Awkward Daygame Infield

Watch me infield in some awkward daygame situations. What’s the good news and bad news about this feeling of social awkwardness when picking up girls during the day?

3 thoughts on “Awkward Daygame Infield”

  1. Bloody hell Tom! Awks! Lol. Nearly spluttered me coffee over the iPad when I saw your rubber drop out πŸ˜‚. Props for pulling it back son fantastic work!


  2. Solid gold! Fantastic information. I hope to be able to use this maybe even in places like public transport.
    Have you got any specific pointers for that situation by the way? For example if I sit in the train for one hour “accidentally” opposite a nice bird, should I do some friendly regular chit chat in the first minute, then sit quietly listening to music for 50 minutes and totally hit on her in the last 9 minutes? Or just talk to her for the whole hour??


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