would I have done that?’ So it pushes your creative faculties. Tom’s annotations on the video are great. Minimalistic, but imperative. I’ve come to realise I knew a lot of this stuff already, but didn’t have the techniques codified or structured. What you really appreciate from Tom is his understanding of structure and where to be flexible and where to apply discipline. I’d definitely recommend

  6. Awesome stuff. Each video is filled with subtitles and annotations so that you don’t just see Tom doing his magic; you can also get an understanding of what he’s thinking throughout each interaction. I also liked how he covers pretty much every scenario of daygame including english, eastern european and american girls, south american girls, gutter game, booty calls, virgins, same day lays etc. He even shows the rejections to show that you can’t always win and that it’s all part of the game. I definitely recommend this for anyone thinking about getting into Daygame or who is already into it. Life changing stuff!

  7. Tommy boy! Well done on the content and an epic product. This is going to really sort out my escalation issues. I really like the same day lay ones and the gutter game ones. You are a beast mate it blows my mind whats possible. Cheers again uncle Tom:)

  8. well done Tom! i am enjoying every moment of it. it is entertaining and very teachfull. This stuff teaches me a lot. From staying in set even if she says she has te leave! You do it like it’s nothing and with such an ease. For all of you people out there that are thinking of buying this ….just do it!! It will take your daygame to another lever. Trust me…..keep up the good work my friend! 😉

  9. This product is absolutely amazing. The viewer can get a detailed perspective of how to masterfully do Game. Reading Street Hustle was quite “enlightening” but watching this product will clear out any doubts you might still have after reading it. Smooth, elegant, calibrated, yet full of intent is how I describe this product. Highly recommended!!

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