Hustle On: Munich

The end is near! We’ve made it to Munich, Germany, for the final stop on the daygame world tour. Cheers for joining me around the globe; hope you’ve got something from the pickup Q&As along the way.

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2 thoughts on “Hustle On: Munich”

  1. Hey Tommy boy, dont know if this is where you pick questions from but anyway. I would like to know how would you recommend playing game at a small university campus and in closed environments, say a bus or in the subway. Really hope you can help me out. Cheers.

  2. Tom, in your fantastic podcast “Going All the Way” you talk about not hiding your dick, not hiding your face and your voice, being completely and unapologetically open with regards to who you are and what you do. I loved it.

    But how does it relate to seducing women? Are girls able to accept the radical honesty you show on your website, or do they need a little plausible deniability (even although your vibe and behaviour tells them all they need to know). Are your girls easily able to find your website?

    And if so, do you find it difficult to reconcile your real life with your online persona? Just curious if your pseudonym is more for the haters or for the girls! In your podcast about 1000+ notches, a lot of those men (like Hugh Hefner or Jack Nicholson) are widely known to be players and it almost seems to work in their favour rather than against. Curious to hear your thought!

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