Daygame Burnout


The daygame podcast is back 🙂 In this week’s episode I discuss pickup burnout after years in the Game, and how it impacts on your daygame and dating. How can you achieve mastery without going mad?!

4 thoughts on “Daygame Burnout”

  1. Haha the bizarre situation of getting so bored with this you need to switch up the scenarios reminded me of those guys who OD on porn so much they end up getting into gilf and beastiality vids just so they still get a boner. No offence intended, the honesty in all your content is really great, actually. Just out of curiosity, if you feel inclined to answer, job obligations aside does all the approaching and dating and getting laid you do fall in line with your libido? Or is it still not satisfied? Or is it more than satisfied and you continue just for the flow/buzz/other?

    1. Tom, crazy story about the guys stealing your date plus the bouncer cockblock. Luckily this rarely happens.

      Good point. We all have limited sex drives. Burning out is an occupational hazard, and I would also like to know Tom if you have long term plans for when you don’t have the drive to chase skirt anymore. These are mine: . Taking time out and doing lazy game seems like a good way to recharge batteries though.

      Good luck getting your mojo back.

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