One Night In Hong Kong

I went on a side hustle trip to Hong Kong for less than 24 hours and managed to experience the neon delights of the waterfront at dusk as well as chasing tail πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “One Night In Hong Kong”

  1. Hello Tom, I’ll keep it brief because I have two questions! Is direct approach impossible in conservative countries? Did you ever consider gaming in the middle east? Now that’s a challenge


  2. Hey Tom
    I started to use the LDM early this year and my interaction with girls improved significantly. Thanks for sharing.
    Recently I got comments from female friends that I became somewhat arrogant, in a negative way. My male friends, on the other hand, respond positively to the change. As I’m still trying to get rid of my good-guy traits I assume this as a good sign. But, I’d like to hear your experience. Is this responds common or may this be a sign for not fractionating enough.



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