Below The Belt Part 20

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Nice Guys Cum Last – July 2016, Prague

daygame lay

This story illustrates the difference between being her lover versus getting stuck in the Friend Zone. It also encapsulates the hidden nature of the Secret Society, and why girls must keep their sexual adventures behind closed doors.

I was renting a room in a shared house in Prague for a week or so right in the middle of the city. The main tenant who was renting the other rooms was a middle aged guy who was very Blue Pill – angry with the world, inexperienced with women and using a Mr Nice Guy front to try to bed them. He would meet up with girls “as friends,” take them to dinner, solve their problems for them (including financially sometimes) and then get upset when they wouldn’t sleep with him.

I was in the city to daygame and pull. He saw me bringing a number of girls back to the house and I could see that this didn’t sit comfortably with his “conservative morals” as he described them when we’d gone out for a coffee early on.

One lunchtime during a Street Hustling session on the main daygame strip I opened a tall, slim, high heel wearing girl in her early thirties who looked typically Slavic, hot for her age. As I was running the Opener and Stack she grinned….it all seemed so familiar. Indeed a year previously I’d stopped her before and instant dated her to a Starbucks. We both laughed it off and she didn’t seem to mind that I clearly did this a lot.

I mini bounced her to the side of the street under a cafe umbrella as there was a sudden light summer rain shower. We were standing close to each other as she pulled out her cigarettes and lit one. Just that simple shift in proximity immediately took the sexual tension from low to high. I’m pretty sure she was in her Ovulating Window phase of the month as her energy was so sensual and electric. She was wearing a tight black skirt to her knees, heels and a white blouse. We made chit-chat about our lives in the past year but underneath it all there was clearly a sexual spark.

She told me she’d quit her job and was having lots of interviews. I teased her that she should become a stripper or find a Sugar Daddy. More green lights as she blew smoke in my face and stood even closer as the rain intensified. I pulled her in and kissed her, it was one of those super charged moments in pick up that happen in a flash. She kissed me back with tongues. Everything inside me was screaming “pull home, pull home.”

“Come and have a glass of wine to celebrate your interviews” I said. “What, now?” she questioned. “Yep, don’t pretend you’ve got anything to do, you’re unemployed!”

The five minute walk home was easy as there was still light drizzle so it made the fast bounce plausible. As I took her into the entrance porch of the shared house she stopped and looked guilty. “What’s up?” I asked. “I’ve been here before” she giggled, “Do you know a man called Pavel who lives here?” I explained that he was my landlord but that he was out at work right now. She told me how she’d met him a long time ago in a bar and how he’d befriended her, taking her out for dinners and concerts but then getting angry when she wouldn’t accept his romantic advances.

“Are you sure he’s not in?!” she asked with a naughty grin. “Definitely” I said, “he’s at his office and doesn’t normally come home for lunch.”

Inside it was all too easy. I’d like to write that there was a big seduction battle of wits but the reality is that I’d stumbled upon a girl who was up for fast casual sex. A year before things had been more complex and she had fizzled out over text after the instant date, but I’d clearly caught her at the right time of the month in the right moment of her life. I poured some white wine in the kitchen, she smoked from my bedroom window, we made out again and then fucked on the bed. I remember her wine glass falling off the bedside table and smashing into a million pieces on the floor as we carried on fucking.

Suddenly we heard the front door go. I jumped up mid lay and shut my bedroom door. “Tom?” I heard Pavel’s voice in the corridor. “Hi Pavel, just…um… on a call” I replied back, putting a chair behind the door just in case. I heard him take a shopping bag of lunch into the lounge which was just across the hallway from my room.

The girl was half panicked, half giggling. She was clearly enjoying the naughty pantomime nature of it all as she hid under the duvet. I got back into bed, pulled the duvet over me too and we carried on fucking in silence, slow not to make the bed creak and both of us trying not to make a noise. She was loving the awkward situation, grinning as we could hear Pavel rummaging around in the kitchen.

I remember shooting my load in her mouth and then getting up, putting my clothes on and then going and closing the lounge door, waving a phone at Pavel and saying I didn’t want to disturb him. Back in my room the girl got dressed as quickly as she could, leaving her heels off so they wouldn’t make a sound, and I snuck her out of my room checking that the lounge door was still closed. Outside the front door she put on her heels and in silence we said goodbye.

I went back into the house and chatted to Pavel about his day as he finished his lunch, trying to look as nonchalant as I could. Some readers might be angry with me thinking that I “stole” his girl, but that’s not what happened at all if you understand the Secret Society. He’d Friend Zoned himself by lying about his initial intentions when he met her, trying to win her over in Provider mode and then getting annoyed with her when she’d rejected him. Pavel wasn’t my friend or wing and he’d blown his chances.

Later I got a message from the girl who wanted to know if he’d heard anything, and telling me that she’d loved the adventure. As harsh as this sounds, girls are doing this all the time (“alpha fucks, beta bucks”) as that’s their hardwired sexual strategy. They don’t just pity the Nice Guy who hides his dick but they actively mock him and use him.

It’s the Nice Guys who are the biggest liars, the biggest “creeps” as they are hiding their intent with girls as a failed sexual strategy, pretending things are platonic but secretly scheming about how to “get her.” When that fails they shower girls with money hoping that the strategy of “impressing her” will win.

So make the choice – be the lover or the provider, the guy girls cheat with or the guy that girls cheat on. Just don’t blame girls when your sexual strategy doesn’t work.

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