Podcast 113: Filth!


19/07/2017 by Tom Torero

Craig and I are in Los Angeles airport waiting for our flight to Sydney, recounting the filthy infield daygame lay stories from the past two weeks.

2 thoughts on “Podcast 113: Filth!

  1. Damien monroe says:

    Hi Tom. I have a really hard time approaching(can’t really). When I pass a girl I like I just keep walking, when I see a girl I like I won’t run after her and so on. I give zero Fs about rejection(thank god), it does not face me at all, so that is not my issue. I came to a conclusion that my ego just won’t let me change. I go out quite often(small city though) but nothing happens, ever. I am challenging my ego this way but it always ends up with me wasting hours walking around the city or worst case I get into the self-pitty down-spiral and end up depressed. Few days ago I felt incredibly good throughout the whole day. I went out and even in the best mind(I don’t want to use the word state, since that is just temporary) I did … nothing. There was no fear, no self-doubt, I felt great…and nothing. Any advice on how to beat the ego and change oneself?


  2. J says:

    Hey Tom, whatever happened to that kid you’d styled as your prodigy, sam django? Saw him mentioned twice on Krauser’s blog and then *poof*, it’s like he ceased to exist.


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