Hustle On: London

The first city on the world tour is London, the spiritual home of daygame. In this video I answer a range of questions from picking up in your thirties, NoFap to the evolution of daygame since 2010 and the best way to take action.

3 thoughts on “Hustle On: London”

  1. Hey Tom

    I understand your lifestyle and daygame model is based on hustling – ergo massive personal development. For me there are two major problems with that. First, it seems not sustainable – hustling requires a lot of energy and doesn’t lead to a solid social circle. Since you said you were a lazy person (no offense 🙂 ), I assume you had thought of social circle driven gaming. We are getting old, and honestly I don’t wanna chase girls for decades. I would rather work on warm approach models. Second part, seems like best daygamers travel a lot. Should we adopt a lifestyle where we travel often. Because I “feel like” running out of places to daygame in my home town. Cheers!

  2. Recently started daygaming solo to be independent & embrace the animal instincts without needing wings or a coach. But, I feel like my daygame’s taken a hit since I started going solo – AA’s popped up again, I’m less present in-set, and my vibe in between sets is a bit more negative.

    What do you do to keep your vibe up when doing solo daygame, and how do you recommend handling a low point in the session?

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