The Big Short

Why is daygame cold approach pickup like the movies “The Big Short” or “War Dogs”? What’s game got to do with stock market crashes?

For more information on Male SMV, look at the infograph here.

4 thoughts on “The Big Short”

  1. Tom there is an excellent book you need to look into on lower chronic back pain. Its called “Healing Back Pain” by Dr. Sarno. He has treated over 15,000 patients and has excellent results. I had serious back pain when I was younger in my 30’s and now 20 years later I never have it any more. Its worth the read.

  2. Would appreciate a single-mother hack. Perhaps a podcast? Do you focus on the child in your interactions/texts/dates? Or does the lady want to completely forgot the child and go wild with an alpha male? Any good PUAs you know of who have mastered that niche?

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