The Myth Of “Good” & “Bad” Girls


In this important video I explain why dividing girls into “angels” and “devils” is wrong, not just in terms of evolutionary biology but for your own Game and pickup.

Guys have taken the r/K model too literally and it’s lead them towards a Purity Fantasy trap.

One thought on “The Myth Of “Good” & “Bad” Girls”

  1. Fascinating stuff Tom

    It is challenging for normal guys/beginners to internalize this likely because of decades of social conditioning ( hero/good girl complex).

    Laying some of these ” good girls” via rapid escalation / pushing for SNLs / quick & dirty sex is what will really enable a beginner to climb out of that mental pitfall

    Had a recent experience with a “good” girl, (living far from family, no roomates) who actually verbalized this “I’m not looking for a relationship, will get married later, etc”. I could’ve escalated faster to get the lay but live and learn…

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