Below The Belt Part 25



“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power”

Oscar Wilde

In Part 4 of this blog series I explain why you’re going to have to ditch the candles and missionary position if you want some Secret Society sex. Part 15 goes into just how wild this lover sex can be.

I keep hammering home these points (like you should keep hammering her) because they are at the very nucleus of male-female dynamics. As the old saying goes, “men are attracted to beauty, women are attracted to power.” This is what’s meant by polarity – it’s genetic, it’s primal and it ain’t going to change, no matter what the politically correct equalists try to whitewash. Biology in its very nature is “sexist” as there are two sexes. Even when girls get it on with other girls (which I’m a big fan of) there’s still a dominant-submission dynamic at play. One dominates, the other is dominated.

I’m so keen for Nice Guys to take on board this key message about polarity, dominance and frame that I’ve recorded two podcasts on these bedroom topics:



Whilst physiology is physiology, each girl has a certain thing you’ll notice that sends her into ecstatic revelry. For many it’s kissing and biting their neck, pulling their hair, breathing in their ear, scratching their back etc. For others it’s pinning their hands behind their head, putting them in a certain position, holding their throat (lightly) or getting them to suck your thumb. Spanking, slapping, tying up – it’s all part of the dominance-submission dynamic.

In the podcasts I mention the art of “dirty talk” to add to this frame which is vital for admission to the Secret Society. It’s tough for Nice Guys to implement, so I recommend a staggered approach where you work up to it.

There’s nothing I like more than the sounds girls make when you’re fucking them good and proper. Her moaning and sighing in a foreign language is glorious (French and Russian sound the sexiest to me, German and Japanese the least). The panting, the whimpering, the pleasurable screams. It’s music to my ears.

Even if she doesn’t speak your language, you’ll notice how well dirty talk works in creating the dominant vibe.* Start it before you’re even in the bedroom (I’d avoid it over text if you haven’t already fucked her) when you’re on the date in the second venue and things are escalating nicely. Try some of these (calibrated to the situation of course):

  • For the last five minutes I’ve not been listening to you. I’ve been imagining you on your knees…
  • If we were alone right now I’d bend you over the table and pull your hair
  • You need to be spanked
  • You need to be punished
  • When I get you home I’m going to show you who’s boss


If you’re making out and almost ready to do the final bounce home, take her hand as you’re kissing her in the bar and brush it against your crotch, telling her “Look what you’re doing to me”


Back in the close location (your place, her place or a secluded location) try some of these before you’re actually naked with her:

  • Come and sit on my lap and let me look at you
  • Put down your hair, I want to see it 
  • You make me so hard (as you put her hand on your crotch)
  • I want to be inside you (as you’re making out with her)
  • You need to be fucked
  • I’m going to make you cum so hard


When you’re actually having sex, push things forward with some of these:

  • Feel my hard dick?
  • Take my dick
  • Suck my cock
  • Open your legs
  • Give me your pussy 
  • You’re my bad girl 
  • This pussy is mine
  • Who owns this pussy?
  • You’re my little slut 
  • Shut up
  • I’m going to destroy you
  • Cum for me
  • Get on your knees
  • Open your mouth


As I said, work up to it if you’ve not tried much of it before. It’s not enough just to say the words, you have show her you mean it with your delivery, your tonality and obviously your actions. The best dirty talk just flows in the moment when you both lose your inhibitions and let go. Remember that she wants to be dominated, she wants to submit – she’s just waiting for the powerful man she can do it with. In a coming post in this series we’ll take it a step further and look into how you can get into role play, BDSM and threesomes with your newfound polarised frame.


*My infield programme Stealth Seduction has lots of examples of this kind of stuff for real, if you’re still not convinced or unsure of how to implement it. 


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