New Videos For “Stealth Seduction”


stealth attraction techniques
Hard at work 😉


No “Cold Calling” book excerpt today as I’ve been working on adding a new Latino infield notch video to my product Stealth Seduction. For the guys who’ve already got membership, you’ll see it appearing in the “Lay Infields” section in a few hours (if upload speeds aren’t too shaky).

Guys have been leaving enthusiastic reviews of the product already and emailing me suggestions of things they’d like me to add this year to the membership area: more blowouts, an infield to show “warming up” and some new locations around the world.

As I take my Torero Tomfoolery around the world I’ll be putting in more infield daygame as I capture it, but for now there’s certainly enough to keep you happy: 17 hours+ of content (5 hours+ video and 12 hours+ audio), 16 lays, 12 more infields….see for yourself here.

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