Stop procrastinating and start producing real results. Grab life by the horns and get things done when it comes to daygame, dating, work and life.

The Torero Spotify playlist to help you do it is here.

3 thoughts on “Productivity”

  1. I’ve been so busy organising dates in different cities, drilling front stops and making mind-sets a habit, I’ve hardly been online and not even had time to comment on your blog!

    Looking forward to listening to this on Sunday afternoon, after a successful Saturday sarge and a date with a stunning 19 year old. I’m predicting token LMR but will lead strong and fractionate.

    It’s all about making something a familiar habit, getting comfortable with it. The mind automates the process after a while. Contemplate the advantages, understand the psychological threats and risks, jump in like a scientist and gather evidence and experience.

  2. Another good podcast!

    Do you still have plans to record a podcast on how to write? I noticed on one of your recent Instagram posts that you had a podcast on your to-do list titled “how to write”… would love to hear your thoughts on a podcast, if it’s on the cards. (It ties-in nicely to your flowmad theme too.)

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