Token LMR Tactics


In this week’s daygame podcast I tackle the “missing piece of the puzzle” with dating – what to do when she’s back at yours and you’re facing her token wobbles in the bedroom.

One thought on “Token LMR Tactics”

  1. Last friday I had an LMR with a 20yo from daygame. She was nervous (only 1 man before me) and told me while making out “we’re not going to have sex tonight” in a cold way.

    I told her: “listen, i am a man so of course i want to have sex with you. And i know you want this as much as me. But if you need more time i understand”

    Then I backed off and she jumped on me and we had sex multiple times and in the morning also. Then with a smirk i told her “i thought we weren’t going to have sex tonight ? You’re a bad girl ;)”

    Thanks for this and street hustle Tom. Couldnt do this without you

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