Below The Belt Part 4

For an introduction to this “dirty thirty” series of blog posts for my new book Below The Belt, go here.

Down & Dirty

sex in the car

Forget candles, rose petals and soft jazz. Throw away the provider idea of “romantic” sex on a four-poster bed with your “soulmate.” Give up on the habit of missionary position and only having sex in a bed with lots of cuddling afterwards.

A key element of the Secret Society is that you’re sleeping with her as the lover. By definition it’s passionate, intense, wild and raw. An easy way to unleash this side of you and her is to engage in adventurous sex together in risky locations. Fulfil her fantasies of meeting a dangerous wolf in a dark forest or being dominated by a strict boss with others close by.

In my own journey from sweet, romantic “boyfriend material” daygamer to naughty, below-the-belt player I’ve gradually taken things with girls from vanilla sex in the bedroom to filthy sex in a myriad of weird and wild locations. I’ve been inspired by other daygamers I’ve lived and travelled with to push the envelope further and further, and I’d encourage you to do the same.

First the locations. I’ve gone from the bedroom to doing it on sofas and rugs, then to bending her over in the kitchen and doing her in the shower. If you’re scared to try anal sex with her then having a shower together first is an easy way to begin.

Open a window in the apartment, let her lean her head out and look at the street below as you do her hard from behind. Push her against a wall by the front door as she comes in and go inside her with her legs wrapped around you, clothes still on but her dress hitched up and your flies open.

Stealth Seduction has a lot of interesting locations: my wing Craig and I fucking a Canadian girl in a van, me fucking an American girl as she bent over the cliff fence looking out above the Pacific Ocean, a Moldovan girl and I fucking at the top of an overgrown staircase of an abandoned nightclub in a dark park, plus fast Same Day Lays from daygame and gutter game.

Girls love this stuff, it’s what they literally fantasise about after searching for similar porn (visual or literary) online. If you don’t believe me, read the book “A Billion Wicked Thoughts” by two neuroscientists who analysed real-world Google search data. Or read the classic “My Secret Garden” to learn about what prim and proper American housewives admitted to fantasising about when interviewed in the early 1970s.

I vividly remember fucking an English girl on a beach in Greece, a Russian girl in a sauna in Barcelona (we snapped one of the wooden bench planks), a Ukrainian girl up against a church in a park in Krakow, a Moldovan girl in a car and a field, a Latvian girl on a roof, a South African girl on some scaffolding and a Russian girl sucking me off as I drove the car.

It has to be risky, it has to be spontaneous, it has to be intense. I fingered an Italian girl in a taxi in New York (the cab driver knew what was happening) and did the same with a Ukrainian girl in Poland. I’ve unzipped my jeans and gone inside a Romanian girl who was sitting on my lap wearing a dress in the middle of a sky bar in Warsaw. Many times I’ve fucked girls in bathrooms (once getting kicked out in a London pub – the story is in my first book Daygame).

A “shy introverted” 18 year old English girl who I’d taken the virginity of months before asked me to pick her up in a car, drive her to the edge of a forest and fuck her against a tree with my hands around her throat. That story is to follow.

After you’ve tried some of these locations, make sure you’re trying different positions. Bend her over a desk, get her to sit on your lap on a dark park bench, wrap her legs around you as you’re standing in a bathroom. Let her suck you off with your coat over your lap in a dark bar.

Tell her what you want her to wear when she comes over. Underneath the PC veneer of equalism, girls love to submit sexually to a dominant man who makes them feel fragile and feminine. Put your thumb in her mouth as you’re fucking her. Hold your fingers around her throat (but not obviously endangering her). Pull her hair. Spank her ass. Get her to kneel in front of you, her hands behind her back as she sucks you off. Don’t just cum on her back or her belly but shoot your load on her face or in her mouth.

A daygame instructor and former wing of mine called Dave encouraged me to try a lot of this lover-type stuff. He’d regularly fuck girls in toilets and in parks. Once he fucked a girl in a phone box and then weeks later he took her on an open top tour bus of London and fucked her on his lap on the top deck.

Switch the soppy Barry White soundtrack to some hardcore heavy metal or something dark and dangerous like this. You want to tap into ancient, primal instincts and the soundtrack can massively accelerate this. Change the sloppy make-outs to lip biting, nail clawing and neck biting.

This is what keeps girls cumming back for more. They get addicted to the thrill of the bad boy. It’s what they can’t get from their boring beta boyfriends and clean living conservative husbands. It’s primal. It’s ancient. It’s hardwired. Fulfil her sexual desires and she’ll follow you around like a kitten.

In future stories in the book I’ll explain my exploration of BDSM and threesomes with girls, pushing things even further and using my Torero belt quite literally to whip things into shape across the globe. Say goodbye to Mr Nice Guy as you embrace the wild beast inside you.

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