Backing The Right Horse


30/01/2017 by Tom Torero

Today’s Torero video exposes the reality of trying to seal the deal with many different girls you’ve met through daygame and are now dating. How do you stack the odds in your favour to reduce your neediness and get the outcomes you want?

One thought on “Backing The Right Horse

  1. Zabus says:

    Hi Tom,

    That’s interesting you say to schedule the date’s that you right as higher probability later (e.g. 9pm). I would have thought earlier would be better so that way you have more time together? Sometimes girls need to leave because they are working the next day etc.

    Also, if you schedule two dates two hours apart. What is the plan? To have a short date then go to the next one (but keep going if the second one cancels), or to reschedule the second one if the first one is going well (but risk that she’ll be pissed off and not want to see you again).



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