Below The Belt (Prologue)

daygame and filghty sex

Tomorrow I’m starting to publish my “Dirty Thirty” series of blog posts with a new lay report / filthy story each day in August appearing on this website.

These stories will be rough drafts of what will go on to become a large section of my new book Below The Belt, my fourth collection of lay reports but this time a no-holds-barred account of some of the most filthy fucked up adventures that I’ve experienced in the last few years of pickup.

The book’s title refers to an old brown leather belt that I’ve worn continuously infield since getting into daygame nearly nine years ago. My first book Daygame describes my journey from chronic Nice Guy to full-time hustler over the course of the first few years, whilst the second book Torero Travels tells of my early seduction adventures abroad. Cold Calling has lay reports from my travels in the Former Soviet Union.

Below The Belt will be something far more raw, far more graphic. It will consist of 30 stories that I’ve not written down up until now because of the amount of debauchery and bodily fluids involved. I’m aware that friends and even family members have read the first three books, and I was always slightly nervous about going into too much detail.

But for this new book I’m embracing the player lifestyle fully, cutting my ties with the Nice Guy remnants and retelling the stories with all their dirty details. As the saying goes, “you can’t be half a gangster.”

daygame domination

The now infamous Torero belt was obtained from a vintage store on Drury Lane at some point in late 2009 / early 2010. I’d read about the peacocking needed in nightclub pickups so I’d gone to the shop to buy a ridiculous blue fluffy jacket, forgetting that daygame was very different from club game.

After paying for it, putting it on and walking around Covent Garden for half an hour, I realised how stupid I looked. People were pointing and laughing at this guy who looked like a blue chicken. I went straight back to the store and asked for a refund. The lady said I couldn’t have one, but that she could swap it for a plainer jacket. To make up the price difference she threw in the old cowboy-like leather belt which she said came from Texas.

From that day forward I kept the belt on whenever I went infield to do daygame, go on a date or travel around the world teaching it. I’m not a superstitious guy but the belt has become something of a trademark (‘torero’ means ‘bullfighter’ in Spanish).

In the early days it was like a superhero belt for me, representing my double life of being a school teacher during the day and then a seducer after work. I often felt like the Karate Kid putting on the belt as a daygame apprentice, ready to learn the art and craft infield.

As my previous books document, my journey as a seducer took me from humble, polite, boyfriend-like beginnings to something far more dominant, sexual and under-the-radar. The belt has seen it all, as I’ve gone from Nice Guy to lover, and it bears the scars, quite literally.

Below The Belt will contain my stories from inside the “Secret Society” – a world of fast, dirty hidden sex as the lover rather than the provider. It will lift the lid on my non-monogamous encounters all over the world with girls who have boyfriends, married women, same day lays, threesomes, anal sex, blood, BDSM and even a porn film.

The completed book will not only contain the 30 debaucherous stories but it will explain the biological principles beneath them – why women cheat, why bad boys win, what fantasies girls have and how you too can enter the Secret Society to enjoy them.

Starting tomorrow, strap yourself in. It’s going to be a wild ride 😉

25 thoughts on “Below The Belt (Prologue)”

  1. Can’t wait for it man,
    You are the rawest and the most influential daygamer I’ve come across,
    as your teachings master,go beyond daygame and a hustler’s HARD life,
    and that is what the outsiders don’t understand,women are not the central piece of life.
    Grab life by the horns,Signing off.

  2. I like how concise your speeches usually are – to the point, no bs and less foreplay. You are probably the only gamer I would like to meet in real life.

  3. Hi Tom ! Excited by the new book and the thirty blog posts coming over… By the way do you till thinking about release a Kindle Version of Cold Calling ?! Which I cannot find on Amazon until now… ?! All The Best Below The Belt, Mate ! 😉

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