Below The Belt Part 15

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Bodily Fluids 101

russian girl doing blow job


“Sex isn’t for the squeamish. Sex is an exchange of fluids, saliva, breath and smells, urine, shit, sweat, microbes, bacteria. Or there is no sex. If it’s just tenderness and ethereal spirituality, then it can never be more than a sterile parody of the real act.”

Pedro Juan Gutierrez


Lover sex based on desire can’t be negotiated. It’s raw, wild and down-n-dirty. Without this acceptance of dominance and submission there is no sex, as the above quote makes clear. When couples get into an exclusive relationship, this desire in the bedroom fades (because humans aren’t monogamous) and sex becomes either romanticised or plain boring. It’s now a sterile negotiated thing, not a spontaneous hot dirty explosion.

Secret Society sex is certainly not for the squeamish, and as promised I’m going to recount some of the graphic scenes from my daygame adventures in the last few years. If you’re eating your lunch and reading this, perhaps save the post until later.

I’ve already written about bloody sex. In this post I talk about why it’s common to have sex with a girl when she’s on her period. Many times I’ve been covered in blood (and my bed sheets too) after such lays. Only once was it my blood, when I got my foreskin caught in my jeans zipper in a hostel as I was about to bang a Czech girl, as I recount in my first book Daygame.

Anal sex is something I initially tried with a hot Turkish virgin in London (also recounted in that first book) and subsequently with around a dozen girls. I’ll admit that I’ve always gone bareback, but at least half of them have had showers beforehand or I’ve smashed her in the shower itself. My rule for anal with a girl is that she has to be hot – I save it for the 8s and above. It’s a really dominant move to introduce a girl to it, something that pimps do in a Dark Triad way to keep the girls in their frame.

Only twice I’ve looked down after anal and seen shit on my dick. Once with a hot Ukrainian and once with a Russian. The girls are just as embarrassed as you are so I always go straight to the shower afterwards. One time when living in the Marble Arch house I shot my load inside a hot blonde’s ass and after sex I left her to go on her shopping outing to Oxford Street. She texted me from a shop to tell me she had my cum dripping down her legs and that it was turning her on.

Sometimes girls’ pussies smell (or taste weird) for whatever reason. I’ve always found it odd that some girls don’t smell or taste of anything at all, whenever you see them, where as others can stink. And I mean really stink. Two of the hottest girls I’ve fucked (one Russian and one Lithuanian) both had smelly pussies which was nauseating as I was fucking them, especially from behind. Whether they knew they had a problem or not I don’t know, but it really changed my Nice Guy opinion of hot girls as marble statues and pure angels.

I’ve fucked a handful of girls who were natural squirters where towels were needed to soak up the wetness on the bed after she came (most likely female piss, whatever porn wants you to believe). The SDL Las Vegas girl from Stealth Seduction squirted out so much fluid when we were going for it doggy style that the carpet around her was drenched.

Sex in a Romantic Comedy movie is all kissing, mood lighting and missionary. The reality of Secret Society sex is much more similar to that seen in the Lars Von Trier film “Nymphomaniac” – there’s scratching, sweating, biting and domination of intense proportions. In the heat of the moment with a lover she’ll let you go inside her without a condom (or sometimes she’ll pull the condom off). She’ll scream for you to cum inside her, to spank her harder, to call her a whore, to pin her down, to face fuck her…and that’s just the beginning.

Real dirty sex reveals repressed fantasies, ancient forces and primitive urges. It’s so liberating precisely for those reasons, where you can both finally turn off your forebrains and reconnect to the hindbrain. It’s the Big Bang personified – the whole reason for life on Earth – released in a cosmic explosion of orgasmic energy.

I’ve pissed on girls in the shower and fucked them as they’ve pissed in the shower too. I’ve not gone as far as the Japanese do of taking a crap on a girl (or, even worse, her on me) but I’ve tried everything I want to try. In a future post in this series I’ll recount the threesome adventures and my forays into BDSM which have taken me to the limits of my fantasy tick list.

There’s plenty of embarrassing things about lover sex. The sweatiness of it, her fanny farts as you pound her, the awkwardness of cleaning up after you’ve shot your load into the face of a girl you’ve known for less than two hours. The self-consciousness of lying there butt naked after sex with a stranger and making weird small talk. The times when you lose your wood after hours of token LMR and she then decides she wants it. The stinky morning breath of each other’s mouthes when you wake up. The fact that some hot girls have strong body odour after she’s been walking around a city all day getting sweaty and you’ve pulled her back for a SDL. The times when a girl’s puked from a night out of drinking and then gets back into bed wanting to fuck you.

There’s also the embarrassment of going to get your gear checked out at a Sexual Health Clinic. You’re going to drop your pants, have a bright light shone on your manliness, have to piss in a tube, have a swab shoved up your dick and your blood taken, all while trying to make small talk with the cute nurse. One time I walked out of a check-up clinic to have a guy tap me on the shoulder and tell me he enjoyed my videos – I wasn’t sure if I should shake his hand or not.

Any experienced daygamer who hasn’t come across (…get it…cum across…) such girls or scenarios is either telling fibs or he hasn’t actually banged that many girls. Dirty sex in lover mode is, by definition, filthy, in more ways than one. Either you can accept it and enjoy it as part of the Secret Society, or cling to the Purity Fantasy and pretend that it doesn’t exist. And that denies your humanity.

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  1. Tom, do u do anal unprotected? how many times
    i’ve heard medical resources that it’s very high risk hiv transmission

  2. “The self-consciousness of lying there butt naked after sex with a stranger and making weird small talk. The times when you lose your wood after hours of token LMR and she then decides she wants it.”

    I’ve only done this part but not the actual thing! 😀

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