Hustle Documentaries (III)

Here’s some more hustle-esque documentaries I’ve been watching over the last few weeks, to add to list number one and two I’ve already published. The daygame parallels in them should be obvious, as well as the underlying Black Sheep themes.

If you’ve got any more recommendations then let me know in the comments.


1) American Playboy – The Hugh Hefner Story

A ten episode docu-series about the original American playboy Hugh Hefner. Ignore the infiltration of politics and social justice themes and focus on the underlying hustle for hotties.


2) Casablancas – The Man Who Loved Women 

A moving documentary about the founder of Elite Model Management, John Casablancas, and his life of hedonistic hustling.


3) Beltracchi – The Art Of Forgery 

A fascinating look at a dark triad art forger with unshakeable self belief, and how his fake masterpieces were exposed.

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