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Secret Society Principles & Rules

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This weekend I’m off on another mini adventure, so I’m going deep inside two things (always a good idea) in one post today. Whilst I hope you’re enjoying the filthy extracts from my new book “Below The Belt” it’s much more important that you understand the principles behind these stories. Why do girls cheat? What makes lover sex different from relationship sex? Why do women crave sexual domination with the bad boy?

If you’ve not done so already, have a listen to my podcast on the Secret Society which gives you an overview of these concepts:


The Secret Society is made up of the men and women who make use of the evolutionary truths of human reproduction. The key principles adhered to are that:

  1. Humans are non-monogamous. We all look to upgrade our partners. 
  2. Men have one sexual strategy (spread their seed far and wide with high SMV girls) and women have two (get DNA from the lover and resources/care from the provider).


By default, all women are members of the Secret Society (they have an innate grasp of these principles from birth). Only 20% of men on the planet are members of the Secret Society, perhaps even less, who have gained an understanding of these principles from infield experience. They’re the lovers, the cads, the outlaws who “just get it” in a woman’s eyes.

The Secret Society principles are played out with the following rules:

  1. The first rule of the Secret Society is that you don’t talk about the Secret Society. It’s secret for a reason. Discretion is vital and the key principles must be hidden from non-members for them to thrive
  2. Show, don’t tell. You can’t logically persuade a girl that you’re a member – you have to show her with your actions. 
  3. Don’t judge. There’s a core acceptance of evolutionary biological truths which explains her/his behaviour. Rather than getting reactive or mad, members use these truths to their advantage. 
  4. Women are born into the Secret Society. Men must earn membership, and can be ejected if they break the rules.


As a guy, how do you know you’re in the Secret Society? It’s pretty clear – you have the ability to sleep with a lot of high SMV females quickly and with no-strings. Money or the promise of a relationship is not involved. You’re having sex with girls outside the context of “dating her.” She might well have a boyfriend / fiancé / husband and just meet you for sexual adventures, without you providing anything else in return.

Other key indicators would be:

  • Sex happens on the first date. If she’s making you wait beyond the second or third date then she’s putting you in the boyfriend / provider / friend box
  • She doesn’t ask you to wear a condom
  • The sex is down and dirty – passionate, kinky, with anal, threesomes etc
  • She comes to you specifically in the middle of her month when she’s ovulating
  • She lets you cum all over her body / she swallows your cum 
  • She’s totally in your frame, and happy to submit to your dominant lead 


So how do you gain entry to the Secret Society as a guy? First you have to accept and internalise the principles and rules. That’s much harder than it sounds – you’ll have to give up on your Purity Fantasy, stop your neediness and lack of frame, improve your male SMV and calibrate your intent (i.e. learn game) by approaching, dating and sleeping with a a lot of girls. Practically you can follow these outer game rules:


Learning Game infield (not just reading about the theory) will give you non-neediness through abundance, swagger and cockiness, the ability to read subtle female cues, the skill to pass her tests and ultimately the strength to hold the frame. So log off, head outside and roll up your sleeves to start putting in the infield daygame work needed to get your Secret Society membership card. She’ll thank you for it.

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