Hustle On: Singapore

I’m in Singapore on the Street Hustle World Tour, reporting back on some Asian daygame and once more diving deep into the mailbag for a Q&A.

4 thoughts on “Hustle On: Singapore”

  1. Hey Tom. I daygame in NYC and aspired to be great at it. I’ve ran into some girls who tell me that they been approached in the street, no biggie, but they then tell me that the guys are creepy. She then tells me about some of these PUAs that hang around Union Square and around Washington square Park. She blocked one of guys number but then got a call from him three time from different numbers asking her why she blocked him. After hearing that an uneasy feeling came to me. She described the guys and thank god It wasn’t me. Ever since then I have been approaching less and less, the fear of being one of these guys and the spotlight effect is getting to me. I’m afraid that if I do approach the people around me and her will assume I’m one of them and the last thing I want is rumors about me and being some sort of a wanted man(lol). Any ideas to get over this? I want to get great at this but the only way to do so is to approach. Thank you.

    1. Girls love confident man, not creepy guys. The fact that you do daygame doesn’t say much about being confident or creepy ;)). If you act confident and believe in what you are doing, then girls love you ?. Otherwise, if you act creepy, they despite you.

  2. Daygame is HARD, we all know that. Particullarly in the beginning, as in learning any new skill, there is a phase you have to go through in which you are supposed to struggle! What are you BEST advices to go through that initial time besides following the structure of the London Daygame Model and taking action?

  3. Hi Tom,

    I really liked your video. Unfortunately I was hustling in Singapore just once. @PowerUpman: be a man and approach no matter what. Don’t waste your energy on the opinion of some random girl. Be a lion, a wolf or any other alpha male ;)! Have fun on your trip and continue hustling!

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