Hustle On: Los Angeles

From the City of (fallen) Angels I report back on a week of dirty daygame. Once again I dive into the mailbag to answer questions from readers on everything from relationships to Same Day Lay signals.

3 thoughts on “Hustle On: Los Angeles”

  1. Hey Tom,
    What’s your favourite things to ask a girl post-sex? When you’re in bed and she’s totally comfortable and your confidence is high, I’m sure it’s a great chance to open up and ask her questions about ‘red pill truths’… but I never know what exactly?
    (I think you had a video on this topic)

    All the best to you mate!

  2. Hi Tom,
    I’ve got a lot of hard dominance (height, fashion, eye contact, etc.) but I think I’m lacking soft dominance. What advice would you give someone who wants both but doesn’t want to slip back onto “nice guy mode” and wants to maintain the sexual intent?

  3. Do you ever do adventure bubble dates like from the girlfriend sequence when you talked about that I remember? I take girls to the skatepark and they watch me plus I show them how to ride. Peace on the streets!

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