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If you’ve read the previous 26 parts of this “Below The Belt” blog series then you’ll have a good grasp of the transformative themes, from Nice Guy to Bad Boy, romantic to rogue, provider to lover. Daygame has been my one-way ticket into the Secret Society which has taken over seven years of personal change.

Even in my first book you can track my early changes from idealistic Disney boyfriend to pragmatic cad. What starts as daygame in Nice Guy mode progresses to hustling in lover mode, and my sex life changes accordingly. In the book I document some of the key Secret Society milestones:

  • First Same Day Lay (SDL)
  • First anal
  • First threesome with a wing (MMF)
  • First threesome with two girls (FFM)
  • Harem building 

The book also describes my first experience of taking girls to strip clubs, sleeping with a stripper, going to a BDSM meet-up and sharing girls with my wings. Little by little the Nice Guy behaviours fade away with each key reference point I get under my belt.

In Part 24 of the blog series I talk about the stand-out sexual experiences I’ve had with certain girls which have really shaped my world view. Today’s post is about one girl in particular who I daygamed last year and kept around for months in a fuck-buddy relationship. I’m writing about her because she was my “white rabbit” leading me further and further into the kinky world of the Secret Society.

I met White Rabbit girl in a coffee shop early in late Spring. The daygame was pretty basic as she was Ukrainian, studying abroad and typically icy. Super long legs, catwalk-like skinniness , long dark hair, dark eyes, Slavic to a tee, just past 20 – exactly my type. When I met her my first impression was that she was serious and studious. She was reading a book and seemed focussed on her student life.

The first date with White Rabbit was just a quick coffee mid afternoon (not ideal at all for seduction) as she was off to Ukraine and I was off travelling, so it was the only chance I had to get the ball rolling. The date was similar to the approach – pretty flat, pretty boring, she was keeping her cards to her chest in true Former Soviet Union girl style. I was surprised at the end of the date when I leant in to give her a small kiss that she reciprocated with a short but proper make out. Never judge a book by its cover.

A few weeks later when we were back in the same city I took White Rabbit on the second date for beers in a dark hipster bar. Again it was an uphill struggle – she wasn’t saying much and seemed flat. After an hour or so of trying to spike verbally, I took a chance and went over to her, put my arm around her and pulled her in. She said she was sleepy and that she didn’t want to drink any more. I’d already seeded a movie (she said she’d never seen James Bond) so I went for it and invited her back to my place, five minutes away.

No resistance. Up to the apartment. Into the bedroom. Watching the opening sequence of Skyfall on the projector for plausible deniability then straight to sex. It shocked me how easy it had been, especially after all the weak positive signals I’d got from her up to that point. That first time we slept together was actually pretty crap. She lay there like a starfish and I shot my load pretty quickly because she was so hot and it happened so fast.

There’s always that awkward moment for both of you in the Secret Society when you’ve just cum and you’re lying there naked on the bed together, realising you don’t really know anything about the other person other than their body. Both of you are mentally deciding “Is it worth it to see them again?” I walked her back to her apartment and I think both of us were undecided about whether to stay in touch for another fuck.

Long story short, she came over a few times more after that, once a week, just for sex. We scrapped the pre-drinks and just got down to it in true fuck-buddy style. Slowly I realised the kind of things she liked, and what made her cum. Newbies might wonder if a girl is having a fake orgasm or not, but if you’ve slept with enough girls you know what to look out for:

  • her pussy suddenly gets real tight and spasms
  • her legs and feet lock and she can’t move for a while afterwards
  • her eyes roll to the back of her head 
  • she claws hard into you / the pillow as she shudders

Don’t go by the noises she makes. Real orgasms actually make them go quieter as they gasp and lose control for a second or three.

More and more I realised that White Rabbit loved domination. She liked me face fucking her, she came best when I pinned her arms down, spanked her, put my thumb in her mouth, pulled her hair, put my hand around her throat, talked dirty to her – the usual repertoire. The more of this stuff I did, the more she wanted it. Sex with her changed from a 20-minute quick hard fuck to an hour or two of rough foreplay, intense animalistic fucking, a break and then more fucking.

There’s not many girls you can cum with, then get hard again five minutes later if you’re a 37 year old man. With White Rabbit I could cum and cum like her. I’d finish in her mouth then after a break I’d be good to go again inside her.

The third or fourth time we fucked she told me that she was pretty bisexual, fucking more girls than guys. She was wild and free, only looking for open-relationships and hating the idea of romance and dating. She started to show me pictures of the girls she was fucking regularly – very hot – and some of the wild sexual experiences she’d had .I mentally put her in the “girls for potential threesomes” box.

We spoke about how watered down “50 Shades Of Grey” was and how the movie “Nymphomaniac” was so much better. Her favourite book was Nabokov’s Lolita and her fantasies were off the charts. Girls like this are absolute gold. Out of the hundreds of girls I’ve slept with, I’ve only found two or three like this.

In the following few months we kept seeing each other once a week, or whenever we were in the same city (she liked taking mini weekend breaks to European destinations). We went to a strip club together where I watched her make out with hot strippers, I fucked her in a bar toilet, in a park and got really dominant with her. Spanking her with my hand changed to using the belt. Restraint with my hands changed to hand-cuffs. Bed sex was totally replaced by sex against the wall, on the floor, on the sofa, against the window. Each time I saw her she’d wear more and more fetish-like clothing.

What Nice Guys don’t realise is that the way to really keep a girl around (“in your frame”) is not flowers, chocolates or date nights. You just have to fuck her like she’s never been fucked before. With White Rabbit girl I fucked her so hard, so many times that often she’d lie there on the floor after she’d cum and not be able to move. “What are you doing to me?!” she’d gasp, her eyes sparkling. I fucked her in the ass a few times (the ultimate pimp method for plate spinning) and made sure that she was submissive to my frame.

Finally she found out about my double life and my Tom Torero brand (I’m not sure how, but who cares). After a little bit of coldness she was more and more turned on by the idea of me fucking lots of other girls for my job. Pre-selection and a bit of jealousy never fail. More and more we discussed having a threesome with another girl – she wouldn’t give me any of the girls she was seeing and (quite rightly) said it was my job to find a cute girl for us to bang together.

There were two or three near misses, where I’d found other girls I was sleeping with that had tried FFM threesomes before and were provisionally up for it, but fizzled out at the last minute. The year was drawing to a close and still I’d not managed to bring White Rabbit girl and another from my harem together. I knew time was running out as she was leaving the city like me. The sex with her was mind-blowing but I wanted to reach the crowning glory of an end of year orgy together.

With two weeks left of 2016 to go, I suddenly came across a possible solution….

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  1. What most ‘Nice Guys’ don’t realise is… You just have to fuck her like she’s never been fucked before! Wise words Tom.

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