Realistic Daygame Statistics


13/03/2017 by Tom Torero

How many girls do you need to cold approach to get a phone number? How many daygame sets do you need to do to get a date? What is the ratio of dates to lays?

In this video I answer all these common questions and more, exposing the truth of average daygame statistics.

Remember that daygame is an art as well as a science, so this data is just representative of expectations over time, factoring in your baseline Sexual Market Value and experience.

2 thoughts on “Realistic Daygame Statistics

  1. Johan says:

    I’d be interested to know what your stats look like today, Tom, if you’d be willing to share. Do you also need to do 30 approaches on average for one lay?


  2. I can definitely see where you’re going with this. I always tell people who only chase one girl at a time that they’re flat out crazy. I remember when I was younger, even before game, I had a female friend say I should pursue one girl at a time. Sure, if I want to get laid in 20 years time that might be a fantastic way to go about it.


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