Hustle On: NYC

Second stop on the Street Hustle World Tour – it’s dirty dirty New York City 😉 In this video I answer more mailbag questions on daygame, dating and the prolonged pickup life.

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  1. Hi Tom,

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity! I don’t have a lot of sexual experience for my age, and most of my relationships were relatively short. Revealing this to girls kind of sends them the message that other girls are not attracted to me (“pre-selection”). Knowing this, what’s a good way to answer when a girl asks me about my relationship history? I know there are some “funny” lines to use here, but if she’s asking this question in a sincere way, i feel like i should give a sincere answer to not make it seem like i’m dodging the question/trying to hide this.

  2. Hi Tom,
    I’m a typical “nice guy” with average looks & weight, and my biggest sticking point is getting girls to feel *primal attraction* for me. I read all the tricks of the trade: “male/female polarisation”, acting alpha, making deep eye contact, stating my intent, … but in my case i just seem to lack the manly *presence* to make a girl horny. Many of these girls really liked me as a person and actually *tried to feel attracted to me*, i couldn’t get them to feel horny for me, her hindbrain says “no”…
    Any advise on how to get a more manly presence? Lots of fitness? Go boxing? Wear a George Clooney mask?

  3. Hi Tom, my question is more to do with the dating hareme phase that takes place once you have a few girls on the go. I’m curious how smooth (or rough) you find the process of women leaving your dating circle. In my experience, women usually want something more from the situation as time goes by, rather than just casual sex, wanting to manoeuvre me into the boyfriend role. When I detach myself from these suggestions and make no promises to her, I often get labelled as a cold hearted person or she just goes of the radar. Either way it rarely ends with her overly happy. Should i accept this is always going to happen and that women will either want a boyfriend from the situation or that she will just drop off the radar? Also do you always leave her place, or make her leave yours once sex is over, to avoid her seeing you in this way? Cheers, Michael

  4. Hey Tom

    What advice do you have for guys who are hustling hard trying to portray (and eventually become) bad boy (or lover) during day game, yet they don’t look like a bad boy. I mean when people look at me they immediately assume I’m a nice guy. This could be due to facial structure, voice and general style.


  5. Hi Tom,
    How do you decide if a girl is good for a long term relationship? If after for example 2 months of seeing each other she wants to be your girlfriend, what would make you decide that she is worth it? I know you look at some signs if she has tattoos, drinks, is a rocker (rebel), parents still together to know if to go for a SDL but how about a LTR?

  6. Hello Uncle Tom,

    I am following your channel and doing London daygame model like you are teaching and finally after nearly 60-80 approaches I hit insta FC from the street this weekend, so big thank you! Now to my questionI. have had several approaches, when the girl hooked and the conversation was really good (she was asking questions, she was talking a lot and she was touching her hair),but then she just flakes, she didnt even responded. I understand that this is part of the game, but I still dont get it. I would also like to know, if its better to text a girl on whats ap or send her sms.

  7. Here’s a problem I’ve hit 5 times in the last 200 or so approaches that I’ve never seen discussed on your channel or in your 1st 3 books…

    The girl says she can’t give out her contact info ’cause her bf regularly checks her phone to see if she is talking to guys – in one case the mum was checking the phone ’cause she approved of the girl’s bf and didn’t want her to have any other male contact. In most of these cases, I think the girls were being honest ’cause there were strong signs of attraction before this – (hand holding, good eye contact, hair flicking). In the most recent case, the girl said “I can’t give it out to you because my BF checks my messages, but I’d like to take a selfie with you.” In that case, I said I’d only pose for her if we did the detail exchange afterwards. And she still said she couldn’t.

    Is there a way around this? Going for the same day lay is the only solution I can think of. I live in a mid-sized city and most of my approaches are typically done in a bigger city 20 minutes away by train, so same day lays haven’t been a very realistic option in most cases. This isn’t a weasel, I have got girls back to my apartment after the approaches and instant dates, but only when travelling in bigger cities.

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