Black Sheep Documentaries (ii)


28/03/2017 by Tom Torero

Last October I published a list of ten documentaries about different flow states living life on the edge in all senses.

In the last few weeks I’ve been watching more fantastic documentaries in the same spirit of being a Black Sheep, grabbing life by the horns and pushing things to the extreme. The parallels to daygame should be clear.

To tie in with this week’s podcast topic of “Agony & Ecstasy” here are four of my new favourites:


1) Diving Into The Unknown


2) Bobby Fischer Against The World


3) Sunshine Superman


4) Meru

One thought on “Black Sheep Documentaries (ii)

  1. Alexander says:

    Check out Maidentrip (2013) ā€” about a 14 year old Dutch girl. She’s impressively black sheep, battling the system and government, enjoying weeks of solitude and living purely for the joy of the ocean. I think you’d enjoy it.


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