Below The Belt Part 18

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Let Us Pray – Summer 2013, London

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I’ve said many times that if you try to repress human sexuality, it surfaces in even more wild and wonderful ways. I call this the Pressure Cooker Effect – telling someone that sex is shameful, wrong and not allowed, leading to them diving head first into the Secret Society once they’ve got the opportunity to escape the societal / religious restraints on them.

Why do some people want to repress sexuality in the first place? Either they are ignorant of the two key principles of the Secret Society (that humans are non-monogamous and that whilst men have one sexual strategy, women have two) or they know about these principles and attempt to counteract biology with an ideology as their own sexual strategy. It goes something like this:

“I cannot get access to girls in the Secret Society as a lover, so therefore I will try to destroy the Secret Society and in its place build my own system of one girl for every guy, making everyone play by my rules” 

In my first two books there are many lay reports with Muslim girls who have come to London from strict conservative countries and suddenly gone wild. Away from the controlling hand of their family, mosque and society they take advantage of being sexually liberated and dive headfirst into Secret Society pleasures with me.

This new lay report is the best example of the Pressure Cooker Effect I’ve come across in my Game journey. I was in my final term of being a school teacher in London and getting ready to jump ship to become a full-time daygame coach. As part of my resignation I’d been asked to hand over the reigns of my position to the replacement teacher.

The teacher who was shadowing me for a term was a pretty English girl, newly qualified and full of energy. She had the usual new-to-the-job sparkle and was great fun to work with. I’d half been excited about working with her because she was hot, but half frustrated as she was a distraction from my work life. Early on I’d invited her out for an after work beer but she told me she didn’t drink alcohol because she was a member of a pseudo-Christian sect, a bit like the Mormons. She’d only dated one guy from her church and all her free time was spent in Bible studies, youth work and soup kitchens.

However, biology is biology. All of the classic “attraction switches” were triggered by watching me in the classroom every day for months:

  • Preselection: Other female teachers and parents looked up to me
  • Leader: I was in charge of kids and had wider responsibilities
  • Protector Of Loved Ones: That’s a given being a teacher
  • Willingness to Emote: I was a creative, engaging, teacher with my classes
  • Risk Taker: She knew about my hobbies of travel, adrenaline sports, music etc

We’d go out of school for lunch in a local cafe and she opened up to me about being raised in a religious household, and how she’d fooled around with boys from her church but she’d never had sex. She’d never tried alcohol but had a “guilty pleasure” of smoking when she was stressed, which she hid from everyone.

The lunches turned into after school drinks – I’d have beer and she’d have coffee. I could see in her eyes the pent-up sexual frustrations and tensions. She’d learnt of my dating life with other teachers, single mums and nannies at the school (which I describe in my first book) and was clearly turned on by my “bad boy” image. I’d flirt more and more with her until the point where we’d hug and I’d kiss her on the cheek.

To add to the tension, one day she found me on my laptop at lunchtime writing an article for the pickup company I was freelancing with at the time. That night she Googled “Tom Torero” and read up on my second life as a part-time daygame coach. She was completely fascinated by this underworld of Secret Society pleasures, all the more so because they were off-limits to her. As the old saying goes, “if you want to draw attention to something, put a cloth on top of it.”

One evening after work we’d been in a pub beer garden (her drinking juice) and I’d leant forward and kissed her on the lips. At first lightly, then a full-blown make-out. She enjoyed it but afterwards was shy about it, worried that she was breaking her own rules. Soon after term ended and I’d left the school position, leaving her to take on my role. I didn’t see much of her anymore other than occasional coffees if she was in central London on the weekends.

Fast forward a few months and she got in touch with me to “ask for advice” about exam paperwork. I told her to come over to the Marble Arch house (Project London – the House Of Horrors) and we could go through the files she was preparing. She arrived and sat in the living room where three other daygame pickup coaches were dossing around on the sofa playing video games. Since working with me she’d followed my new job online (and I’m suspecting watched all my Youtube videos). She was fascinated about the penthouse situation, the other coaches and the whole idea of daygame.

I gave her a house tour and we ended up in my attic room where there was a window out onto the roof. It was a warm summer evening and we sat with our backs on the slanted roof, smoking and reminiscing about working together. As the sun dropped it got colder so I had my arm around her. Soon we were making out. First nervously, then passionately. My hands wandered under her top and then I took her hand and put it on my crotch. She was really into it, so I opened my jeans zip and she held my dick.

Moving back inside to my tiny bedroom was straightforward as it was now dark and cold. I put on some music and low light, she smoked another cigarette, then we resumed hugging on the floor mattress (I hadn’t gotten a bed frame yet). She was playing with my dick again and I was trying to get my hand down her jeans, but they were the super skinny ones. As if making a final mental decision, she opened up the buttons herself and wriggled them off. I fingered her before sliding off her panties and opening her legs. “Be gentle” she said as I slowly went inside her and took her virginity.

I slept with her one more time a few weeks later when she returned for more of the forbidden fruit, but after that it was the school summer holiday and she was back with her family and strict way of life. We stayed in touch for a while but then she told me she’d gotten another boyfriend from her church and “things were getting serious.” 

I’m sure her future husband will never find out about her Secret Society adventures. A girl’s dual-mating strategy (lovers & providers) means that she must hide her short term trists from her long term partners. Her stable boyfriend or husband will be warm, faithful, respectable, a good father and financially successful. I’m sure he’ll be a pillar of church life and a real family man. But she’ll never forget about biting the sweet apple in the Marble Arch Garden Of Eden.

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  1. I know you’re a big advocate for stats and data etc Tom, even after all these years do you still write a private lay report for every new girl you screw?

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