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I kick off the World Tour Q&A videos answering one about selection bias when it comes to daygaming in certain countries and dating certain nationalities of girl.

Got a question you’d like answering in a future video? Leave it below.

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  1. Tom.u are a legend.thabks to u and DG i am happy as fuck.found myself and beuty of dg.
    I would like to ask onw u thing in age 33 it is too late to start doing dg/pick up?

  2. nice one tommy boy. how has the daygame model changed since you started out in 2010 or whenever? have a blast on the trip mate

  3. Hi Tom,
    after all these years, why is everybody still doing the front stop? You talk about daygame 3.0 but the one thing missing for me, is a natural way to make the approach. Okay I get it, if a girl is walking very fast you must run after her – that´s why it was originally designed because in London everybody is in a rush – but in most other cities and daytime situations it´s too much. It´s like a routine along with the same old lines everybody uses and for me it raises anxiety more to chase down girls on the street. My feeling is, that is too much of an act. What your thoughts on this? Please develop a better and more „normal“ way to make approaching effortless.

    1. Its called a side stop mate. You can try from behind but I don’t recommend this at all. You will be a creep. Front stop is still the best as you grab her full attention.

  4. Hello Tom,

    I have some question about “Stealth Seduction”. I don’t really understand what is a tease ? I understand it’s something that moves from social comfort into attraction (that is breaking rapport). I don’t really understand “on the ground” if I tease or not the girl. You give some examples in Stealth Seduction: “You are so small” or “I thought what the hell is she doing? (talking about the girl)”. So if you can explain it, it will be very cool 🙂

    Another question also about Stealth Seduction: I don’t understand what is plausible deniability. I think it’s about make the girl drinking some alcohol. Like that, she can rationalize the morning after sex and say to herself : “oh I drink some acohol, it’s not my fault (I was not completely sober) and it just happens”.

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

    And thank you for helping us.


  5. Tom:

    My question pertains to second dates and beyond. On the first date, I run through most of my conversational material with the girl – i.e. why men and women can’t be friends, 5 step verbal and 5 step physical escalation, questions game on things like her past, present, future, impression of men from my country, etc.

    The problem then arises on a second date if I didn’t bang her on the first, where it is much harder to make conversation now that we’ve already covered all the tried and tested conversational material.

    What’s your general strategy for keeping the momentum going on the second date? I know you advocate the use of short “bridge dates” based around an activity like taking a walk in the park – so maybe the solution is to focus on something like that?

    Thank you for your help!

  6. Hello Tom,

    I’d like to thank you for what you do. Your videos are like a guide to me.
    What I want to ask you is, are English girls into dating a non English guy with intermediate level of the language cuz I’ve applied your tips in the street with all nationalities except native English speakers and to be honest I don’t have the courage to do that.

    All the best,

  7. Hi Tom. I’ve been practicing a lot lately. Some great days and some bad. What advise do you have for not getting dejected, especially on days when I fail to approach at all. They’re getting more rare, but they still sting! I fear this more than a bad set now. Enjoy New York mate, David

  8. Hi Tom, loving the new world tour videos! My question is in regards to carrying out the day game approach in a social environment. I tend to go to a few “meet-up” style events for working professionals and other community groups in a free chit chat environment.

    I wanted to know how do I open girls I am attracted to in this social environment where I attend regularly? I feel If I go in with a very direct open to a woman who I am attracted to, the organisers and regular atendees will see me as a guy who is just going to “pick up” women. I don’t want to be the gossip of the group every time I attend. Or should I open more indirectly here? How would the daygame approach in general differ here in order for me to communicate I like the girl and this is not general chit chat like she is having with all the other guys, but keep it low key so I can continue attending these events?

  9. Hi Tom,

    In your years of coaching and teaching students of different nationalities, how do you propose a certain ethnic group to raise their perceived SMV in the eyes of other nationalities? Is there a different style of approach that may work better for XYZ nationality? I’m Asian btw

  10. Tom
    How can you find cities/ countries where your SMV is the highest .is there any statistics or everyone needs to try and test themselves ?

  11. Hi Tom,

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity to send you some questions. I have two 🙂

    I don’t have a lot of sexual experience for my age, and most of my relationships were relatively short. Revealing this to girls kind of sends them the message that other girls are not attracted to me (“pre-selection”). Knowing this, what’s a good way to answer when a girl asks me about my relationship history? I know there are some “funny” lines to use here, but if she’s asking this question in a sincere way, i feel like i should give a sincere answer, dodging the question with a funny line would only make me seem insecure at that point, revealing i want to hide this information from her.

    I’m a typical “nice guy” with average looks & weight, and my biggest sticking point is getting girls to feel *primal attraction* for me. I read all the tricks of the trade: “male/female polarisation”, acting alpha, making deep eye contact, stating my intent, … but in my case i just seem to lack the manly presence to make a girl horny.

    Some “highlights” in my sex life:
    * Lying in bed semi-naked with a girl, trying every trick in the basket to get her to have sex, but she’s just not feeling it. Only a classic ‘mystery method’ freeze-out made her come back at me a bit, but even then, i just couldn’t get her horny (although every cell of my body wanted to fuck her… yeah man, blue balls :-/ )
    * A girl at the point of going down on me (i mentionned to her before that i’d love her to give me a bj), and as she is about to get my dick out, saying “sorry, i just can’t”… like her logical brain really wanted to do me this favor but her hindbrain was repulsed. (btw, i did shower an hour before , so i don’t think there was a smell problem 🙂

    Many of these girls really liked me as a person and actually *tried to feel attracted to me*, i couldn’t get them to feel horny for me, her hindbrain says “no”..

    Any advise on how to get a more manly presence?

  12. A short one: How did you like Georgia (country)? I heard you mentioning it in some podcast but you never gave your opinion on it AFAIK. Furthermore, have you been to other countries in the Caucasus as well?

  13. Hey Tom,

    how important is a steady job and a decent income for a guy over 30 as a part of his smv? Money, power, status and much more, that women are attracted to, is often derived from the achievement aka job a man has acquired. An unemployed guy is regarded with suspicion.

    Yet you and many other PUAs are prime examples of people without steady jobs and not big amounts of money, as you keep saying, and obviously women don’t mind. Also, not being rich and not being the steady income guy will automatically put you outside of the provider category and that’s a good thing, correct?

    My issue with this is that me being currently unemployed adds to my extreme low confidence around women and to my low sense of self-worth. I am a total noob (yes, in my mid 30s) and almost always find an excuse why I can’t approach. However, I am in the somewhat comfortable position that I will not have money problems in the next couple of years even without a “decent” job.

    What are your thoughts and your advice, should I put a lot of time into finding a job which will then take away more time from me learning game, such as when you were a teacher, or if I stay unemployed for now, how should I address this part of the smv matrix?

    Thank you very much, Sir, and kind regards

  14. Hi Tom,

    Hope you’re well and having a blast!!

    I’m a beginner in Daygame and what I’m currently struggling with is the spot light effect and how to over come it, I find myself either letting it overcome me and coming across as timid and shy (which by nature I’m not) in the interaction or very try hard, where in my effort to overcome the spotlight effect I’m just over-compensating my natural extroversion.

    How can you overcome the spotlight effect and just be yourself, or to put it another way (as I know you don’t like that phrase!!) make the interaction with the girl the same as it would be if there were no people around which at the moment for myself is the case, the interactions with and without people around are different.

    Keep up the great work!!


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