Below The Belt Part 17

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All – Japan 2015-2016

daygame in tokyo

From the first time I landed in Tokyo (Autumn 2015) I realised that I loved the city, the country and the people. Even though I’m not really attracted to Asian girls, I’ve always loved the special kinkiness of Japanese sexuality. In my first book Daygame I tell the story of banging a Japanese girl in a London hostel who I’d met in a bookstore from one of my first ever daygame approaches. Like the Russian girl on the ferry she’d been on her period and just pulled out the tampon in front of me. I remember her weird and wonderful sex noises and the fact that she’d seemed so timid during the initial pickup.

Japan is all about this schizophrenic, Jekyll-and-Hyde nature. On the surface the society and its women are very calm and orderly. You’ll realise as soon as you start hitting the streets for daygame that it’s not the normal for strangers to talk to each other (or even look at each other). Girls scurry off giggling or muttering. English levels are very low. They’re intimidated by the front stop. After and hour you start to question whether daytime hustling will work at all.

Slowly you’ll calibrate to it. You’ll tone down the bad boy vibe on the street and learn to plough on through their nervousness and lack of English. You’ll use the Google Translate app on your phone to do voice translation. Holding her hand will calm her down and you’ll start going for the digits anyway, realising that their timidness and short sets doesn’t mean they’re not interested. You’ll download the app “Line” – their version of WhatsApp – and be bemused by the number of weird and wonderful emoticons they use. I made a video on how it’s possible to daygame a girl who doesn’t speak English here.

My lays in Japan have all had filthy twists to them. The dating is always stifled as conversation is so hard, and you’re sat there wondering if she’s a secret nympho or not under the “shy girl” exterior. Apart from the photo stack routine and some light physical escalation (not too much in public – remember this is Asia) you only find out how on she is when you get them in isolation. One of my first lays was with a girl I’d number closed at the famous Shibuya crossing by telling her she looked like Harry Potter because of her schoolgirl blazer. The date a few days later was awful – pretty much silent and stilted. But when I asked her to come back to the apartment to watch a movie she complied completely. Straight into the bedroom. Make out. Clothes off. Dirty sex with those funny grunting and squealing noises from her. Shows that you should never judge a book by its cover. This is the very definition of the Secret Society – the filthiness is hidden below the surface.

Another lay on that first trip came from a date in the same bar the following week which was equally awkward. She replied to everything I said with “Oooooh!” or “Ahhhhhh!” and giggled for the rest of it. When I was done with my photo stack she showed me photos of her tiny apartment (normal in Japan) and her many cats. She had an Instagram account just for the cats where she’d dress them up in Disney princess or Pokemon character costumes. I suggested the bounce back to mine but she said she had to go home to feed her “babies” and that I could come. We got a cab out to the suburbs of Tokyo in one of those retro taxis driven by an old guy with white gloves and when I stepped into her miniature apartment I was overwhelmed. Firstly by the smell of cat shit. And secondly by the fact that the entire bedsit was full of cat paraphernalia – an assault course of ropes, swings, tunnels and bridges hung from the ceiling and there were boxes of cat costumes and Disney figures everywhere. I ended up fucking her on the sofa as I held my breath against the stench of cat shit and with all her cats milling around. She was equally noisy and as rampant as the Harry Potter girl, proving in my mind that Japanese girls are bipolar with their sexuality in true Secret Society style.

You can see bits of the these adventures here:

On my second trip to Japan in the Autumn of 2016 I fucked three girls from daygame. The first (a Same Day Lay with a girl who had zero English) is on Stealth Seduction. The second was a girl I’d met in Starbucks who was visiting the city and who I ended up fucking in her hotel with her colleagues down the corridor. The third girl was the the most Secret Society-like of all because of the fact that she was engaged.

It had been a fast, throwaway number close with her on the street because of the typical Japanese daygame problems. The date was very awkward too as she didn’t drink alcohol and we’d met early evening in Starbucks. Quickly she told me she was engaged to be married and that she lived with her fiancĂ©. Again there was really no English, and the wifi in the coffee shop was down so we resorted to communicating through drawing pictures in a notebook (I’d yet to learn that you can download Google Translate packages to use offline). Just for the heck of it I invited her back to watch a movie and to my amazement she agreed. Back in the small rented apartment across the street we sat on the bed, listened to music and I started escalating. The usual token LMR reared its head and she wouldn’t go beyond cuddling and very small kisses.

Plan B – I put on a hypnotically beautiful documentary about a landscape photographer in South America (chosen because it had very little dialogue). The images were dreamy and the music relaxing – it was doing a lot of the LMR-busting for me. I slowly realised that she was enjoying the cat-and-mouse dance of me pulling the trigger and her playfully pushing me away. She made small simpering noises as I kissed her neck, her ear and then got really into it as we made out. Japanese girls seem to especially love the fantasy of “submitting” to a dominant man as she play-acted being coy and surprised. Soon we were fucking like rabbits – on the bed, on the floor, on the balcony looking out onto the neon streets below. I was so horny I shot my load inside her so we had to go to an emergency pharmacy for the Morning-After Pill.

There are plenty more weird and wonderful stories from Japan which I shall save for a possible future daygame book on the country but for now I’ll finish today’s post with another video from Tokyo on improving your odds in pickup. Too many guys go to Asia and just do grotty Tinder pulls or, even worse, pay-for-play whoring. There are many Nice Guys in Japan trying to do Snake Seduction of being English teachers. It’s time to say fuck that and stop hiding your dick. Learn direct cold approach pickup to regrow some balls and join the Secret Society:

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