Podcast 113: Filth!

Craig and I are in Los Angeles airport waiting for our flight to Sydney, recounting the filthy infield daygame lay stories from the past two weeks.

2 thoughts on “Podcast 113: Filth!”

  1. Hi Tom. I have a really hard time approaching(can’t really). When I pass a girl I like I just keep walking, when I see a girl I like I won’t run after her and so on. I give zero Fs about rejection(thank god), it does not face me at all, so that is not my issue. I came to a conclusion that my ego just won’t let me change. I go out quite often(small city though) but nothing happens, ever. I am challenging my ego this way but it always ends up with me wasting hours walking around the city or worst case I get into the self-pitty down-spiral and end up depressed. Few days ago I felt incredibly good throughout the whole day. I went out and even in the best mind(I don’t want to use the word state, since that is just temporary) I did … nothing. There was no fear, no self-doubt, I felt great…and nothing. Any advice on how to beat the ego and change oneself?


  2. Hey Tom, whatever happened to that kid you’d styled as your prodigy, sam django? Saw him mentioned twice on Krauser’s blog and then *poof*, it’s like he ceased to exist.


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