Below The Belt Part 24


Benchmarks, 2010-2017

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“We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror”

Marshall McLuhan


Many lays (and many of my lay reports) blend into one: approach the girl, get her number, take her on a date or two and sleep with her. Some of the girls stand out in the mind for their level of beauty but that doesn’t often correlate to how good the sex itself was. Some you have a connection with outside of the bedroom, but that also doesn’t always influence how mind blowing the actual sex was.

There’s nothing wrong with lots and lots of casual sex that is unmemorable. The experiences alone take a guy from inexperienced to confident, Nice Guy to pimp. In the moment the daygame, the date and the pull home are an end in themselves. A touring musician doesn’t remember every single gig he’s played but the cumulative effect of playing those gigs is what makes him great.

A weakness of writing books of just lay reports (like my first book Daygame in particular) is that once you work out how to have casual sex, the infield reports start to sound robotic as you get less and less learning points and levelling up in each one. The puzzle’s been solved, the hustle has become consistent, so why keep writing? Is sex just sex at the end of the day?

When reflecting back on the hundreds of notches on my belt, I realise that there are a handful of key ones that really taught me about sex and myself. Just a few that were “peak experiences” in terms of how intense the act was and what I got from it. Planets colliding, sexual chemistry, Big Bang benchmarks…call them what you want, they taught me a lot.

I’ll stress once again that these lays have had little to do with “deep connection” (many of them are anonymous fast pulls) or if she was one of the hottest girls. It’s not related to how sweet / innocent / intelligent / interesting [insert your own Purity Fantasy goal here] she is. It’s just a click. A spark. A flame. A bloody good bang.

The full story behind many of these notches can be found in one of my books but today I’ll keep them to summaries. They’re in chronological order from 2005 onwards…


  • French Girl (2005). Exchange student teaching assistant at my first job. First notch after reading “The Game.” She was sensual, so comfortable with her body and so open about sexuality. Had my first Sixty-nine with her.


  • Czech Girl (2006). Met her in a bar in Inverness, pulled her back to her hostel and fucked her on the bunk bed. My first real glimpse of the Secret Society. Kept sleeping with her because she was so horny and such a nympho.


  • English Girl (2007). My first real daygame lay after meeting her in a bookshop in Oxford. She was petite, delicate in bed, her fragility was so erotic. First time I felt such extremes of male-female polarity.


  • English Girl (2009). Young mum at the school I was working in. She had such intense orgasms on our filthy weekends away to Brighton. Carried on seeing her while she had a Nice Guy boyfriend. Eyes opened.


  • French Girl (2010). Write a lot about her in my first book. My first oneitis in daygame because the sex was so good. Like the first French girl she was so open with her body, so erotic, so feminine. I’d go to fuck her in Paris, she’d come over to London. First time I really learnt how to dominate and “let go.”


  • German Girl (2010). First time nailing a young (18) inexperienced girl and teaching her what to do. Lay happened in her dad’s house in Berlin after initially meeting her in London. My first “Fifty Shades Of Grey” moment.


  • Romanian Girl (2011). A Cambridge University student I met daygaming in London. My first proper bisexual wild girl who let me into the Secret Society fully. Amazing in bed, a nympho and first girl who was openly picking up other partners just like me.


  • Swedish Girl (2012). Met her on Oxford Street. Another great lay because she was so comfortable with open relationships and so confident with her sexuality despite being so young. The speed of the lay and her hotness pushed my future daygame


  • Portuguese Girl (2013). Addicted to giving blow jobs. Taught me fully about the fuck buddy dynamic. Had demonic-like possession in bed. Wanted to be fucked in crazy places. She gave me a lot more confidence to lead and do wild things.


  • Belarusian Girl (2013). My first real “Barbie Doll,” got off on role-playing me as a tiger. Anal sex with her was amazing. Could totally lose myself in sex with her. Very primal. We’d just fuck and fuck for days without getting out of bed.


  • Russian Girl (2014). Wild fast lay on a ferry in full Secret Society mode. I’ve written about it here. Released the real animal inside of me forever. No going back.


  • Polish Girl (2015). 17 years old, she’d skip college to come and fuck. So hot and so dirty. It was always intense and she loved to be submissive. Made me fully realise that younger girls (17-21) can be easier to Game than older.


  • Ukrainian Girl (2016). 18 years old. Had a thing for older guys (she lost her virginity to a 40 year old dude). Loved the Secret Society dynamic and was amazing in bed.


  • Ukrainian Girl II (2016). Some of the greatest sex of my life. She was bisexual, very open and up for exploring the world of BDSM and threesomes properly. With her I had out-of-body like sexual experiences. I’ll write more about it in future blog posts.


  • Polish Girl (2017). My first real addiction to a MILF. Early thirties, petite and a nympho. She’d come over to fuck while her bland long-term partner looked after the kid. She made me feel like a lion and loved being submissive.


There are dozens more that I could include as benchmark moments (first anal, first threesome, first black girl etc) but the ones above stick in my mind as being euphoric, sublime and game changing. I had to go through hundreds of other notches to find these girls, which is why I feel sorry for a guy with a low notch count who settles too soon.

Just as daygame and girls are a mirror up to yourself, so are sexual experiences. Great ones reconnect you to the primal man inside (some would even say to the divine above) and strip away all the social programming and personal baggage we all carry around.

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  1. Great books (daygame and torero travels. I own the kindle versions on amazon. Will you ever sell your other books (street hustle and cold reading) kindle format? I’ll pay your paperback and even more price if they are being sold in a kindle, ebook format. Its handy when you travel mate. Thanks for writing

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